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War of the Revisionist: Its good to hear your voice

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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 05:48 PM

(Okaloosa County
Riders secret Stash
January 1992

"D#$% it Billy ray," The man yelled from the roof. "Stay down."

"Andros..What the Hell," Billy Ray looked over at Sarge. "Its my Fourteen year old cousin. I would recognize that voice..."

The police fire into the little shed forcing everyone in side to stay down, "This is sheriff's Deputy Parker.. Surrender.." the police keep firing.

After they hear the sound of pfft, "Sniper on the roof.. Man down."

They fire towards the flash, "Stay down billy Ray.. Your momma would be pissed if.." The sound of someone landing out side in the bushes mixes with the sound of bullets hitting the roof.

"Damn he was only 14," billy ray was interrupted..

"You SOB's that hurt," Andros yells.

"Your cousin is insane. Those are the," Sarge hits the ground.

The Sound of Grenades going off fill the air.

"Shoot at me you a$$holes. Eat dragon rounds. Those vest wont protect you from armor piercing rounds," andros growls as he keeps firing. "Billy ray could you at least return fire so I can have some breathing room. The guys in the back are dead. IR scopes showed five holed up by the car sarge." Andros starts singing, "Anchors aweigh my boys. anchors aweigh.. Farewell to foriegn shores we sail at break of.." As he he sings the Bikers look out the holes.

"Billyray," Sarge calls out. "The pigs are..."

The sound of Andros singing mixes with the firing of his altered rifle. He moves with the song he is singing. The bikers start cautiously watching the firefight.

"To our last night ashore," The sound of the grenade launcher fires with Andros's singing.

"He has flipped his lid," Billy Ray shook his head. "My momma is gonna kill me. After he helped Mrs. Kernpuckle redo her roof. Sarge he is family and well."

"Give that insane bastard cover fire.." Sarge barks as the police car explodes, "He is damn genius. Sing along and you can match his rhythm like that old thief Mr. Barnes." Sarge starts humming and see's Andros move, "He time marked the distance to each target. Give Little cuz cover fire. These piggies are screwed, hes our family to now Billy Ray."


Five minutes Later

"Deputy Parker," Andros stands with his foot on the Deputy. "I want to look you in the eyes when I kill you. I want you to know why your dying. You have been taking certain liberties with your nieces and it cost me getting laid you fat a$$ prick. Then you and this little hit squad tried to take out my cousin. I know you have no warrant. This was to be situation that escalated." Andros throws a device on the ground, "Finest in Air Force Jammers dumb A$$. Their is no back up coming. No one heard the 911 !!"

Billy ray starts to walk over only to be stopped, "I want to hear this. Little cuz your saying this was a hit and They got no back up coming?"

"You stole government equipment," the man in a civilian suit responds. "Young man you committed a crime. Your going to die in jail for the murder of."

The man freezes when Andros pulls a side arm, "Mr. Parker. You are a sick bastard. Your own daughters."

Sarge gently takes the side arm from Andros who falls to one knee. "You hit liitle cuz. Billy ray!"

Standing up, "I got hit when they sniped me off the roof. Body armor took the hit, its just cracked ribs. Sarge I can stand." Andros pulls a boot knife , "These sick bastards are mine. They raped two .. A girl I have a crush on and her sister."

Deputy Parker calls out. "You are facing a lot of jail time for killing cops."

Sarge puts his hand on Andros's shoulder, "Its odd that neither man denied what you said. Do you have proof?"

"Deputy Parker is a little pissed right now. Austin and Diana crashed on my couch last night. " Andros coldly glares at the Deputy as two of the bikers pick him up after they cuff him. "He has a little shack hidden away from everyone where the two of them take the young ladies. Damnedest thing is it burned down last night."

"Your the one who burned," The deputy freezes for a second.

"So you try to kill us and hurt people," Sarge looks up and sees his old lady. "Brenda.."

Several of the females get cold looks on their faces.

"Baby," Sarge looks at his old lady. "I want you to make sure Little Cuz gets to school. " He looks at Andros, "Little cuz. Leave the gear. We are very cool right now. We will deal with these two. Just one question.. Where did you get all this crap?"

"Sarge. I see the Army Ranger Tat. " Andros grins, "Chairforce really is lax on security. I have another stash behind the building."

"You stole the grenades and the rifles from Eglin," Billy ray looked as cousin?

"God no.. Hurlbert.. Never been able to say it right.. But yeah. "Andros grins, "They have no clue its missing. Are you sure Sargent that I cant just kill em. I have a wood chipper I can toss them into on the farm."

"Get out of here," Sarge looks at the two men. "Trust me. they wont see another sunrise."

Andros pauses then hands the knife to Sarge, "There is a hole in the base security at the armory. I was never here."

As he leaves, "Big John we may have had a few run ins but.." The Deputy screams next as he hand cracks from Sarge's boot..

"Come on billy Ray. We need to get Little Cuz out of the body Armor." The woman speaks, "Arms up Little Cuz."

Wincing as she helps him out of the body armor, "I need a ride to the high school. They are having a talent show I am in. I am late as it is."


High School Auditorium
Hours later

"..cover of Smooth Criminal by the Great Micheal Jackson," Andros takes a drink from the Gatorade he had.

Everyone is standing up applauding and cat calling. They start chanting, "We want more."

Andros smiles as he looked at the people he borrowed to play the other instruments. His torn white T-shirt and blue jeans go with the Rider vest he is wearing, "You want more.. Thats twelve songs and you want One more song!"

"Austin," Sandra looks at her friend. "You hide him away for a reason I see. I was gone before Knocking on heaven door. He has magic fingers on the guitar."

Austin steps into the background and whispers to a teacher, "He can play guitar. Mrs. Sholoch, it was amazing."

"Ms. Parker," Ms. Sholoch whispers as she sees Austins bandaged wrist. She sighs, "I do want to talk with you. Are you ok?"

Austin looks away to the stage, "He changed lot." She looks downat her bandaged wrist," He showed up with 50 bikers for the talent contest." Austin closes her eyes.

"Hey babe," A young adult male in a letterman's jacket. "Ms. Sholoch."

"If I do this next song I am going to get in a lot of trouble," andros looks right at Austin. "I cant sing it without someone to sing it to."

Austin goes wide eyed and mouths no as soon as she sees the look on Andros's face.

"Austin Parker.. That you I see in the shadows," Andros calls out from the stage.

Everyone turns and looks at Austin who turns beet red.

"I need you up here Ms. Parker," Andros speaks into the mike. "If she doesnt come up here I am done.. Sandra, be a dear and Drag her up here.."

Mrs. Vanez walks over, "Get up there."

"Go Austin.. You will be ok," Ms. Sholoch sees Sandra drag Austin towards the stage.

Everyone claps and shouts except Austins boyfriend, whose face goes red with anger.

posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 01:44 AM

CHS Auditorium

"I am going to kill you Andros," Austin was in shock. "You promised you wouldnt embarrass me."

"Austin, "Andros reached over and took her face in his hands. Whispering, "I told you I would not talk. I never said I would not pursue my own interest in you. I can love you if I want to." Pausing he brings down the headphone mike, "This special woman needs to know she is loved. This is a song I heard that I think is appropriate."

It takes Austin a moment to move Andros's left hand away from her face, "Andros.. Please, My boyfriend. I know you have a crush on me."

Andros looks over and sees Austins boyfriend glaring at him. He readjusts and leans forward with the mike on, "Go big or go home."

Andros starts playing softly. Billy ray follows the sheet music with the drums..

The Principle starts to move forward, "Thats inappropriate."

"Little Cuz is with us Mr. Phiefer," Sarge growls in a low voice. "He is just singing a song."

"This is," Mr. Phiefer sees the bikers and backs up.

"Honey, why are you calling me so late? It's kinda hard to talk right now.. Honey, why are you crying, is everything okay? I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud," Andros plays as he sings to Austin.

The music and the gentleness causes Austin to sway as Andros sings to her.

"Thats my girlfriend," Austin's Boyfriend growls under his breath.

"Andros," Austin closes her eyes.

"It's really good to hear your voice saying my name, It sounds so sweet.. Coming from the lips of an angel," Andros plays the guitar as he softly sings in Austin's ear.

Austin takes a deep breath, "Andros your only fourteen. I love my boyfriend." She however did not open her eyes as he softly sings in her ear.

Andros keeps singing as everyone is listening. He reaches a point and glares at Austin's boyfriend, "And does he know you're talking to me? Will it start a fight?"

"You silly boy," Austin gently pushes Andros back. She listens as he plays , "Andros.."

"It's really good to hear your voice saying my name," Andros sings as he looks Her in the eyes.

Lighters are in the Auditorium as several student are holding hands.

Ms. Sholoch shakes her head as she see's several other Teachers holding hands with lighters themselves. She looks up at the stage and see's Andros kiss Austin. She returns the kiss as the auditorium breaks into whistles and Applause.

"You are an Asshole little man, "Austin closes her eyes. "This does not mean we are together. I have a boyfriend."

"Well I am not kissing him. Momma never succeeded at teaching me to share." Andros smiles, "I forgot were I am at in the song. , "Andros kisses Austin again. "Right there. You can have your gum back."

Thirty minutes later
Front of the school
near the mascot statue

Andros slams against the wall laughing and wincing at the same time, "I am still not going to give you a kiss Jethro."

Jethro hits Andros in his busted rib which causes him to fall to one knee. "Well I just kissed your ribs. You embarrassed me in front of the school. Austin is my Girlfriend and will never talk with you again."

"So now she is your property," Andros stands back up holding his left side. "We are even now. Dont ever touch me again Jethro of you will regret it."

Sarge's girlfriend gets in between the two, "Jethro your done. Little Cuz let you have your p.."

Jethro hits her and shoves her onto the ground. "You are nothing but biker trash you whore."

The bikers saw this and and shouted out. They came running up in mass.

"You just F'd up Jethro," Andros grinned evilly.

"What are the little Riders going to do? They are criminals. My dad has a lot of friends and power. I heard they were going to jail here soon anyway," Jethro laughs as some of his buddies back up.

The school police officer comes running form the other side of the parking lot.

"You see brains over brawn. You just hurt Brenda." Andros was getting angry, "You are not going to win dumb A$$."

"What are the going to threaten me. My dad can make things go away, just like a lot of things he has in the past," Jethro tried to sound bad A$%.

"You see Brenda is not able to stand up. You just hurt her neck and back.. Probably whiplash. They are not going to hurt you. They are going to sue you." Andros laughs in Jethro's face, "The school to. I assume this is not the first time your dad made things go away. Well its going to be expensive. Your eighteen now not just a teenager."

Austin gets in between Andros and the much bigger Jethro, "Baby he is just a kid."

The police officer shows up just as Jethro slaps Austin knocking her to the ground.

"You.. You stupid slut," Jethro yells at Austin as she is crying. "We are done."

Andros Spins Jethro around," Why dont you try that on me?"

The cop stops Jethro from attacking, "Jethro.. Your dad can deal with this. You get stupid here it cant be made to go away. The Trust's rules have changed."

"I see officer." Andros looks at Jethro and quickly speaks, "I Andros, Son of Brent, do here by issue the challenge of combat. You son of Henderson. How answer you son of Henderson?"

The officer is wide eyed and turns around, "You are not.."

"Answer the challenge son of Henderson," Andros Colt notices several of the riders that were not at the stash going wide eyed. "Do we fight till my honor is satisfied or do you yield. I also claim the right of Conquest."

"You.. " Jethro looks at Andros colt and is very pissed, "I will kill you Norm."

"The challenge Officer Tolks was properly issued." He looks at the officer, "Does the itty bitty low gen need someone to fightum in his stead. Does Officer Tolks need to change your diaper first."

"He cant issue the right of challenge," Jethro sees Helos. "You. Abomination. Yes Helos you. You talked in violation of the rules its."

Andros slaps Jethro, "Quit gabbing. Officer Tolk the challenge was properly given. Is this man yielding I take it. He refuses to accept."

One of the riders looks at Andros, "Little Cuz do you know what your doing. He can kill you ."

"Does the He accept the Challenge or not," Andros growls? "Or does he have to rely on others to fight for him."

Austin is confused and wide eyed, "Jethro .." She wipes her tears.

A female officer bends down, "Honey please leave the area."

Shaking his head, "Officer Retty. They choose you to fight for Jethro?"

Retty jumps up to Andros's face, "Helos is in deep crap. Dont make me.."

"I claim right of conquest on Officer Retty as well." Andros shoves the female officer, who was a hair off center, quicker then she can adjust.

Retty falls over Austin as her nostrils flare. "You dare try and claim me Norm."

A deep male voice interrupts, "Helos front and center."

"Afternoon Mr. Heinrich," Andros is holding his left side. "What an unpleasant F$%^&ing turn of events."

"Dad. What the hell are they talking about," Helos defiantly stares into his father's eyes?

"You dont know what is being talked about." Helos's father walks over. "This never happened. None of it."

Watching from a distance away. Quietly Ms. Sholoch moves her hand and whispers, "I hope you caught that Mrs.Sperling. I think the game just changed."

"We received it loud and clear," A well hidden implant responds."Make level one contact with Mr. Colt quickly. That last song we dont think has been written yet. Sperling out."

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:49 PM

Ms. Sholoch's Classroom
High school

"That was," Ms. Sholoch was blushing. "I am glad its a break period. That's not a fourteen year old male."

"We heard everything that was said," Sperling's voice carried. "It is quite apparent that he is from the same future the Revisionist are from. We conjecture he suspects he is not the only one." After a slight pause, "It appears that in the future the two of your had some relationship that sexual in nature."

"I would never sleep with one of my students," Ms. Sholoch responded. "He is so young and.. I just cant see that happening."

"Agent Sholoch." Another voice came on the line, "The temptation may have come long after he was a student."

"Grandmaster," Sperling answers.

"Ladies. I was listening to the whole conversation. One he apparently knows of the Trust. Two, Ladies. The riders are not a group to be so toyed with."

"Austin's Uncle and father are missing," Ms. Sholoch was demure.

"From what our man on the scene reported it appears the local LEO's bit off more then they can chew. Our scans revealed a firefight." The Grandmaster took a deep breath, "Agents hold off judgement. Your report agent Sholoch indicated she and her sister were being abused. I think Mr. Colt took out the trash."

"He is only.." Sperling shook her head, "I will see to it that the revisionist do not find out about him."

"Agent Sperling, if it was me I would hold off on this. I think our other time traveler is up to something." The grandmaster politely suggested, "Let him play the cards he is cutting and wait and see if he needs back up. Agent Sholoch. Do you want to be pulled off this case?"

"No Grandmaster. " Sholoch sighs, "He was like an ex-boyfreind who you havent seen for a long time. I will try to be his friend. I have Austin in my next class. It appears he did save her from killing herself."

"Honey. Are you sure," Grandmaster takes a deep breath. "Its not everyday a young lady gets hit on like that. He was quoting your favorite passages from Shakespeare. I am adding a moral waiver to this case so no questions arise. I trust your judgement."

Renovated Barn
backwoods Okaloosa County, Fl
hours later

"I apologize Austin," Andros sat on the warm tin roof shirt less. His ribs were bandaged, "I got you hit my dear and its my fault."

Austin shuts the Window, "You know that was stupid. Jethro is two times your size Little man." Austin handed Andros a bottle of coke as she sits on his bandaged side, "I never got to tell you that the barn house is beautiful." She had a blanket over her shoulder,"We do need to talk. Andros this, us cant happen little man."

"F#$%ing great.. Please do not tell me the list of excuses." Andros closes his eyes, "I took my best shot and it wasnt enough. Keep it simple.You have other interest."

Austin kisses Andros on the forehead as she sits next to him, "I am still a little messed up in the head. I cant believe I am having this conversation with you of all people.." Austin closes her eyes, "Why did you save me? Your being blunt so I want to know."

Andros looks over at her, "I thought you came up here to tell me I am a little young. Live my life.. That type of crap." Andros looks at her, "Honestly.. Hoping beyond hope something I really wanted for years would just occur.." Andros closes his eyes, "I cant tell if I am in love with you or if its just the idea that has kept me company. The emotion has been there longer then you know. My heart melted again when I saw you. I had to try. "

Taking a sip of her coke," Now we are getting somewhere little man." She leans back with him, "You cold." She wraps the blanket around both of them," So you kissed me. It was one hell of an attempt. I owe you for saving me, you can kiss, and I loved that song."

Andros reached over and put his arm around Austin, "I will put you in the friends zone young lady."

"Thats my line," She pokes him in the bandaged ribs. "So basically your in love and confused. Why are you sounding ashamed of it?"

"I learned a long time that when you talk with a woman their are rules," Andros looks out at the stars. "Austin.. I cant ask you if there is going to be an us. I hope. We can be friends so I can seduce you over time."

Austin pokes him in the ribs, "Really.. You hide for a long time, then at just the right moment you declare your love for me. Wheres my white horse."

"Now just hold on a second lady.. Dont go picking out wedding dresses. What if I am using you to get to Diana," Andros laughs? Austin hits him playfully, "See.. She will never see it coming. "

"Not funny.. She is pissed at you," Austin responds. After a second she snorts, "Thats.. Thats very slick you little prick. You are very bad."

"Not to mention.. I have to get on your friends good side. Sandra wont be that hard.. Its Gretchen that will be the hat trick.. It can be done but I need time."

Austin laughs, "You read to many comics. Your trying to be a supervillian. Are you going to try and hook up your two buddies." Austin laughs, "I can see it now. Sandra's boyfriend will tear Alexander apart. Gretchen is at the Tesla institute." she see's the smile on Andros's face, "Seriously. Oh I have to see this."

"I got ten bucks that says Alexander can not only do it, He will do it in style." Andros grins, "I think he has the makings of the worlds greatest player." Andros laughs, "As for Gretchen.."

"It will take an act of god for Alexander to even get close to Sandra. He is so far down the totem pole socially that," Austin giggles. "Easiest ten bucks I will ever make."

"You can even tell Sandra about the bet. " Andros grins evilly, "I got a lot of faith in Alexander. It will be a cake walk. As for Gretchen.." Andros moves his jaw, "Helos will get the girl. "

"You would need a time machine for that. Gretchen wrote me and told me that she has a feeling that Her boyfriend is going to propose before he graduates. Helos is just as far down the social ladder as you.."

Seeing her freeze,"Its fine. None of the popular hooligans opinion is worth squat. These are their glory days and I do not want to take it from them." Andros notices Austin shivering, "Lets go in. I have a faux fire place I put in. If you do not tell anyone you can have half a glass of wine my dad stores here."

"So now you are trying to get me drunk," Austin sits up and grabs her Coke. She tosses the blanket over her shoulders. She sees the chisled look of Andros's abs, "Using me to get to my sister. Remind me to not be alone with you."

Andros stares at Austins face and says nothing. He tries not to laugh

"What," Austin feels the dampness on her face.

"Since I am not getting any anyway.. I thinks it cute. The Coke a cola got stuck in," Andros laughs. "I never realized all these years." Andros was laughing,"You have peach fuzz my dearest. It is so cute."

Austin hit Andros with a mean look on her Face, " Thats..Stoup it. Or I will."

Andros kisses Austin again then whispers, "Dont go wasting my time. " He pats her on the butte, "You think the adults are done arguing?"

"My mother is here," Austin is wide eyed and tries to sneak back into the dark room, "Hurry before they see us."

"Screw them," Andros pulls Austin close to him. "I dont really care what they think. They can all get bent."

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 10:35 PM

A few hours later
Inside Renovated barn

"Austin Artemis Parker," Her mother calls out. She sees her daughters head wrapped in a towel wearing a bathrobe.

Austin Yawns, "I am very sleepy. Andros fell asleep an hour ago."

Joyce Parker sees a television screen with Mrs. Pac Man on it, "Your laying on a very young man's lap under covers."

Austin turns back to the screen in time to hear the fact the ghost got Mrs. Pacman. "Damn it.."

"My turn," Her sister yawns as she sits up in pajama bottoms and a dress shirt. Sitting Indian style on a blanket, "Your are not going to beat me sis."

Joyce narrows her eyes, "You too Diana?"

"Andros Remus Colt," another woman calls out."Quit playing possum. Boy I raised you better."

"Mither.. We have had this conversation. And your bother had it with you to moma," Andros does not open his eyes. "We have to get up in less then two hours and drive with Uncle Duke to the slaughter house. Mrs. Parker. If you like there is an empty bed up stairs to the left. It is my room. Alexander and Helos crashed in the guest rooms hours ago. No more noise please I need to sleep." Andros tosses the blanket over his head. He massages Austins back, "They are still here arent they. Maybe if I ignore them they will go away."

Austin snorts and laughs trying not to respond to the massage.

Joyce rolls her eyes, but yawns in the middle of it. She narrows her eyes at her blonde haired daughter. "My god," something dawns on her. She has to take a deep breath and in a low voice, "The blonde."

"Andros Remus Colt," His mother raises her voice.

"Perhaps I over reacted Ms. Colt." Mrs. Parker stands their wide eyed as something dawns on her. She sees Austin's bandaged arms, "Austin my dear. It just looks bad." She yawns as she closes her eyes, "Do you mind if I just go to sleep? I hate to impose, but I can keep an eye on my hellions and the other children."

"Mrs. Parker go ahead and crash here. Momma always side it was smarter to be safe then sorry. Its early and all you adults were up late," Andros speaks from under the blanket. "What ever you decide please turn the lights off so I can go back to sleep."

"Boy," andros's mother was not to happy.

"Elizabeth.. He is right. You were just telling your brother he needed to go to sleep because of the morning Market run." Joyce is stunned over what she realizes, "He sounds half asleep and probably thinks he is dreaming. If it is okay with you. I do need the sleep."

Andros's Mother has her eyes narrowed, "I apologize for my sons behavior. If your ok with it. I know you have had a hard day. "

"Nana," Joyce Parker slipped. She recovers quickly by yawning,"Tulley said the same thing you told your son. Its good solid country advice. I dont want to impose. "

"Good.. Now night night time for this teenager," Andros Colt responded. "Diana after this game you need to crash. Its your call but you have to get up when we do."

Diana yawns as she focus's on the video game, "Its saturday. God you sound like a parent."

"Its your call. " Andros yawns under the covers, "But Momma serves breakfast when we get back. You miss it you might not eat till dinner time. "

"Thats fine with me. Mama.. Do you mind if I stay up. This is so cool. Andros found several old arcade games. I can play this for hours." Diana was really having fun, "After this I want to play that Street Fighter two."

Joyce looks around the area. She sees a large column, "I see. Your son took the old Arcade games hard ware and put them in the tower."

"Its so Awesome," Diana was playing Mrs. Pacman. "The controllers are set up to mimic the arcade boards. He recycled the old ones from the junkyards. One of his friends set up the Tower for him."

Joyce twist her head sideways and yawns," Its fine my little angel. Do get some sleep. Austin," Joyce addresses her daughter. "Please act like a lady when your on Ms. Colt's property."

Elizabeth Parker was somewhat angry but decided to let it pass, "Son. When you get back with my brother I want to have a talk with you."

"Yes mam, " Andros responds.


0730 Saturday morning

Andros held Diana as she cried, "Its ok." Diana had tears down her face and laid her head on andros's shoulder, "Moma. Upstairs are the guest feminine supplies in the storage closet."

"I will grab it," Elaine respond to Diana's tears.

"Diana. Its no big deal. I can wash and or replace the blankets. Same with the PJ's." Andros wipes her tears and whispers, "Your safe. No one is going to get mad over your period my little butterfly."

"Dad and Uncle," Diana cries as Andros holds her.

""Its ok. I can wash. Now, Do not worry about it. Go use my bathroom upstairs. Take all the time you need to get feeling clean," Andros kisses her forehead. "Helos and Alexander wont say anything."

Helos is playing Pacman, "Hurry up in the shower.. I want to give you a rematch on Street Fighter. Alexander sucks at it at least your challenge."

"Please," Alexander calls out. "I was distracted by Mrs. Parker's snoring. I had to shut the door. Besides I prefer Sid miers Civilization. right now the Chinese just lost the Advantage the Great wall gave them. Gun powder will do that."

"That is odd. " Diana wipes her tears, "Mama passed out and slept. Normally she is up before we are regardless of how late she stayed up. "

"Diana.." Andros looks at her in the eyes, "Go ahead and go shower. I have to start breakfast because mama is still pissed at me. I will make waffles. " He leans forward, "I also have blueberry syrup."

"Seriously.. Blue berry syrup with waffles. How did you ," Diana gets doe eyed and then looks down?

"Now go shower," Andros turns her around and points her to the stairs. Sighing, "Austin I am going to need your help.
I got to get these waffles started."

Austin watches her sister happily go upstairs. She walks over and looks at Andros, "I think my sister just fell in love with you." Austin gives andros a kiss, "Thank you for not being mean about that. Its a sore subject with.."

Andros takes Austins face in his hands, "Your safe to my dear. Clothes and blankets can be replaced. I can go to thrift stores or Auctions and replace them easily. there just material possessions."

"Quit kissing her A#$," Helos jokingly speaks. "I am hungry."

"Make sure you spit in Helos's food," Andros throws a couch pillow at Helos.

"I think I will use his waffles to clean the toliet," Austin laughs. "The three musketers." She looks at Andros and smiles, "I can t believe I am falling. "She stops herself.

A loud yawn comes from upstairs.

"Good morning momma," Diana calls out. "Coffee is downstairs."

"Coffee.." A second passes.

"Joyce.. Here you go Diana," Elizabeth Colt responds. "Joyce.. My son has coffee downstairs. You can sleep in some more if you like. The kids are back from the Market."

Another Yawn, "I am up. " Joyce Parker responds, "Make sure you save me some hot water, Young Lady."

"Yes mam," Diana calls out as she goes to the master bathroom.

"Andros. Be a dear and save me some coffee." Joyce calls out to the downstairs. She wiggles her toes in the slippers she is wearing.

A little surprised, "Thank you Mrs. Parker. Their was a call from your company in the house this morning. An issue with one of the clients has arisen. You can use the phone in your room if you like."

"Crap," Joyce yawns. "Thank you."

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 11:24 PM

Master Bedroom
Thirty minutes later

"Mama," Diana ask her mother.

"Baby girl. Go downstairs and give it time. Ok. Andros has a big crush on your sister. Let nature take its course." Holding the phone, "Go grab your clothes. at your waffles. You are a very lucky little girl to have a friend like Andros."

"Your weird mama," Diana shakes her head and leaves the master bedroom.

Joyce locks the door and hangs up the phone. She looks at the hologram, "Seiz. My god it felt so damn good to sleep in my own bed."

"Meow," A young kitten hoped down on the bed.

"General Gatling i presume," Joyce rubs her nose on the young confused Kitten. "Father of Fuzzy logic, Your very lucky. Always were."

"Madam Chairman," Seiz shook his head. "Nevermind.. Abigail my dear furless one. Their has been a rash of activity at the Frankin Trust. "

Joyce takes a deep breath, "We need to stick to discipline my dear lover. " She sits up, "I cant believe that my daughters are the two.. Damn. "

"My dear.. I dont know who to say this," Seiz pauses. "I had to adjust to being in a human body. Your facing what we all faced to begin with. Something is odd there. Your telling me Andros Colt all of a sudden changed. Now your seventeen year old is teetering on a relationship with him."

Joyce has all the happiness leave her, "The two empty slots. I never did find out when this upgrade to the barn initially took place. I also never found out when the.." She pauses, "Nana Colt is alive." tears fall down Joyce's face, "It means my dear schmuck of an idiot joyce married and my dumb brother in law got what they deserved."

"Yes but if he is back," The hologram looks at Joyce as she is feeling under the mattress. "Madam Chairman.."

"Uncle Andros knew where I hid my diary because." Joyce smiles, "This is the fake journal." she tosses it on the bed, "And this.." She is on her tip toes, "Jackpot. the real diary."

The hologram laughs," My furless one you amaze me."

"Lets see what," Joyce freezes when she reads the diary. She starts speed reading, "That SOB." An envelope falls out. She picks up the envelope, "From silence dogood. Dear younger me.."

After another ten minutes,"Abigail."

"We are not alone. Uncle Andros came back in time. These are diagrams and notes that the younger him would need to succeed." Chairman Zero shakes her head, "I want a meeting in an hour. Everyone on the horn. Uncle andros you rat bastard. You saved Austin and Diana is Mrs. Reoven. Get a scan of all these notes and Diagrams. Hunt down everything in here."

"and when we find him, "Seiz coldly ask?

"You will not hurt him. I am not betting on your finding him for a little bit of time. He was great reporter and knew where to hide. You dont have the resources or capabilities to find him." She shakes her head, "I have to be extra careful around My uncles younger selves. "

"Dont forget what Monday is," Seiz responds? "The kids receive their notices. It figures the day we move to control the future we have our past reality check us. "

"Make the meeting two hours," Chairman Zero is a little mad. "Mama is gonna go soak in her tub. Its good to be home Seiz. "

"Meow," General Gatling looks at her.


Eglin Airforce base
Same time

"Ms. Macer your late," the Lt. Colonel yelled at his Secretary. "You do not have the look I need for an assistant Ms. Macer. Your work is subpar. Your not getting that promotion. On top of this one of your creditors called again. I cant have some one as incompetent as you working for me."

Ms. Macer fights the tears in her eyes.

"I have contacted CPS," The Lt. Colonel goes flying backwards and hit a column hard. The next thing he knows is that a fist hits the sweet spot below his sternum.

"Dont you EVER threaten her again you worthless peice of S#$%," An older man with four stars on his collar stands over the Lt. Colonel.

Several of the Lt. Colonel's men move to protect him. Less then ten seconds later they are all on the ground.

Ms. Macer is in tears, "You. You bastard." She slaps the the Four Star, "You said you loved me Phillip. I was the best thing that ever happened to you. Then you disappeared. Fourteen damn years."

The Admiral has tears build up in his own eyes, "Regina.. You were the best thing that ever happened to me." Phillip takes Regina in his arms and holds her as she cries.

She fights at first but breaks down, "Why.. Why now Phillip."

The Marines with the Admiral stop the MP's at gun point as one has his boot planted on the Lt. Colonel.

"Regina. Monday the world changes,"Phillip holds Regina.

A four star Airforce General walks in and sees the scene, "Admiral De'Chez.."

A marine corps Sargent has pistol in the Generals face, "This is a family matter. Shut the F$%^ up."

"What happens monday," Regina becomes terrified? "My baby.. Is he in danger. The incident with his friend Andros.."

"Regina." Admiral De'chez has tears in his eyes, "I am so sorry my love. My greatest fear came true they found out he is my son. My enemies. Monday.."

As the two hold each other, "Son.. Admiral De'Chez has a son." The four star Air Force General is wide eyed, "Ms. Macer is his mother."

"Monday Phillip," Ms. Macer was scared. "I have to leave my son."

"Our son is safe my love. Moday the Tesla Institute announces all the Scholarship students." Admiral De'Chez explains, "He is on the list."

"Thats the elite invitation only school," Regina Macer wipes some of the tears from her face. "They. My baby got into the Tesla institute. You .. You pulled strings for our baby." Regina starts crying again, I could never hope.. I mean the bills.."

"General," Lt. Colonel tries to ask for help.

"Son.. Your F$%^ed three ways from sunday," The general was still in shock. "Just shut up and you might live."

Admiral De'Chez holds Regina, "Baby. Not exactly. No one can pull strings. We need to talk in private. But first," Admiral De'Chez turns around with hate forming in his eyes. "Boys take that S#$%bag out side and work him over. No one talks to my son's mother like she is trash. Then ship him out to one of our facilities for questioning."

"Admiral," The sargent was wide eyed. "May we handle his punishment sir. It might be more appropriate given the nature of the issue. "

"Sargent," Admiral De'Chez closes his eyes. "Your right. Handle it, but work him over first. Take him to the gym and let him spar with you for a little bit." Admiral De'Chez turns to the four star general, "You.. Sit at her desk and do all the work she is supposed to do today.. And in fact do all of her work for the next week. You just approved her vacation."

"Admiral De'Chez.. You cant," One of the Marines near the General gut checked him.

"The Admiral has politely requested that you kiss his A$$." The Sargent kicked the four star general in the head.

"Tell your bosses to file the complaint with the witch for all I care. " Admiral De'Chez takes Regina's arm, "My Lady I am very hungry you remember that little restaurant from our first date. It is still open."

As they leave Regina stops in front of the Lt. Colonel. She kicks him in the groin, "Do NOT ever again talk down to me like I am a dog."

The Marines are all quiet..

Admiral De'Chez smiles, "I am curious. Does our son have a girlfriend?"

"Their are a lot of things we need to discuss Phillip."
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Note I rewrote
the last half of that post

It did not seem to fit right with the situation

the events of

Too late for the pebbles to Vote 9SEC 2014)

occur here

Also referenced
Yeti Again(SEC 2014)

Abigail is the leader of the Revisionist

Samhain of Infamy: Wrath of the Giant by Andros Colt (SpookyFest)

is also cannon to this story
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Sunday night
Storage Barn
January 1992

"You got your best friends heart Broke over ten bucks," Austin was very pissed. "Your not the man I thought."

"The bet was designed to help Alexander. Sure she is pissed, but there is no such thing as bad publicity. Then the fact her father banned Sandra from ever talking to him," Andros laughs. "He might as well been auctioning her off to Alexander. Get ready to hand over the ten bucks."

"You A$$hole," Alexander had his fist balled up. "You ruined my life. I was told to trust you by.." Alexander gets wide eyed, "You SOB.. My god why do this to me.."

Andros moves the scope towards the headlights, "Teddybear. I repeat Teddybear boys. Austin you can pay me in tail."

"I ought to " Austin gets pissed. "How could you do this to Alexander. Sandra's father.."

Helos held onto the metal pole and was leaning out, "I 'll be damned. Austin I think you Andros ten bucks." Helos looks over at Alexander,"Teddy bear is the proper code word. Alexander.. He has delivered. Gretchen is with her." Helos goes wide eyed.

"Just because, " Alexander sees the headlights. "Thats not.."

"Helos my Guitar.. " Andros turns to Alexander, "Buddy I repeat the code word is Teddybear. "

A stunned Alexander is wide eyed as Andros gives a secret handshake, "How in the hell.. Operation Rebirth.. Sandra is in that car. I.."

"Austin.. Breath sprey from your purse please," andros takes the Guitar from Helos. "Buddy one miracle at a time. Yours is harder because I have no clue why Gretchen is here at this moment. I repeat Operation Rebirth is a go."

Austin hands Andros her breath sprey, "What the.." She see's Sandra pull up in her dad's car, "She is not.." Austin looks at Andros, "Operation Rebirth."

Andros puts his hand on Alexander's shoulder, "Now we have been singing Deeper then the holler while we worked for a reason. Its her favorite song get out there and sing like your A#$ depends on it.. Cuz it does." Andros spreys the breath sprey into Alexanders mouth.

"ALEXANDER DELANO MACER," sandra was banging on the door of the Renovated barn. Gretchen gets out of the car.

"Now remember two parts.. Those books we grabbed.. Thats what you do once you catch that tiger." Andros looks at the wide eyed kid.

"Operation Rebirth," Alexander was shocked as the lights came on the storage barn. "You.. You did it."

"Go chase your dream, Me and Helos are holding back in reserve. Just like Patton in the Battle of the bulge. Loud and proud.." Andros stick his hand out, "All for one.."

Helos and Alexander go from wide eyed to, "One for all."

Alexander takes the mike Helos handed him and heads down.

Helos feeds the cord down for the mike, "Twenty feet." Helos calls out as he turns on the lights..

"What are you three up to," Austin looks at Andros? "This operation rebirth.. Andros?"

Andros leans over and kisses Austin, "Rollin the dice my dear."


Twenty minutes
Renovated Barn

"Go the F#$% away," Andros sat in the dark.

A boot kicks the door knocking it off the hinges..

"Gretchen," Andros did not even look up. "Figures they would send you in. What."

"No.. We are all here," Austin speaks coldly.

Alexander and Helos walk in not saying a word.

"I am not saying S#$%, Alexander speaks and glares at Sandra.

"shut up all of you," Gretchen takes a deep breath. She walks over to the light switch, "Really your drinking."

As the light comes on, "If its not the last member of the Witches squad."

Diana walks in last, "Andros.."

Andros closes his eyes, "Yes my dear little butterfly."

"Why are you being an ASS, "Diana walks over. Softly, "Up till now you have been kind and sweet. Why the change?"

"Little butterfly," Andros Kisses her forehead. "I apologize to you. Are we still friends."

Austin has a look on her face..

"Now.." Gretchen is not very happy, "Your not Andros Colt. I know that much is true who are you?"

"Actually," Helos pours himself a drink. He adds mellow yellow, "What was the first password?"

"James T. Kirk," Andros smiles.

"Password," Gretchen looks at Helos. "This has something to do with .."

"Operation Rebirth," austin walks over. "I want answers. You told me you would not lie to me." Andros looks away, "Answer me." She takes his head in her hands. "My sister walks over here and you are real nice to her. Who are You."

Alexander sits down and says nothing.

"Your part of this to," Sandra growls.

"I mean nothing to you and I am a little numb inside." alexander does not stand up, "You hate me because I am poor and am not good enough for you." Alexander has tears in his eyes, "You tried buddy sometimes fate is cruel. "

"Its not that ," Sandra sounds upset. "Its.. Damn it Alexander you dont make bets on a woman."

"Nice try," Helos growls. "Shut up Gretchen the truth is the three of us are beneath your social standing."

"Actually Helos. Your the only one to succeed in operation Rebirth," Andros sips on his drink. "Gretchen.. Please be aware I have a jammer operating so the recorder in your right front breast is worthless."

Everyone turns to her, "What.. Helos Your father sent me in to get this crap. I want the truth now."

"Look at me," Austin turns Andros's head towards her. "You do not need this habit. What is operation rebirth."

"Andros," Diana softly spoke. "Do you love my sister?"

"Diana," Austin chides her sister.

"No.. All of you shut up. I think I know whats going on. You all have your heads up your A#$es," Diana responds. "You need to think. Little Andros Colt could never have done this." She opens her hands to around the house, "Our father and uncle are dead. Arent they Andros. "

Andros looks away as Austin moves his face back to her.

"You know what was happening because we told you." Diana looks at her sister. "Austin dont cry sis. look at your wrist. My guess is operation Rebirth is time travel. The three musketeers made an agreement if any of them came back in time. The code or password is simply security only they would know about."

Alexander, Helos, and Andros are completely silent..

"So we are prizes," Sandra speaks coldly.

"Please Sandra. You told both Gretchen and Austin," Andros counters. "Diana.. You always were the smarter one. What gave me away?"

"You tell my sister you love her, and I think you do. Then you have taken the time to answer every question I ask." Diana looks at her sister, "She died the first time around didnt she. "

Andros closes his eyes and is completely quiet.

"Sandra," Diana looks at the young woman in tears. "You actually have feelings for Alexander. Apparently you have a dirty little secret my sister and Gretchen know about."

"Shut up,"Sandra growls.

Austin and Gretchen are very quiet.

"I take it that it is true. Helos," Diana looks at Him. "You confuse me. "

"Gretchen is bonded to Helos through a separate incident Diana," Andros looks at Gretchen. "You said you wanted the truth. Dont look away, you told me you felt empty inside. Except for when your around Helos. Helos you have been holding out.. "

"Shut the F#$% up Andros," Gretchen is wide eyed.

"Total honesty." Andros looks at Helos, "Show her what you have learned, From Candy McGreggor."

"I," Helos looks down. "Bro thats.. Damn it. No one is supposed to know she can get in big trouble."


posted on Nov, 13 2014 @ 01:10 PM

Gretchen stomps over, "Your full of it Andros. I will prove it." She sniffs Helos.

Helos disappears from perception it seems.

Gretchen Reaches out to grab Helos and to her amazement he is not there, She instinctively crouches. She hisses like a cat and sniffs the air.

"Gretchen," Andros calls out. "Focus on the bond you have. The lust slash love you feel for him."

"I do NOT," Gretchen catches something and leaps across the room. "You cant do that."

Helos makes Austin and Diana jump, "You .. Bro thats not cool."

Gretchen is Right between Austin and Diana, "Stop F#$%ing with me Helos." She is crouched, "Son of Heinrich."

"Helos.. Operation Rebirth.. " Andros laughs, "Take Gretchen for your favorite hike out here. "

Gretchen Moves to the Door, "No.." Gretchen Growls. She grabs the door frame, "Andros Stop it. this is not." Gretchen crotches like a cat and sniffs the air, "No.. I have a boyfriend.."

Helos crotches and hisses at Gretchen.. Helos stops and stands back, "What the F$%^.."

Gretchen grabs Helos and bites him and digs her nails into him..

Helos bites her back. He grabs her hands and is slowly able to muscle her from Scratching him. As each second passes it gets easier..

"Austin.. Diana get behind me, "Andros responds as he moves them. "Alexander shove Sandra behind you now and do not let her out. I invoke protection clause."

Sandra Starts to complain till she sees Gretchen attack Helos.. "What in sam Hell is going on?"

"Follow her movement Helos maintain dominance," Andros calmly looks back.

"Stop it," Gretchen hits Helos with a loud thwap.

Helos seems to disappear again and Gretchen desperately tries to hold on to Helos.

"Andros," Gretchen growls..

"I son of Neal offer no challenge. I speak for Austin and Diana, daughters of Parker," Andros cooly speaks. "Alexander respond and speak for Sandra and hold her behind you.. Or Gretchen will kill her."

"I.. Son of Macer.. Speak for Sandra Daughter of Tolliver.. Uhm.. No challenge Gretchen is offered," Alexander speaks..

"You," Sandra Jumps back when Helos moves and is holding Gretchen by the neck. The pheromones fill the air causing Sandra to grab Alexander in total fear.

"Alexander focus on your love for Sandra. Austin, Diana stay behind me.." Andros speaks..

Gretchen losses it and attacks Helos. The two of them go wrestling out into the yard.

Austin and Diana both have their nails gripping into Andros in fear.

"What.. What was that," Diana is in shock?

Austin is shaking, "I felt total fear."

Alexander turns around and holds Sandra, "Its okay Sandra. They went outside." Sandra buries her head on Alexanders chest and is shaking.

"Your a bastard. She lost complete control. "austin realizes she is drawing blood from Andros, "I am so sorry."

"Please dont let go. It is taking everything I have to stand and the pain is the only part I feel. Alexander just smell her hair and it will clear the pheromones from your senses," Andros has to take a deep breath.


Hours later
Inside the renovated barn

Gretchen just cuddles with Helos and is not speaking. She is under a blanket with it pulled over her head.

"Sandra," Andros gently speaks. "I apologize.. Its just been really hard on me. You told me everything. God.. I have screwed up.."

"What happened with Gretchen. Its like I," Sandra pauses when Gretchen growls in a deep low sound.

"I wont move I promise Gretchen," Helos has a grin on his face a mile wide.

"Gretchen Honey. Your just faking it now for your own comfort. I cant share yours and Helos secret," Andros takes a deep breath.

"Your an a#$," Gretchen throws the blankets off frustrated..

Helos has his arms around her, "Gretchen.. They are our friends."

She glares at Austin, then to Sandra, Then to Diana with a deep guttural, "MINE." Frustrated with herself Gretchen just covers back up.

"Honey.. There is nothing to be ashamed of," Austin tries to comfort her friend. "Whats going on Andros?"

"Helos. Did Candy teach you the calming crap," Andros softly speaks.

"You mean that relaxation focus," Helos closes his eyes and focus's.

"Dont touch me," gretchen growls as she sticks her head out of the blanket.

Helos puts his hand on her back, "Focus on my breathing my Archangel."

"I am not your archangel," Gretchen states calmly as she sits up. She twist in Helos's arms and is sitting in his lap. She snuggles next to his neck and pulls the cover over both of them.

"Okay," Sandra looks at her friend. "Whats going on? Gretchen is freaky strong. then you act like an animal. You scared me Gretchen.. What are you?"

"Shut up," gretchen moves her back as her breathing matches Helos's. "I hate you all. Especially you Andros. Especially," Gretchen yawns as her breath matches Helos's. "Sandra we are friends.. Like Austin I have secrets I dont share."

"Gretchen," Austin quickly speaks. "Dont you dare.."

"Austin all of our secrets are out. You might as well tell him," Gretchen doesnt move. "Listen Sandra and Alexander have a lot to talk about. My secret is out and now that leaves you. Its wrong to demand Andros tell you the truth and you not tell him."

"No.. Do not tell him that," Austin glares at Gretchen."We are friends .

Andros looks at Gretchen, "You lied to me Gretchen.. No I never asked about your friendship with Austin. You never told me her secrets. and you Sandra.. Yall are evil."

"You dont know," Austin laughs.

Sandra gets a look on her face, " I do not think so. Austin tell him or I will."

"Sis.. You liked him," Diana looked at her Sister. "It makes sense Sandra and Alexander, Gretchen and Helos.. reason leaves that you would think about the third Musketeer. So whats the secret."

"I will poison all of you," Austin closes her eyes.

"Nope. If we are all being honest here, "Gretchen responds. "Austin your up."

"Your really going to make me do this."Austins sees Sandra glare at her, "Fine." Austin turns and whispers to Andros. After about thirty seconds, "Tell NO ONE.. Or so help me god They will find your body in yellow river."

"Wow," Andros looks at Austin. "Wow."

posted on Nov, 13 2014 @ 06:10 PM
Early morning
Monday, Jan. 1992

Gently dancing in the wind, The tree tops seem to be speaking. With only the moon’s light shining down, Andros adjusts the telescope. The hum of the computer equipment matches the sounds of animal life in the woods.

“Here little butterfly,” Andros looks with a spark in his eye at Diana. “You really want to see Lunar one?”

Wrapped in a blanket, Diana sips her hot Chocolate. Taking the few steps to the telescope and looking through it,”You are no astronomer.” Diana hip bumps Andros over from the controls, “Hold this.. Men and their toys.”

Andros takes the hot chocolate as he is smiling. He watches as Diana plays with the controls and takes a deep breath as he sees her in the moonlight.

Hearing him take a deep breath, ‘You cant have us both. Its not fair to me Mr. Chrononaut.’ Diana’s own breathe fogs in the cold air, “There. Now let me see.” She sticks her head back to the telescope, “Its still fuzzy. My god. Its.. We have a base on the moon. Alexander’s father is ..” Diana takes a deep breath when she feels Andros behind her.

He readjust the Telescope, “That should be better. The only reason this is working is because of a simple idea. “

‘Please Andros,’ Diana thinks to herself as she shivers. ‘My sister loves you. Why do you have to grow up so cool? Moma would kill me for thinking like this if Austin messes this up.’ “Its better processing equipment. Same image coming in but just processed better by the jury rigged game consoles. You set them up in parallel.”

“You always were smarter then me,” Andros laughs. “Listen little butterfly your cold.”

‘Please don’t move. Hold me,’ “I want to sit out here and see this. Its amazing. It changes everything.”

The sound of boots crunching on the deck interrupts her thoughts.

“Mr. Colt we really need to talk,” The male voice has an authoritarian tone. “Did I hear that correctly?”

Diana turns and almost falls, ‘God damn it.’ Andros catches her without dropping her Chocolate. She wraps her arms around him and then very slowly restabilizes herself.

“Diana, “ Andros’s pupils get larger as they stare at the Admiral. Diana’s long hair gentle slide down Andros’s shoulder, “Go ahead and tell him. I am not sure if I like him or not.”

‘Stubborn as the day is long,’ “Mr. De’Chez. Its amazing is all I can say. You are the boss of all of that. What’s it like when you observe a lunar sunrise?”

“Young lady. “ Admiral De’Chez slowly counts to ten, “Please go down stairs and..”

“No,” Andros responds to the Admiral. “She is my guest, in my house, on my Property.” His breath heats up the air, “You go downstairs and wait. Mrs. Re.. “ Andros catches himself, “Diana was wanting to see this.” Andros pointed to the equipment, “I was about to tell her .”

Diana puts her hand on Andros’s chest, ‘That was stupid. No.. He is my sister’s boyfriend.’ “Andros. Take a time out. You are on adrenaline from earlier still. Everyone else is downstairs asleep. If Alexander’s father is as powerful as you have said he is, you need to find out when history changed.”She kisses Andros on the cheek as he is staring at the Admiral, “Operation Rebirth’s success has consequences. You said some changes have taken place before you got here. I am going to go take a cat nap before school starts.”

Admiral De’Chez holds the door for Diana Parker as she sash shays by

posted on Nov, 15 2014 @ 03:00 AM

Renovated Barn
0530 Monday
January 1992

“That smells good,” Sandra sits on the bed indian style as the aroma of morning coffee fills the air. “This room is amazing. You built this with your own hands?”

“We stripped old mobile homes with Andros’s cousins. We have a ton of space because of the moving wall we put in,” Alexander was nervous to a degree. He looked at Sandra’s camisole she was wearing, “You must be cold.” Alexander smiles as he looks at her, “Sandra.”

“Alex. “Sandra reaches up and undoes the bun in her hair, “I do not want to talk about it.”

Alexander playfully hits Sandra with a pillow, “Bad girl.. Quit being self centered and listen.”

Sandra hits Alexander back with a pillow. She pauses, “Wow.. The pillow case..”

“Egyptian thread, Very fine and with a very high count,” He takes the pillow and gently puts it next to her face. “See.. Soft. We picked it up at an Auction. Along with a lot of the wood furniture in here. The Dresser is cherry oak and a heavy SOB. This bed,” Alexander grabs the wooden corner. “I did not like. Andros insisted..”

“I have always wanted one like this,” Sandra stops and laughs herself. “The three musketeers..”

Alexander looks at the bed and laughs,” That SOB.. “

Andros closes his eyes, “Sandra I wanted to know if you mind if I am greedy here? I need someone to talk to.” Alexander lays back on the fluffy pillow, “My father.. Fourteen years and not a damn sign of him. Then at Shoney’s, poof.”

“We are not going to talk about that either.”Sandra puts the pillow behind her head. She leans back next to him and giggles. “I just realized you put up those glow thingies. It is so childish,” Sandra lifts his arm and puts it around her neck. “Let me see.. There’s Kirk’s NC 1701 Constitution class Enterprise,. A Klingon bird of prey, K'Vort-class .. A ferengi D'Kora-class "Marauder", Romulan war bird, D’deridex class.” She looks at the ceiling, “An imperial star destroyer, Executor-class Star Dreadnought.. the Millennium Falcon.. Tie Fighter.. And Incom T-65 X-wing.. “

Alexander looks a little surprised at Sandra, “Wow.. I am impressed. You’re a sci-fi geek.”

“Tell a soul and I will denut you,” Sandra snuggles closer. “Lets see.. V right..” She points to something and stops coldly. Sandra closes her eyes, “Ok.. I think I can see this thing in the future he told us..” Sandra sits up, “Little man.. I will give you one shot at there being an us and only one. It is a very important question, fail it and I walk out.”

Alexander looks at Sandra and smiles, “So I get a small shot your highness. Oh think you mistress.. May I have another..”

Sandra hits him on the arm, “Depends.. Now this question is actually what me and my boyfriend broke up over. He answered wrong.. You better get it right.” Sandra is very serious, “Kirk or Picard.. Who is the better Captain?”

Alexander looks over at the poster of Yoda with caption of do or do not there is no try. Breaking out in a huge smile as his he hears Andros’s answer,” Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Empire. Followed by Optimus prime..”

Sandra hits him, “You better be saying Star Trek is better then Star Wars.”

Alexander just kisses her, “Fine.. In order of the best Fictional leaders.”

Sandra grabs the back of his neck.. “No who is the better Captain..”

“The truth is Kirk is way to impulsive and gets people killed. Why does he have to beam down every time with all the leaders of the crew.. The new guy has to know he is dead.. My issue with Picard goes deeper.. He is the thinker and plotter but he still screws up because he doesn’t plan like he should. I encounter the borg.. You better believe I am upgrading my vessel to hell with the pacifist crap.. The truth is you have to look at the support structure.”

Sandra twists her head sideways, “What do you mean? Kirk or Picard..”

“It’s the wrong question pretty girl.. You should be asking Spock or Data..” Alexander grins, “Me personally, I like Data because It is how I feel. Its like I am Completely at a loss sometimes and not getting the emotional spasms going on around me. I loved Brent Spiner in Night court. So Data with Spock as his XO.. “

“You are cheating,” Sandra looks deep in his eyes.

“I don’t like either of them. For a simple reason.. Kirk is eliminated because he doesn’t have the guts to love. Women are his no win scenario. Picard.. The Dumb a$% should just go up to Crusher and kiss her.” Sandra seems to be trying to process Alexander’s statement, “Truth is both men are empty shells without the women they love.” Alexander takes Sandra’s head in his hands,”I will be damned if that happens to me. The only sci fi hero I can think of who got his act together is..” Alexander Pauses and stares deeply into Sandra’s eyes, “Will you be my Princess Leia?”

“That is the corniest line I have ever heard,” Sandra has to take a deep breath as she tries not to giggle. “Stick to politics, You cant sing.”

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Exercise area
Same time

Helos stops as Gretchen taps. He rolls off her and stands up, “Station!”

“What does,” Gretchen pauses and bends her ear sideways. “I do not want to hear that.”

Andros looks off of the deck and is joined by the Admiral.

“STATION!” Helos gives a big thumbs up to Andros with his pinkies out.

The chilly morning air has Conway twitty floating through it. Andros grins and shouts, “STATION!!” The rooster crows as he returns the thumbs up with the pinkie out.

There's a lot of ways of sayin' what I want to say to you
There's songs and poems and promises and dreams that might come true
But I won't talk of starry skies or moonlight on the ground
I'll come right out and tell you,I'd just love to lay you down

“You are all bastards,” Gretchen goes for a leg sweep. To her surprise the Off balance Helos does not fall. His leg takes the blow and he uses his foot to knock her back..

“Oh darling,” Helos is singing along as Gretchen launches into another attack.. He easily deflects her attacks and pins her again on the mat.

Tapping out and sweating, “Damn it Helos. This isn’t fair. You are using our peoples nature against me.”

Helos moves his leg over her sweep. Jumping behind her and rolling, Helos has her in a head lock from behind.

Gretchen stands up and tries to pull Helos’s arm from around her neck, “Your not even paying attention.” Gretchen taps out again as Helos jumps away, “I can smell you and cant get it out of my head.”

He bows his head, “My Gretchen. Yes, MY GRETCHEN.. We are bastards. We will still suffer the sling and arrows so to speak. A little happiness goes a long way.” Helos easily catches her foot two inches from his face and shoves her back. “Now you promised me If I won we would walk through my morning exercises.”

“Just stop doing the,” Gretchen hisses and tackles him after he disappeared from her sense. Her Auburn hair shines in the light, “Stop it.. Boy.”

She takes a deep breath when to her surprise Helos starts to stand up. Her never falters as he stands up from being pinned. He let goes of Gretchen’s legs as she takes a deep breath.

“Yes Andros Told me how to win your sttention. He also said once we get in the ring we are on our own,” Helos gently touches the side of Gretchens face and disappears from her senses, “He said this is like catnip to you. You told him.”

Gretchen holds on to the part of Helos’s arm she was holding tightly, “Fine. If you have to.” Gretchen closes her eyes and puckers her lips. Instead of a kiss she catches her self as she goes back words.. “You..”

“You have not properly introduced yourself or anything. “ Helos was playing hard to get, “Andros said my and your people have dance we go through. I am not to accept sub..”

Gretchen spears Helos into one of the Cement Pillars causing the house to partially shake. She pins his arms back and kisses him, “You are bastards.” She kisses him again then steps back and goes to one knee. With her head down, “I Gretchen.. Niece of Elphelba , submit to you Helos son of Heinrich.”

“Gretchen. I don’t want you to submit,” Helos picks her up. “I want you to love me.” Helos sees the tears in Gretchen's eyes, “ I want you by my side . Teach me about our people. Show me this whole new world I have never heard of. Andros said those were the words I used during the Survivor run. I believe it because Its how I feel.” He kisses the confused Gretchen. “I know everything is off but can we go slowly. I would like to know what I am.”

“Do you really mean that,” Gretchen wiped the tears from her eyes? "Our people.."

“Start from the beginning,” Helos took a deep breath of the air. Gently he moved her Auburn hair to the side, “My old/ new friend said it was your place to help teach me, not his. This Franklin Trust, is a breeding experiment?”

One of the Roosters go off in the background as Gretchen just sits there looking into Helos's eyes. Gretchen is shaking when she takes Helos's face in her hands, "Do you really mean that?"

posted on Nov, 15 2014 @ 03:22 PM
a reply to: ripcontrol

Just dropping in a pre-read post here to let You know I found this Story and plan on reading it when I have more time.
I am book marked now and will return!


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02:38pm Monday
January 1992
Renovated barn house

Regina Macer saw Sandra laying in her sons lap with her hair all messed up. "So this is why you missed school today," Regina shakes her head.

"My love," Phillip De'chez spoke..

"Dont my love me," Regina turns around to her fiance. His Pristine Fatigues with four shining Stars shone in the sunlight coming through the door, "I told you to deal with your son. I find he is..Is.."

"Alex.. Take Ms. Tolliver back to your room here and get dressed sir." Admiral De'chez turns towards Regina, "That right my love. You put me in charge of the situation. Our son is growing up. I am glad this happened on my watch."

Alexander was wide eyed when he saw his dad wink. "Thanks.. Um dad.."

"I got your back son.. Git fore mama can counter order," Admiral De'Chez looks Regina in the eyes with warmth in his heart.. "Darlin.. I am handling this matter like you told me too. You need to trust me." He mouths Letters..

"Phillip," Regina was very angry when she spoke. "He is my little boy and that.." Phillip stood in the way of her LOS as the half dressed Sandra and Alexander ran upstairs.

Their feet were loud on the wooden stairs as they quickly moved.

"If we are both going to be parents we need to learn to communicate. I have to be responsible. Ms. Tolliver is on birth control and I know this house is stocked up on condoms," Admiral De'chez speaks with his fiance. "Please do not be mad at our son. He is trying to find his way in the world. On a lot of other things I am going to be a hard A$$ this is not an important battle. You said Mama was on vacation.." Phillip heard the door shut upstairs, "He called me dad.. He meant it to."

Regina pointed her finger, "You cant parent by bribing our son with tail to become his favorite."

"Regina my love. If you do not like her do NOT try to tell them they cant see each other. Sandra's father did that and well," The Admiral pointed up stairs. "We are both country.. We know how this goes."

"You and me are going to have to sit down and talk mister," Regina got a mad look on her face as she poked Phillip in the chest. "Please talk with me before ANY other things like this happen. It is important to me that my.. Our son not disrespect women. " She takes a deep breath, "Your sure she is on birth control pills."

"My commander pulled her prescription from the drug store computer system. You might want to go with her to pick her next batch. The script needs to be refilled this month." Phillip looks at Her, "Mr. Colt secretly grab four bags of condoms from Eglin's pharmacy. "

"You pulled all those records," Regina looked at her Fiance.

"Not to mention my love you need to sit your own appointment. " Phillip looks at his fiance, "Its the little thing. Austin and Diana Parker need to schedule their check ups.. Gretchen is up on all her medical care. Helos needs to visit .. Well their doctor is checking up with them in the woods. Ms. Colt needs her."

Regina holds up her hand, "You checked on everyone.. And I will go to my damn appointment when I get a chance."

Phillip take Regina Macers younger face in his hands, "Mama." Phillip points to himself, "Papa Bear has covered everything. The only thing we need to do is go clothes shopping for new shoes for our son. It is a perfect opportunity to invite Mrs. Tolliver to go with us."

Regina is not mollified.

"Regina Macer De'Chez.. Maybe she is the one that got away," Phillip smiles at having used his last name as hers. "My sons happiness is very important to me. You taught him everything he needs to know. My I please learn to be a father. I am going to make mistakes along the way. Its what fathers do."

"You are a sweet talking devil," Regina heard the water for the shower turn on. "Those two.." Regina took a deep breath, "Papa bear I am going to borrow a phone. I was mean and should have realized I left you holding the bag." She kisses her fiance, "I am going to call Mrs. Tolliver."


White House
Oval Office
Same Time

Drumming his fingers on the desk, "Mr. Chairman.. I was as shocked as you were. " President George H. Bush looked over the resolute desk. "My grandfather had dealings with the Admiral. Regina Macer did NOT go into work today. The Lt. Colonel is out of surgery."

"George.. This is a game changer. The Admiral has a son," The man on the other end speaks coolly. "This affects a lot of things. Let me go talk with the other bonesmen. This.. Is earth shattering. My son was notified of his invitation to the Tesla institute today. The Revisionist are up to something.. I will call you back George."

"Thank you Mr. Chairman," The President hung up the phone ending the connection with a click. President Bush stood up and looked out the window, "Dick."

"The old dog has a son." The Sec Def sat in the soft chair across from the President, "Ms. Macer a low level secretary at Eglin is now engaged to one of the most feared men on the planet."

"This Tesla Institute for Higher Learning is a revisionist operation. We cant get any people inside," Bush looks at his Office. " They are playing one hell of a poker hand Dick. Do you know they have all of us by the short and curlies and yet have done nothing more then that."

Dick Cheney leaned back, "I have a friend who told me something when I ran it by him George." The Sec Def holds up his hand, "I have had this come up several times. He told me they are not playing for the present and do not care what we do. It hurts but we dont matter to their plans. He told me that we would know when they made their move because they would take the future. This is the most students they have taken from public school at one time."

Bush sits down in the chair. He twist his jaw sideways, "Admiral De'Chez's son is in that cluster of three people. You said one of them is related to the issue of the Missing police officers in the area." Bush turned the chair around as he looked over the water, "Another set of person are in the area."

"George," Cheney stood for a second. "Other persons."

"A bonesman issue Dick." Bush looked out the window, "What type of Man would the Admiral's son have grown up to be without the Revisionist present."

"He would be one of the most powerful men in the world," Cheney turned his head sideways.

"No Dick. The Admiral made a LOT of enemies. Those who without the Revisionist present, would kill young Mr. Macer in a heartbeat." Bush looked out the window, "Follow his behavior up to till they came back. Non involvement in his sons life. The Admiral never lifted a finger to help his baby's mother."

Cheney walks over to a cart and takes a cold drink, "He would grow up economically disadvantaged."

"What was it the profilers told us of the children they selected this year. All the public school ones," Gerogre Bush looks out the window. "Not a single one of them have the preset personality that make them exceptional. Yet none of them could explain why they were chosen."

Dick Cheney pauses before he sips the cold water, "You saying that.. No they would all be Carters at best. Outsiders."

"Dick. Take a moment here to pause. Long term, what if Macer got his inheritance . His dad's attitude. Same for the rest of them," The President turns and stands. "Dick the Revisionist are playing for the future. I want to invite the Kids to DC."
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Thank you..

I am stopping here on this thread and calling this chapter one

Chapter two will be started soon

I hope to better instigate the changes recommended..

I welcome more suggestions

Not to mention if I got close

I dont think I got the people's in the stories world

I am going to experiment with a better world map

Key points from chapter one

Operation Rebirth
Andros's friends know who he is

posted on Nov, 16 2014 @ 09:35 PM
i take it you were either stationed at hurlbert, eglin, or duke. or grew up here.
i live one mile from eglin's outer range. do you know where boiling creek, or weaver creek. not the tourist traps or cone trips.
i'm talking about the locals swimming holes.

posted on Nov, 16 2014 @ 11:35 PM
a reply to: hounddoghowlie


turkey hen creek still numb nuts cold and warm showers take thirty minutes to warm you up

Cant swim in yellow river to polluted for my taste

Does it show

I cant use the actual names of the schools on the middle school

You know the indian mound in Fort Walton Beach
My dad told me the Army Core of Engineers built it for the natives the real on is hidden

my area was more the backwoods around Crestview, Milligan, Laura Hill
It is a shame that little post office closed on the other side of the bridge

I was seriously tempted to include a swimming scene with the ladies in bikinis at turkey hen creek
(still might)

The best is if you get the chance is the night life on Destin and San Destin during spring break..

I went with three friends who grew up in the area change the world
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posted on Nov, 17 2014 @ 01:49 PM
a reply to: ripcontrol

A very long, but good read so far. I like the creativity here. You have fleshed out the characters pretty well, IMO. Looking forward to some more!

Later for now, Syx.

posted on Nov, 17 2014 @ 09:24 PM
a reply to: SyxPak

Thank you

Chapter two has started

Tesla Institute for Higher Learning: War of the Revisionist (Ch. 2)

can we expect a sequel to the little fixers

posted on Nov, 18 2014 @ 11:34 AM
a reply to: ripcontrol

I appreciate the info post. As time permits, I'll have a look-see!
As far as the little ones, Hopein' to get some RL crap out of the way so I can start thinking on how I want to set some detail to another Fixer Story! Few ideas float around in My head, but so far am coming up a bit short on a good tale...... It will come. Thanx. Syx.

posted on Nov, 27 2014 @ 09:32 PM
a reply to: ripcontrol

Great! Love it! SUPER!

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