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POLITICS: Its Inauguration Time Again, and Access Still Has Its Price

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posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 04:03 AM
For a mere quarter million dollars you can have dinner and an exclusive lunch with President Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney. Of course there are also a few other things thrown in to make it a fair deal, youth concert tickets and your hosts will be Barbra and Jean Bush.
The Bush Administration is seeking to round up more than 40 million dollars, Mercer Reynolds is one of the three national co-chairman of the inaugural committee and had said that the fund raising is going "very, very well", "I have my tentative results, I have my exit polls," he said.
If you can’t afford $250,000 they do have a second package you can get for $100,000 just a few less perks. There will be simultaneous dinners, at Union Station. The Pension Building and the Washington Hilton and they are to feature "special appearances" by Mr. Bush and Vice President Cheney.

It's Inauguration Time Again, and Access Still Has Its Price

Published: December 10, 2004
WASHINGTON, Dec. 9 - Tickets to all official inaugural events, including an "elegant" candlelight dinner with a special appearance by President Bush: $100,000.
Tickets to all official inaugural events, two additional tickets to an "exclusive" lunch with Mr. Bush and Vice President Cheney, plus an all-access pass to any inaugural ball: $250,000.
Telling your friends, "As I explained to the president just the other day....": priceless
Mr. Bush's inaugural committee, seeking to raise more than $40 million, a record, sent out hundreds of solicitations to the president's biggest campaign contributors this week offering packages of party benefits and access to the president in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Even at a time of war when more than 138,000 American troops are serving in Iraq, the organizers say that the inaugural celebration at the end of the January will not be marked by any noticeable restraint and will cost more than any other in history.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

What really gets me is there are so many needy people in America today and these people are dropping a quarter of a million dollars each for a couple of meals with the President. Now If I can remember where I put the Looking Glass I can go home.

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posted on Dec, 10 2004 @ 04:06 AM
This is pretty common practice. I believe old Bill was selling nights in the Lincoln Bedroom to raise money as well. And access is never cheap in any case.

On a practical matter, for the ultra wealthy, 100K to them is like 100 or a 1000 to us. May not be a big deal.

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