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posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 07:44 AM

originally posted by: Evergreen
Growth is a very nice thing, except why does that concept exist at all? This is how it is -- I get that. But why is it this way? Any ideas?

If the Soul/Spirit/Internal Energy is NU in Creation and needs matured to reach its full potential, it seems logical to ALLOW the Soul/Spirit/Internal Energy time to do so.
Through the processes of ASCENSION into Higher or Lower (inhabited) realms within the phases of Life and Death within EXISTENCE experience is gained... The gained experience from multiple phases can then be uploaded somewhat in to the continuous conscious memory, not the temp life or death memory uploaded into the continuous conscious memory so that it can guide and direct you subconsciously through what ever phase you may be in.
This continuous conscious memory can help a Soul/Spirit/Internal Energy learn from lifetimes of experiences. Which then can subconsciously assist the CREATOR Creation with Ascending into higher realms as opposed to not LEARNING from experience (or ignoring the continuous conscious memory) subconscious warnings and alerts and ascending into the Lower realms, due to potential malevolent activities and behaviors upon other CREATOR Creations...

So in short we are just learning as we grow & ASCEND HIGHER OR LOWER in conscious Soul/Spirit/Internal Energy form, in order to mature as CREATOR Creations, from 1z subjective analysis...

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 02:45 PM
a reply to: Evergreen

In your question there are 2 parts, one of the ego and one of the spirit/soul.

Obstacles are lessons where one once failed to decide right. its a chance to correct it if you learned how (sometime you fail because of unreadiness/other reasons).
and its not the only chance, it will repeat itself over and over untill you get it right.
The cycle is a circle. if you watch back you will recognize your challenges which ever form they take.

Realm of god and souls are different than the ego's world where all seems to be linear and changeable but its actually circular.

God does not know of change, what he makes is perfect and unchangeable.

God is in the middle of the circle. your/mine thinking is atm based on past/future (which in reality doesnt exist).
In the now, which is different kind of thinking and needs to be learned, everything is different and possibile.

Why ?
Because Everything is a Dream.
Because Everything you see is a form of Question manifested as answer.
Because There are no other people, everything is you.
Because once you made an error to create unlike god, and now you'r hiding.
Because You still look at ego, and not turn to god.

The Abrahamic religions (mostly) give you one chance and you pass or fail.

Can you explain more ? What happens if you pass and what happens if you fail ? then reread up please.

And if you fail why dont you do it again ? (circularity)

Other religions have an endless cycle of challenges.

You taught yourself wrong about life. You learned how many years to get you into beliving that what is that is ?
Endless cycle of challenges would unlearn your learned things so you can learn anew. (and hopefully get it right.)

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