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The Secret KGB Abduction Files

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posted on Apr, 21 2006 @ 10:46 AM
I also watched the program and was very fascinated with it!
I have done my own research on the subject and have atually found a little.

Heres a link where I started a post at BOT and discussed it with other members. Check it out as there might be more for you to ponder.

I watched the show on sci-fi and recorded it. I then took a picture of my tv screen when they showed the book written by Victor Ivonavich. Here is the pic.

Here is a link where you can buy the entire program on dvd. (everything from the ufo that landed in russia, the tomb of the visitor with the alien in it, to the group that got abducted called "the followers")

Hope it helps. I wait patiently for new info on this subject as it is extremly interesting to me and some of it cannot be denied. I suggest everyone watch the dvd.

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 05:00 PM

Originally posted by sdrumrunner

Given the economic troubles that have plagued the former Soviet republic, it seems plausible that random loose remnants of the former security aparatus would find their way to the gray market.

Thats very plausible IMO the Russian goverment itself claims to have had lost thousands of secret files during the collapse of the Soviet Union (I think). People were ransacking goverment buildings. So in that even alone many secrets files could have leaked out, then add on the economic troubles after the fact and the power increase of groups like the Russian Mafia it is very possible IMHO.

I really wish I could see the footage of the Soviets opening the Tomb again but its hard to find info on it over net and they havent aired it since that I can tell.

posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 10:56 PM
Not sure if this is wholly related to the exact incident or television show you're discussing, but I saw this image on a website a few years ago and saved it to my computer because I thought it was interesting.

The mummies of two children?

Or one child and something else? For fun, we'll go with something else. The one on top certainly looks like a child. The one on the bottom looks like a child with a massive head, large eyes, and much longer fingers.

Or this could be a hoax. I don't remember where I got it from and couldn't have any clue where whoever I got it from might have gotten it from. Maybe someone else has a clue.

[edit on 4/22/2006 by Lartsa Cleargleam]

posted on Apr, 23 2006 @ 11:35 AM
Interesting picture Lartsa Cleargleam. I wish there was more to go on with those pictures like something to give the scale at the very least.

Whats shown in the KGB video was different however. In the video it was a full size human body, Perhaps even a little taller then your average ancient eygptian . You could tell this because it was seen it in scale with Russian soldiers. The head was larger then a normal human but more elongated then classic images of alien head like the Greys. It was so wierd but its been so long since Ive seen the video its hard to remember more details.

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 04:30 PM
I see all of the video Call" la découvert de la tombe du visiteur" on you tube, it's in french so am i, sorry for my english...
I can't tell if this story is true but if it's, that would be the greatest discovery of our time...
I woudn't be suprise if it was real, they wound't tell about it
First, If they really found an dead Alien in Egypt, it would means that Pyramid were not constructed by Men or at least they have been help, it's also means that there is no god... because the alien in the movie was call Osiris(the god who taught mankind everything) but he died... so it was after all, a mortal been who call himself a god in front of nearly primal human. It also bring the question, if the taught or ancestor everything, maybe the play a big part in our evolution to... maybe we descend from them.

They bring some good point on the fact that ancient egypt mens can have constructed the pyramid... how could they have supply the food for thousand of worker(it's now known that they didn't used slave) if those where land worker and that they can produce food while they were working. Also, the make some test on the erosion of the pyramid and the sphinx and they discover that the sphinx is more Corroded than the pyramid... and the only thing that could have make this kind of erosion would have been Rain... is there a lot rain down in the desert... last time this place was Rainy,it was 11000 years ago.

The final Point is, Like the inca and the mayan, the egyptian started their Civilisation in hostile territory, and we can't tell where they found all their technologie but it seems they had born with all of it... they already knew how to make Pyramid (like the mayan who never invented the wheel and never forge metal)... How can you get out of the jungle and know all this... Is it more logical to work a rock into a wheel or to put Thousand tons of rock into a Triangular formation building... How can all the ancient civilisation could have created all the same structure for the same reason... reach the god in the sky... without having seens each other. Some One told them How...

I think this video is real... Alien are real... they are still watching us...
They even stop our nuclear missile test (for a good reason)
the Kgb Found it and hide the information but now that the agency is gone, their ex member are all in the mafia and criminal gang, they don't mind to reveal what they Know... the only Barrier now is the C.I.A and our own Mind who do not accept the reality. With thousand millions of galaxy, who count million stars, we would be reality selfish to think we are alone and also selfish to think that if we can't go see them, they Can't to... we can't breath under water but fish can... alien are other Species, Different from us... Maybe there is planet where species are at the beginning of their evolution but maybe on another one there is a species who is 50 thousands where in front of us
Maybe this Osiris who taught us everything has done the same thing to other race before us... Think, you are a little thing on the earth, i am sure that mankind is a little thing in universe. there is only one race of human... for billion of different insect there on earth... where are the other species of Humanoid?

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