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Dreams of a possible OBE

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 12:17 AM
With all of the the turmoil going on in my life right now, i'm going to do something called written therapy, where someone writes about things that are bothering them in the hope that it will relieve stress. This is a dream I had a couple of times involving a OBE or my brain tricking itself into thinking it had an OBE.

I don't really know what happened. I don't really care, it felt real enough to me

So my dream starts off with me standing in my room looking outside to a weird bright light and a strange humming that floated over to where I was and then I saw blackness. This blackness ended with me strapped to a gurney on a table. There were figures around me and what looked to be vitals monitoring equipment. They weren't like what everyone describes grays as. They were about average human height and aside from huge pupils/weird skin pigment, looked just like a regular person. They said some things to me in some weird language. I said in English that I didn't understand. They say the same thing again. This time I repeated in French that I didn't understand with a tabernac thrown in and suddenly it was like a light bulb went off in their heads. They left the room and came back with something that they slapped my head with. When they spoke again, I could understand them. They told me that I had been selected to fight to ensure the survival of my species. Apparently, this was an annual thing where they tested to see if a species was fit to keep existing. They chose at random from a group of humans that had certain qualifications that I was not made aware of.

Before I keep going, no I don't think I'm that important. I doubt this actually happened. But certain elements of the dream keep showing themselves to me every so often. Enough that I want to get this off my chest.

They run some tests on em to make sure I'm not about to die unexpectedly. They also gave me an injection with all sorts of vaccines and inoculations. Both for my benefit and for the benefit of the other species present due to humanity's ability to retain species' extinguishing diseases as antibodies. When i asked about that ability they said to me this "Humans are living weapons engineered to be soldiers and mercenaries for the different species out there. No one knows who made the first ones, but they must have been a terrible race indeed to make such efficient weapons"

This shocked me to learn that humans were considered to be WMDs in some galaxies. And I was supposed to fight for amusement and/or reassurance that we were still just as deadly as ever? Of course I flipped out and tried escaping but I didn't make it far. They just turned off the gravity and made very human tutting sounds like a mom would do to a misbehaving child and they dragged me along to a dark room. I was left there and I started crying like a baby because I thought I was going to get sent out an airlock or something. But then something happened that still makes me giggle to this day.

The lights came on and before me stood rack and racks of every weapon ever made by human hands. And not just the ones from Earth either. There were lasers, rail rifles, gauss guns and everything inbetween. I saw a Davy Crockett rifle and a Brown Bess musket next to each other.
A voice sounded out both external and internal at the same time. It said "Choose your weapon and choose wisely. Make your choice and hit the button." So there I was walking around for what seemed like hours examining everything. I finally settled on a M1911A1, a gladius, and what i can only describe as a multi munition machine gun that was powered by an unknown source and had some wicked looking attachments. It vaguely resembled an M4A1 but had a lot of polymers and materials that I had never seen before. The ammo that came with the guns looked very odd and definitely not of Earthly origins. I found the proper holsters and slings and I pressed a big red button on the wall.

Boom! I was instantly in an open, brightly lit dirt floor arena like the Coliseum only at least 100 times larger in area, with millions of beings in the stands and huge TV projector things. There was a lot of shouting and catcalling and I felt very small in comparison to some of these giant beings.

"The final participant has arrived! With that, we shall now begin. First up is the human from the Sol Planet 3 or Earth to some of you. He will compete against the most deadliest Skornjashfotb( no idea what he said) from the Xal planter 5 or Xhtbial to some of you.(again no idea)"

And then the arena grew dark as I heard this huge awful screaming sound from in front of me. And then the lights came back on.
In front of me stood a furry creature about 2 feet in height and about 200 pounds. He had a energy knife and some weird armor. He looked so much like an ewok that I started rolling on the floor laughing myself to tears. That's when the wok thing starts freaking out and babbling about my demonic cries and that he didn't think it was fair to compete against something as evil as me. The announcer paid no mind and yelled "BEGIN"
For some reason, the rules of this competition were made aware to me through unknown means. Basically the match was won by either killing the opponent, getting a TKO, or by surrender.
So I marched right up to the ewok and thing and yelled "BOO"
He just about had a heart attack throwing his knife away and falling to his knees.

I was then instantly transported back to the gurney area from before where the same figures ran some tests and sent me back out.

On it went for about 2 dozen fights where the opponent was too terrified to fight. I finally encountered some opponents that wanted to fight but they were so easy to fight, it was like a bad video game. Their weapons were often very crude or technologically backwards to my own.

The last fight was the hardest though. It was with a creature that seemed to be in this dimension and another. He was fast, very fast. And his weapons made mine look like a blunderbuss to a M134 minigun.

I started to get worried that I couldn't win, weaving in and out of cover laying down fire with the machine gun looking for a blind spot to exploit. But every time it seemed I found one, it was like he could see what I was seeing. I tested the theory by blindly firing at him and scoring a hit while aiming down the sights and missing entirely. His armor, while powerful and absorbing of any impact showed a tendency to degrade after sustained fire. So as I was running around dodging blasts of energy, a quote came into my head from a parody I had seen of Metal Gear Solid. "So you like to play Castleylvania?!" and then I remembered something about doing the opposite of what you wanted to do. So I closed my eyes and waited. I then started walking backwards behind cover while shooting at the enemy's last known position. I ran out of ammo and dropped the rifle. I heard a s'n-word'ing close by as he went in for the kill. I started hearing footsteps coming closer and closer until I suddenly opened my eyes and laid a full mag from my pistol directly into his side. As he was reeling from the impact I drove the gladius into his side and I was teleported back into the room where I started.

The figures looked at me and stated that the fight was over and that humanity had proved it's lethalness once again and that I should expect to see them again in 75 years to see if we were still worthy.
I then woke up in my bed, with sore legs

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 01:10 AM
Cool dream. Or astral battle. Enjoyed the read though. Kind of feel sorry for the very frightened 2ft tall 200lb thingy, but a cosmic gladiator must do what cosmic gladiators do, I reckon.

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 01:51 AM
Did you know the words Sol and Xal?
Do you watch Star Wars?
How did you remember such a long dream, because nearly nobody can?

posted on Nov, 10 2014 @ 01:36 AM
a reply to: oneoneone

Yes I watched Star Wars, no I don't remember all of the dream, and I only knew Sol from a book I had read.

I have a tendency to remember dreams that were very odd or disturbing unfortunately.

I try to forget most my dreams because of that.

And the fact that most of them come from a PTSD riddled mind, so I get to relive horrible mind scarring things in 1080p quality while being completely unable to choose how I fast see it. So I just try to forget any dreams that strike me as reminders of a #ty past and remember the ones where I don't get hurt or tortured or abused

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