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Media Caused Black Watch Deaths

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posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 06:58 AM
"Row brews in Britain over troop deaths in Iraq

LONDON (AFP) Dec 10, 2004
A row brewed Friday over who was to blame for British troop deaths in Iraq last month after Britain's top military officer accused the news media for making it easier for rebels to stage attacks"

Finally someone with guts to tell the truth about the "media". Terrorist do watch TV. The media has caused the deaths of thousands I am sure. Lets put them on trial for a change. How about WAR CRIMES for the 'Media".

posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 07:08 AM

Originally posted by DrHoracidThe media has caused the deaths of thousands I am sure. Lets put them on trial for a change. How about WAR CRIMES for the 'Media".

The media is not responsible for those deaths.
The people in charge of the war and those who supported it are responsible for every person who died as a result of the war.

If the Black Watch had never been deployed to Camp Dogwood, they would not have died there.

posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 07:58 AM
I have to agree that it's not the media's fault....from the article...

But Jeff Duncan, a supporter of the Black Watch and other Scottish regiments, told the Daily Mail it had been the government and senior military staff who had released details.

"I said at the time it was a terrorists' timetable they were printing," Duncan was quoted as saying. "Instead, they should have said they could not comment for operational reasons. To blame the media in this way is outrageous."

posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 07:59 AM
The people who caused those deaths were the insurgents who pulled triggers and detonated bombs.

There are very strick restrictions on what the media can and can't broadcast when it comes to military operations in Iraq. Plus there is the common sense factor displayed by most producers. I say most because I have come across some, who whilst being very intelligent, have not been gifted in the common sense department!.

Yes I agree that terrorists do watch the TV, but you can not blame the media for directly causing the deaths of British soldiers.

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