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Small School, Big Pride. Underwater Robotics Team Making National News

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posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 01:21 PM
These are some amazing and talented kids!

Stockbridge High School added Robotics to the curriculum 5 years ago as a replacement for the school store/ advanced marketing program. The program started out using lego mindstorms and has since added the vex robotics system. In 2010 they added underwater robotics for the advanced students. The underwater robotics curriculum has grown from one initial class of 4 students to two classes of twenty students in the last three years. In 2012 the students in the advanced underwater robotics class were asked to build and ROV and participate in the BentProp project searching for missing American airmen from World War II. This initial class of 8 students traveled to Palau in March of 2012 and was able to find and identify a U.S. Marine Corps Corsair Fighter than was shot down in 1944.


The kids are going back in early 2015, with the mission of finding the last B24 that was shot down near Palau. What I find so amazing, besides their talent in building this robot, is the fact that they are so dedicated, to doing what they can, in search of closure for families of those still MIA from WWII.
These kids are truly an inspiration.

And, they are going to mentioned on 60 minutes on Nov. 9th, as they work with the Bent Prop Project
There is also a documentary of their efforts being shown locally. News Story

I wish more schools had programs like this. Just imagine what these kids could go on to do!


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