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cannon films is the best production company of all time......just so you know

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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 02:44 PM
a close second would be troma

they had the best movies back in the day.
they were high on action, low on budget, high on cheese, but super high on awesome.

they dominated the 80's with action and nijna a kid in the 80's i thought this stuff was the best ever.
if you watch them for the first time now, they will question.
if you grew up with them though, nothing compares to these flicks......these were before budgets were inflated....before special effects were awesome and they were before the scripts were fabulous.....all kinds of one liners laced in these....

still, theyre the best

they had the biggest stars of the day..
charles bronson, chuck norris, michael dudikoff, sho kosugi, sylvester stallone, van damme....

check out this list.....this is just some of their stuff

this was my parents first date...a drive in theater in detroit.

the no mercy man...1973
A decorated Vietnam War vet returns home to his small southwestern town, only to find carnies and bikers are stepping all over it, prompting him to take action.

enter the ninja....1981
After just completing his training at a ninja school, an army vet travels to the Phillippines and finds himself battling a land grabber who wants his war-buddy's property. He must also fight his rival.

death wish 2....1982
Architect Paul Kersey once again becomes a vigilante when he tries to find the five street punks who murdered his daughter and housekeeper, this time on the dark streets of Los Angeles.

revenge of the ninja...1983
After his family is killed in Japan by ninjas, Cho and his son Kane come to America to start a new life. He opens a doll shop but is unwittingly importing heroin in the dolls. When he finds out that his friend has betrayed him, Cho must prepare for the ultimate battle he has ever been involved in.

ninja 3: the domination.....1984
An evil ninja attempts to avenge his death from beyond the grave, by possessing an innocent woman's body.

missing in action...1984
Colonel James Braddock is an American officer who spent seven years in a North Vietnamese POW camp, then escaped 10 years ago. After the bloodiest war, Braddock accompanies a government ..

missing in action 2: the beginning...1984
Prequel to the first Missing In Action, set in the early 1980s it shows the capture of Colonel Braddock during the Vietnam war in the 1970s, and his captivity with other American POWs in a brutal prison camp, and his plans to escape.

american ninja...1985
American soldier, obviously very skilled in martial arts, single-handedly takes on mercenaries in the Philippines.

invasion USA....1985
A one-man army comes to the rescue of the United States when a spy attempts an invasion.

death wish 3...1985
Architect/vigilante Paul Kersey arrives back in New York City and is forcibly recruited by a crooked police detective to fight street crime caused by a large gang terrorizing the neighborhoods.

the delta force...1986
A 707 aircraft jetliner on its way from Athens to Rome and then to New York City is hijacked by Lebanese terrorists. The terrorists demand that the pilot take them to Beirut. What the terrorists don't realize is that an elite team of commandoes led by Major McCoy (Norris) and by Colonel Alexander (Marvin) as been called into service to eliminate all terrorists on the jetliner and who's involved in the hijacking and try to retake the plane before the terrorists kill all the hostages

A tough-on-crime street cop must protect the only surviving witness to a strange murderous cult with far reaching plans.

over the top...1987
Lincoln Hawk (Stallone) is a struggling trucker who arm wrestles on the side to make extra cash while trying to rebuild his life. After the death of his wife, he tries to make amends with his son who he left behind 10 years earlier. Upon their first meeting, his son does not think too highly of him until he enters the World Arm Wrestling Championships in Las Vegas. His hope is to receive the grand prize of $100,000 and an expensive current custom semi-truck and thus start his own trucking company.

american ninja 2: the confrontation
On a remote Caribbean island, Army Ranger Joe Armstrong investigates the disappearance of several marines, which leads him to The Lion, a super-criminal who has kidnapped a local scientist and mass-produced an army of mutant Ninja warriors.

deathwish 4: the crackdown....1987
Architect/vigilante Paul Kersey takes on the members of a vicious Los Angeles drug cartel to stop the flow of drugs after his girlfriend's daughter dies from an overdose.

braddock: missing in action 3....1988
Colonel James Braddock has a Vietnamese wife who was supposed to leave Vietnam with him when they evacuate. But she loses her papers and wasn't allowed in the embassy. Braddock went looking for her and her friend took the bracelet Braddock gave his wife and was in an explosion. When Braddock finds the body with bracelet, he assumes it's his wife so he leaves Vietnam. 12 years later a Reverend in Vietnam who was visiting the States approaches Braddock telling him that his wife is alive and that he has a son. Braddock doesn't believe him at first but when a man at the CIA asks him to meet with him, Braddock realizes it's true. So he tries to get them out. So he contacts a friend in Thailand to get what he needs. As they are about to leave, the CIA tries to stop him but Braddock gets away, gets his equipment and heads to Vietnam. When he arrives he goes to the orphanage for Amerasian children, where the Reverend works. He takes him to them and is surprised to see them and his son resents

Frank Dux has spent most his life being trained by Tanaka to participate in the Kumite, the ultimate martial arts tournament, where participants are seriously injured, even killed. Frank decides to go despite being told by his superiors in the army that he can't because they need him. Two army officers are sent to get him and the trail leads to Hong Kong but Frank eludes them. While Frank advances, he knows that he may have to face Chong Li, the defending champion, who has killed a few participants.

hero and the terror...1988
Danny O'Brien is back in action fighting the notorious Simon Moon, also known as The Terror. Three years earlier O'Brien had single-handedly captured The Terror and was called Hero by the people of L.A. Now Simon has escaped and has started killing women again, and O'Brien is the only man who can stop him.

A martial artist hunts a killer in a plague-infested urban dump of the future.

that is such an awesome list.....some of those movies are not very well known at all.

i remember back in the day, going with my mom to the video store to rent these on VHS.
we used to get dominos pizza and rent these tapes....she must have got so tired of them but she always let me get them..

cable tv was just gaining internet...
i used to have to go to different video stores and look at all the boxes to see if my favorite stars were in anything else.....there was nowhere to get that, go to imdb you know.

anyway, just wanted to start a thread and represent the best production company of all time....if you were a kid in the 80's and did not live under a rock, chances are youve seen at least some of these movies

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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 02:49 PM
a reply to: Grovit

Was that the Golan/Globus shingle? They were on a roll for a while.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 02:51 PM

originally posted by: ScientiaFortisDefendit
a reply to: Grovit

Was that the Golan/Globus shingle? They were on a roll for a while.

yup....golan globus...

to give you an idea of how cheesy, check out the names of the characters from cyborg..

van damme was gibson rickenbacker.
then you had
nady simmons
fender tremolo
marshall strat
pearl prophet.

ahahahahahahah...those were all instrument manufactors or instruments

too funny

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 03:26 PM
a reply to: Grovit

I hate to disagree with you but Hammer Film Productions is the best production company of all time.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 03:35 PM

originally posted by: gortex
a reply to: Grovit

I hate to disagree with you but Hammer Film Productions is the best production company of all time.

to each is own but i say absolutely not.....

cannon was the best...the had the best movies with the best actors for like 15 years straight...

to be fair, the movies of hammer productions are just too old for my liking....
just not my bag.....

on a different note......i dont want to start another movie thread so i will mention it here...

next august, netflix will be releasing crouching tiger hidden dragon 2.....its going to be loaded with awesome too.
michael yeoh is back as shao lin
donnie yen is in it and its directed by yuen woo ping....
cant wait.

first major motion picture that will be released on netflix, totally skipping the theaters....

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 05:18 PM
The movies back then were better, better writers, better actors,,..they still had actors then now their only celebrities. I watched the original John carpenters Halloween 1978 other day and made me realise all todays movies do is remake the old. I no longer rush to the cinema anymore for the new releases and certainly wouldn't buy a Dvd release. There are a few exceptions the latest Planet of Apes movie was really well done but all in all theres no need to rush to the cinema anymore. The movie production companies of the 80s made a lot of great stuff even the B grade stuff is great, who remembers the Reanimator franchise for example.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 07:28 PM
I've seen every film you listed. In the theater. Most of them haven't stood up to time very well, but I loved them as a kid.
It's too bad we never got to see Sho Kosugi and the Norris go at it.
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posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 08:34 AM
a reply to: skunkape23

yeah, they are all very dated....everything about them screams the time frame they were i said, if you were to watch any of those for the first time right now they would blow....growing up with them though...thats different...
if i was to come across any of those while flipping channels i would definitely watch.....
they will always be great to me

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