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The Musings of a Cursed and Eternal Mind: Cain Drinks and Speaks

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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 03:45 AM
Hello world! I would like to introduce myself, though I am sure that you've heard about me before, somewhere or somehow. My name is Cain. Yes, that Cain. You know, the guy who got a bit jealous and offed his brother some eons past. You could call me the father of murder, but let's get the story right... The angels were killing each other long before my parents were culled together from some dust and twigs. Always insatiable, those winged things. Always lusting.

But that's a different story for a different day.

You're probably wondering why I've stayed quiet all of this time. The truth is that I really haven't been quiet at all. In fact I'm plastered all over your history. I've just been a bit slick about it. Whenever you come across a story about someone who seems out of place or out of time? That's usually me. The fabled Prestor John? All me. Jack the Ripper? Me as well. But don't hasten to judgment. Da Vinci? How else could one explain him without realizing that he was drawing upon long lost knowledge. And who, besides me would have it? Nobody, that's who!

See that whole flood thing – great for Noah, his kids, and some animals ( contrary to popular belief, he didn't actually get two of every animal. In fact he missed a lot of species. But he did OK. This is why you get to see elephants but not mammoths. ) - but pretty much a downer for everything and everyone else that happened to exist back then. Well unless ( or especially ) if you happened to be sentenced to a punishment of eternal life, like me. Let's just say that drowning for forty days straight is not something one wishes to endure more than once. It was not a party I would have attended given a choice. Actually given a choice I would have missed about 99% of the party thus far. There were high points – the whole Vestal Virgin thing was pretty much a blast... But I digress.

So, while you all wonder and guess about what may have been before? To me it's all just memories. Oh, and for the record, most of your guesses are way off base. Atlantis? Meh. Just a hint of what really was. Earnestly I probably got drunk one night and told Plato a little about the past and planted that seed in his mind. Plato was a great thinker, but a blackout drinker. So I can forgive him screwing it all up and having to fill in the blanks later on. At least he tried. What he forgot to remember of our night on the town was that I told him the world had built up to dizzying technological degrees over and over again. Each time it led to the same result. A dark age. Rise and fall. Rise and fall – the trajectory of our species.

And before you ask about where the ruins are? Use your minds. The first rule of a dark age is to begin to dismantle and repurpose everything that your society left behind. The blocks which currently make up the pyramids, for example. Before that they made up the largest wall ever constructed. Before that they were road stones raised so that the flying craft could land safely above the pedestrians walking alongside. Before that? Well it doesn't matter because before that goes so far back that it's fuzzy even for me to recall.

Your second question probably is to wonder why I am opening up and posting now. Am I right? That part is easy. When civilizations start into the inevitable spiral of eminent collapse an interesting thing happens. They become so jaded and sure of their superior knowledge that it gives me a window to just pop-up and speak my mind without fear of persecution or fear. Well except for that one time in the thirteenth century when a particularly dedicated Bishop spent four solid days in old London trying to burn me at the stake. After which he eventually paid me off to leave town just so he could claim that he'd finally succeeded. That was a hoot – and burning for a few days is about as fun as drowning for a month – so I was happy to oblige.

In short I am opening up because your society is so jaded and cynical that I can open up, fully, knowing that nobody will believe a word I say anyway. No red flags will trigger. No Centurions will be dispatched.

This is a total freebie for me, and I am more than happy to take the opportunity to gloat a bit and to try and share a few secrets with a doomed populace who will ignore them all anyway.

What if I told you that the answer to the ultimate question is itself? Nonsensical you say? Preposterous? I've heard it all before. Yet it remains true. The secret to life IS life. Part of me wishes that all of you could also stick around for a few millenia at least – because that's about how long it takes to truly come to an understanding of this single truth. A species filled with an urge to kill not understanding that life, itself, is the very manifestation of all that is powerful and worthy. Take it from a man who has killed at least one or fifty of just about everything that has ever lived. It is a tough lesson to learn.

And yet I am still a carnivore. Dichotomies entertain God. That is why there are so many of them.

Anyways... I could sit here and regale you with tales of angels and demons fighting it out, right here on this mortal plane. I've seen it. I could inform you that aliens have, indeed, visited this planet and even tell you what they thought of us and our little backwater world. I could fill you in on any number of interesting tidbits that would answer questions you are dying to know the answer to, but are too simple to understand that the answers simply do not matter. They, and their importances are as fleeting as most life is. It doesn't matter if Nero fiddled or not. Rome burned all the same.


What I will share on this visit is a very simple truth that most of you already know. Even those who live in complete denial of it. The most basic fact that the creator instilled in each and every one of us. The fact that actions have consequences.

It's amazing to me that such a simple truth is so largely and thoroughly misunderstood or ignored. Not just by you good people – but by nearly every advanced civilization since the earliest people began building huts of mud.

It's the id you see... The self. It allows us to ignore consequence and embrace action. A strong id can turn a carpenter into the son of God – and make no mistake, he was a man until he made his choices... Only then did his birthright manifest. A strong id can also lead an otherwise rational group of people into engaging in behavior so deplorable that history takes eons to be cleansed of the stain.

Ego is the blessing and the trap. It's a dual purpose tool that so many opt to use for the wrong purposes- your modest narrator included. My ego led me to an eternal life of mourning my only brother, whom I did love. A brother I love and killed in spite of that love.

Are you seeing it clearly yet? My message?

There I go, getting all preachy. Pretty cheeky considering who I am and what I've done. So take it all with a grain of salt. This always happens when I get into the wine and start reminiscing.

Oh. The point. I almost forgot the entire bloody reason for writing this in the first place – the actual point of my mental meanderings...

You don't have to join the endless list of failed societies and nations. You don't have to endure the pieces of your nations being picked apart to be used as the building blocks of those who would suffer the potential next dark age.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 03:46 AM
You simply have to understand a simple truth. What you do to one, you do to all. What you fail to do for one, you fail to do for all.

When God calls us... you... his children. He is not speaking in plural. Within each of you is a fragment of the creator. We are all one in his eyes. Yet our propensity for being blind to this is staggering and our desire to hurt ourselves, by proxy, never seems to grow old.

I see so many of you blaming “divide and conquer” for your woes. Here is the secret. The divisions you fear and hate so much exist only within you, as an individual. Eliminate the internal division and nothing can conquer you, ever.

Now... Off of my soap box and back to the wine. Wine is the one thing about this world that never gets boring or old. Well that and watching you all.

Cheers good citizens of Earth! Pray tell, how long will it be before I tell a new generation in some new society these same words? It's all up to you.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 03:57 AM
Well done and with a fine message.

Now then Heff, are you really Cain?



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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 04:01 AM
a reply to: Hefficide

That was an extremely convincing narrative.

I'm impressed.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 04:40 AM
a reply to: pheonix358

Cain is just a metaphore, for that one brother that is often mentioned as a murderer in many cultures.

But in the very begining, previous to what the bible records. When man was first created Genetic modification was low.
The enivroment was properly seeded to maintain life. But E.T were fighting over humans, For hybridizing purposes.

The experiments and warfare that ensued after these events sent the planet through atmospheric shifts where life had to rapidly mutate to survive.

Society was moderately rebuilt again, Siences was being established. With every fall, technology changes. This age we have with flat screens didn't exist back then. This is something entirely new. New in the sense that, The technologies developed for media were much different than they are now.

Everytime we try to establish a proper space port and turn Earth into a training academy. It keeps getting Attacked. Over and over and over.

Societies rip themsleves apart. Not all the cataklysms were caused by E.T. We caused a few ourselves when a mass abduction scenario occured to avoid an extinction scenario.

It's happened multipul times throughout humanities ancestrial history.
So it's like... will we make it this time? Our enemies are gathered around us in large numbers. Not as large since the destruction of the solar colapser/Planet buster was Hit.
That was when all the water was added. But previous to the grand *Flood* civilization had faught amongst itself and fallen several times before the invention of the star destablizer.

It was ensuing war that caused them to resort to a barrage of asteroids.
The story of the flood is actually a very ancient story. it accounts to how the ocean got here in the first place.

Tho after the asteroid attack, There has been many floods, Ice ages ect Since. But there was only one time when all that water suddenly appeared.

The Planet weapon is still buried under water and not even sure if its operational.

But il tell you this, Everyone used to live very close to the sea floor. The planet was covered in lush vegitation and lakes. Lakes channeled themselves off the high peaks. Some of those peaks are in the water others are mashes along into the continents. But the highest mountain in the world is not everest. The continents themselves were giant walls between massive valleys.

Dinosaurs roamed around because of all the oxygen being produced. It was the onset of Highly saturated water from asteroids combined with volcanos that has turned the body of water into the salty slew it is. Obviously. its been a long time since we had that vegitation with those oxygen levels.

So the time of that long ago ancient humanity that was so close to being interstellar was so close within our grasp. What he says is true. Everyone had flying vehicles. And during the final scene of destruction many people left in ships as the alien horde entered our atmosphere, Hunks of flaming rocks decending from the sky. Hauled in asteroids. Lasers firing from the ground. The location where the planet buster was got hit the hardest.

Albiet, this was the most extreme moment that humanity has ever experienced. Sure we faced multidudes of destruction. But never in the form of such fury.

We've nuked ourselves a couple times. It didn't make the aliens go away.

Nothing ever will make them go away unless we do something right during this golden age.

Humans are still being protected by barrages of asteroids even to this day.

We are at such a weak point right now tho, we are so close to reaching out to space travel. It's just such a problem with these damn E.T Hive sending their drones to us constantly. They might even just cause the world to go into a state of cata so they can swoop down and abduct people en mass just like in the old days and well pretty much every time our society has gone to crap and the universe is looking like its going to kill us.

But hey we are still here.

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