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The Bewildered Path (first draft) Part 1

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posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 12:13 AM
First time doing a short story. Sorry for the spelling errors.

It was dark, utter darkness painted the vast forest. His heart was beating like a snare, legs shaking with every careful step. His body froze at the sound of a stick cracking and with every gust of wind that rustled the leaves of the massive oaks. the young man felt nothing but fear, constantly feeling eyes beading on him from every angle, the smell of evil in the air. Could this be the end? Whatever was left of his ego, was tarnished, lost miles back in the hellish forest.

Exhausted, broken down with very little hope left, he found a watered down tree trunk on the edge of the shallow creek, for a quick moment he felt relief. He slowly sat his chaffed backside on the moist trunk, temporarily relieving the burning sensation between his legs. The feeling of relief was gone as fast as it came, tears began to trickle from his eyes as he began to realize that this moment, this pathetic moment may be the end. His short life began to flash before his eyes. He did his best to remember all the good, and there was a lot, which brought a smirk to his face, but it was short lived as regret began to set in. All of his dreams and aspirations would never come true. It didn't seem fair, he was a nice kid. He always tried to do the right thing, treated people the right way; A young man with the dreams of changing the world from the hell it was to a peaceful place. He was a young man who wanted to inspire people, bring the best out of them. He began to sob, he had failed.

Deep in his sorrows, his head hung low, his watery eyes stared at the shallow creek below doing his best to get one more look at what a failure looks like. In the corner of his eye he caught a slight glimmer of light, a bit thankful that the moon would watch him parish. His ears perked up like a watch dog, something was coming, someone. He could feel the anxiety growing in his gut but at this point he had no intention to run, hell he had no where to go. As he saw the light, slowly walking up the creek, he found the courage to not go down like a coward, not this time. He sprung his body off the stump and into the shallow creek, the unusually warm creek for the middle of fall. His new shoes were ruined, no matter, he may never see the sun again, why worry about a stupid pair of shoes.

The closer this thing got, the brighter the light got. His mouth could not keep up with his mind, he mumbled with a scarce tone "What do you want?" There was no response, although the young man could see from the light, It was a man, a human, maybe. His mumble turned into a angry scream "Who the F*&^ are you?!" He began to lose it, he had nothing to lose, except his life. "You want to kill me? Well go right ahead!" Still no response. "I'm Not Afraid of you!" The boy was lying through his teeth, he was petrified. He clenched his fists, preparing to throw them at any moment.

The figure began to laugh, it was a deep laugh, but genuine which made the boy tremble, the young man now felt like a mere boy, a little boy. The man continued to walk forward until he was about ten feet away from the distraught boy. The light that caught the boys eye minutes ago, had dimmed to a point where he could not see the face of the stranger who was a less than ten feet from him. The darkness hid the stare down, but it was a stare down for the ages. The boy didn't know who this was, which turned him into a macho man, or better yet a macho boy. The epic stare down muted the sounds of the leaves rustling off the trees and across the ground, the only slight sound was the shallow creek flowing slowly against their ankles. The boy broke the silence first, "Look I don't know wh.." He was abruptly interupted by a stern, confident, oddly familiar voice. "You're lost, aren't you? A little stunned by the familiarity of the voice sending his mind into shambles, why was that voice so familiar. Trying to maintain his tough guy status, "obviously" he said sarcasticly under his breath. The man chuckled and once again spoke in that same familiar voice "You're scared too, right?" before the boy could get a word out, the man continued as he moved closer. "How did you even end up in this part of the forest? you've never been here before. You're nowhere near home." The boy couldn't see his face, but he could sense a smart-alike smirk. Who is this wack job?

The boy heard this stranger moving closer, causing him to become more alert, ready to fight for his life. "I messed up, It's my fault I know. I couldn't handle it anymore, I was sick of being talked down to, sick of being called worthless. I flipped. I cursed my parents out, cursed my friends out, anyone in my way, I let it out on them. I needed to go, I needed to run and now i'm here, no idea where I am, no idea where to go." The boy quickly asked "now who the hell are you?" The dim light that was giving off the only source of light in the pitch back forest was gone, and the boy could only hear the mystery man moving closer. With the light gone and only the judgment of estimation to see where the man was, sent a shock of fear down the spine of the boy. To make matters worse, he could sense anger from the mans shadowy body language. The voice spoke again, this time it was louder, slightly angrier "How can you ask me who I am? You don't even know yourself!" Fear took over the boys body as he stood there in silence, knowing he was right. The man knew how to kick the boy when he was down, "Oh you messed up didn't you? Mr.Good friend, Mr. do the right thing. You're soft, I can already see the tears building in your eyes. Are you gonna cry? Go ahead B***** boy cry, cry you little B****!" The voice seemed to surround the boy, the same statment repeated for a few minutes, attacking him from every angle. He did his best to hold back the tears, he couldn't do it, He didn't want to be here anymore, he was as good as dead. The boy screamed in desperation "Just Kill me! Kill me now! I've failed!" After his scream finished, he heard it echo off the trees, throughout the vast forest.

The echo stopped, which led to another long minute of absolute silence. A quiet, compassionate voice replaced the loud and angry voice from a minute ago "Kill you?" "Kill a person who wants to change the world? Wants to inspire people to be the best they can be and make the most out of their life. How could I do that?... But I guess if you want that, because of you think you failed, because you made a mistake that will soon be forgotten, I can do that for you, easier than you know." The boy was motionless, how did this stranger know this? How does he know my dreams? Is this my guardian angel? A mind reader? His mind was blown. After he gathered his thoughts, and with regret he said "I don't want to die, I have merely lived because I... Haven't done those exact things you.. just said... who are you man? Ignoring the question, The man fired back a question of his own. "why not? Why havent you achieved those goals? why haven't you given them a chance?" The boy went into deep thought, burying his chin into his neck. "Honestly, I'm afraid." The tears that the boy has been holding back finally appeared. "I'm afraid of failure, rejection and letting people down." he sobbed "oh and the dark, I hate the dark as you can tell" he added with a teary eyed giggle. He began to break down even more. (continued on next thread)

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 01:08 AM

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