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Wisconsin police deploy armored vehicle over dog poop dispute, SWAT team executes dog

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:49 AM
a reply to: EternalSolace

Agreed, but I blame the machete weilding jackoff rather than the police.

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 09:12 AM
I can not handle this anymore! This is my first post...I have been coming to this site for most of my life. I have watched our society fall to this level of absurdity, and it makes me not want to be a part of it anymore. This is SOOO disgusting. We need a F****** SWAT TEAM for a dog. Those men should all be jailed or worse. a reply to: alienjuggalo

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 09:13 AM

originally posted by: Grovit
i dont know man......maybe that was one of their tactics.....waste the dog so the guy would flip and come out

Kill the dog to teach the owner a lesson, that's generally why. You can cause them grief and pay no price.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 09:32 AM
They shot the dog so he wouldn't run loose anymore, justifiable due to 'leash laws'?

I'd rather not learn the mechanics of insanity, thank you.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 09:34 AM
a reply to: alienjuggalo

What in the world? Your title and your selective quote are like from a completely different story...

No mention of weapons at all...

The guy threatened a neighbor with a weapon, then threatened the first cops who showed up...

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 09:37 AM
a reply to: sdubya

i blame the gung ho pig mentality. and, having watched the video, i might add that this particular pig deserves to be thrown off a cliff. disgusting.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 09:42 AM
a reply to: RoScoLaz4

A dog died and not the human with the machete...

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 09:46 AM
It's safe to say they've now crossed virtually every line possible. They truly are desperate to instigate a retaliatory civil uprising.

Which will give probable cause for martial law, thus ushering in the long awaited New World Order.

If you haven't begun preparations now, it is highly advisable that you do so.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 09:49 AM

originally posted by: 0bservant
a reply to: roadgravel

Why run and grab weapons when no one else is armed? Screw your violent defense standpoint. Why can't two people even talk about cleaning up dog crap without running and grabbing a machete? "Ohhhh but it's our right and we should be able to if we want to" - shove that defense up your sphincter. Talk out a situation instead of running for a weapon "JUST IN CASE."

This whole situation reminds me of why I love THIS MOVIE

Why didn't you gal just let the dog poop incident go instead of sending her husband to confront him?

You missed the point.

shove that defense up your sphincter

Thanks you sick person. What's your problem.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 09:51 AM

originally posted by: Bedlam

originally posted by: Grovit
i dont know man......maybe that was one of their tactics.....waste the dog so the guy would flip and come out

Kill the dog to teach the owner a lesson, that's generally why. You can cause them grief and pay no price.

Yeah, probably what they did. You threaten us, well you'll pay and we'll get away with it.

While a bit different in situation, reminds me of the officer shooting of a dog local to me this past summer. The reply by the PDs was to the effect of- "Well, don't bring your dogs to our city and then you don't have to worry about us shooting them". I'm not bringing my money/ service to that city, let alone my dogs. Good thing there's action being taken towards the PD can only hope that does something.
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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 11:20 AM
The dog was a biological weapon, it was carrying ebola virus.

No more joking...poor dog, and poor folks living in USA.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 01:00 PM
a reply to: alienjuggalo

This has got to be one of the most pathetic incident of the year. You mean to tell me the local police department couldn't diffuse such a TINY situtation?!? And why shoot the little dog?!? I don't get it...will never get it...RIP dog...

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 01:08 PM
The reason people are having such an emotional reaction is that the act of a swat team responding to and killing a dog makes absolutely no sense under normal circumstances. There is no moral justification under natural or innate human law for such abhorent amoral behavior.

Its only once we step away and recognize there is fierce spiritual warfare occurring on earth right now that the actions make any sense.

There is a powerful hierarchy that believes armegddon must occur to fulfill prophecy. They believe they can create it by sowing seeds of anger and senseless violence all over the world.

These are psychopaths who worship the dark side. They see most human beings as useless eaters and only necessary to take the losing side in what they believe to be the inevitable coming war.

They run Homeland security. They run the war machine. They run banks etc.

Their biggest problem is that all the weapons at their disposal are not creating the outcome they want.

For instance, the people shooting the video, though horrified, did not begin shooting at the cops.

Ferguson did not become a race war.

Ukraine and Syria did not turn into WWIII. Hong Kong did not erupt into violence.

It's going to get worse before it gets better but people are waking up to the painful reality that complete psychopaths have been running our world for a very long time and their reign is coming to an end.

All we must do is love our neighbors and recognize that we are so much more alike than superficial differences such as skin color or religious ideologies.

Good things are coming. You just have to believe it.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 01:18 PM

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 01:18 PM
a reply to: mcChoodles

“During this standoff, the dog owner threatened to use a body armor piercing crossbow to kill officers, and this subject threatened to use his dog as a weapon against officers as well. After several hours of dialogue with crisis negotiators, the barricaded subject ultimately made good on his threat to introduce the dog into the active standoff.”

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 01:35 PM
When is the episode of the Twilight Zone I am currently living in going to be over?


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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 02:21 PM
a reply to: alienjuggalo

First let me say that this whole incident is RIDICULOUS. Here's my take on this:

1. The owner of the dog who crapped on the lady's lawn is obviously a little weird and possibly has some anger issues.
2. The lady whose lawn was pooped on had every right to ask the guy to remove said poop.
3. She had every right to call the police if she felt that she and/or her family were in danger.
4. The police did not have to bring out a SWAT team to deal with him. Yeah I know he threatened to use his machete on the cops and they should be prepared for that but seriously an ENTIRE SWAT team? Then to shoot a dog that size when it was running away?

The cops were perhaps a little over zealous...f*** that. They were A LOT over zealous. These stories are getting crazier and crazier. As someone who hasn't really had any problems with the police I have to admit that I'm starting to have a little bit of apprehension when it comes to a police presence anywhere around me. Strange and scary times

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 04:01 PM
You can't go around letting your dog crap on people's lawn, there are leash laws to prevent this sort of thing.

You also can't go around threatening your neighbors and Law Enforcements lives with a machete. Idiot dog owner is to blame.

Course I do feel sorry for that little dog. ~$heopleNation

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 04:02 PM
a reply to: moresco

I'm sure this story would make much more sense if we had ALL the facts about all the words and actions that lead up to this unfortunate incident. As sick as it may sound I can see how this situation could come about and actually be justifiable from certain true perspectives.
Having said that..... I also had a great rising of anger and desire to retaliate against the killing of the dog. If I had been a young boy of 10-12 yrs old and it had been my dog I would have probably done something very stupid. It is a very painful thing to lose a pet and to have one seemingly needlessly murdered could bring out very strong emotions.
I would find it difficult to believe that the officer that killed the dog would not have remorse over it ( Although some people are rather unfeeling in nature). I'm sure it was not his first choice and yet a minor incident escalated into a police standoff that left them with a set of bad choices. There were probably a number of bad choices made by people that day that lead to this tragedy.
The bottom line is an innocent pet died that day because the humans around it couldn't get along. Human pride,jealousy, impatience and whatever other emotions caused the problem and the dog paid the price (which I am sure he was glad to do for his master). Even though his master sent him into harms way. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that some of these trigger happy yahoo's will shoot your dog if you give them half a reason ( Like maybe he had a date to f#ck his neighbors wife and this stand off is screwing up his plans ). If you send your dog out to fight for you... you better be coming out the door behind him fighting with him or keep him the hell in.

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