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Of two spirits (spookyfest)

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posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 10:12 PM
She haunts my dreams again
The dead sailor telling me she was killed
Piece by piece I find her story

A very evil man in command had her killed
no sin or act of debauchery was beneath him
Power was all he craved

At covenstead i went to hide
as the admirals hounds were upon me.
I brought my ex's cat with me
Because she saved me from those baskerville-ites
The hounds had wound my gaurdian angel
As the old evil gods from various pantheons haunted me

At covenstead asleep I was
to dreamscape I went
Tired I was of the ancient african insect god
using the innocent victim as bait

Maureen in human form watched the battle I had
A sphere of white with reverse reiki I deployed
With manifestations of Tesla's coils
Pissed and had enough was what I did
The battle rages as the old insect god lead the evil of the universe against me

I laughed and grabbed Maurine and the dead sailor
To the real world
Because their is a sucker born every minute
Their power I borrowed as they threw it liberally

Maureen in human form landed on my high priestess
And the dead sailor, she was nude and alive
Finally after kissing her sleep I did

The day went by and the old gods appeared
The Admiral showed up at covenstead
Possessed by the old Ancient Insect god
He issued a challenge

We rematerialized on the deck of the USS Midway
A bubble appeared over the ship and the world watched
The CNO and the Commandant materialized from DC
The god Thoth appeared and argued with the Ancient African Insect god as we fought
The cameras rolled and the world watched

The CNO and The Commandant were told we were fighting for the soul of the Navy
Thoth said the winner would go on to influence the world
Music played in the background

The African Insect god laughed as we fought
I was outclassed by the evil admiral

I managed to get behind him and was trying to snap his neck
The old insect god repossessed him
He threw me, then killed me

The admiral laughed as my life left me
The possessed man bragged the world was his
They had won
Thoth smiled and looked at the CNO and Commandant
The deal was you had to beat the Department of the Navy
The possessed man laughed and stated he had

I woke up in an empty barracks room at MCRD
I got up and fell to the ground from my injuries
An old dead friends voice yelled at
"Get up son.. Get the F$%^ up.."
Gunnery Sargent Whitemore, an old drinking friend

You died two years ago in Iraq
I missed your funeral, so I went and had a drink in your honor

"Listen your not dead yet.." Gunny growls
Buddy I always liked you..
Listen to me, do your remember sleeping here for three days

Of course I did, I had pissed off some people

Well its my division you were in remember
I jokingly filled paperwork with milington transfering you to MCRD San Diego as a recruit

I looked at him confused
Hit the I believe button recruit
You see you were discharged from from the Navy
But those papers I sent to millinigton fell behind the desk recruit

To be honest I was lost
You were never discharged from my beloved Core gunny growled
The room changed and I saw every battle field the marine corps had every fought on
At the end of that line was a set of dog tags

If you want to beat that SOB
Get those dog tags devil dog
Get there Gunny growls

I laughed the dark god had made a mistake in details
So I started crawling as the musket balls went past me

On the midway, thoth had just finished telling the CNO the same thing
What does that have to do with anything the CNO responds

The Commandant was on the phone
Its easy Admiral he responds
Thats not one of your sailors
The fight aint over yet

Thoth smiles as the possessed man is confused
I beat the Sailor he shouted

Of you beat the navy thats true
You do not think the spirit of the Corps would let the Navy fight for its very soul
And not get a vote
You see old one the world has changed and you missed a very small detail

Excitedly, "The paper is there Admiral
By my authority as Commandant I hereby reactive My marine
and order him to report to san diego to finish boot camp."

The old african god laughed
Is that your best he taunted
To his dismay the air went silent as the cameras rolled
Spirits of previous generations of marines appeared in their uniforms

The Commandant turned and saluted
Sir, The Department of the Navy hasnt lost yet..
Your core is going one more round

Trumpets filled the air

wearing fatigues with the dog tags on,
I reappeared healed and ready

In bars, bases and homes around the world
(because no good sea tale every starts with I was eating a salad)

The Airforce, army, and coast guard sat quiet
The Navy nodded to the marines
As collectively they uttered Oorah

Long was the fight
as helicopters and planes could not enter the bubble
Stronger and faster, to be honest, better trained the admiral was
However, adapt and over come is the motto for a reason
I managed to injure him
his spine would never heal

The world watches as the ancient african insect god comes forth
He screams and goes to attack me
only for several of the now freed other god's birds to appear in mass
they proceed to eat the insect god part for part

My world changed after that
you see momma
They never had found gunnery sargent's body
It was his dog tags I was wearing

Maureen wants to meet you
She moved in quietly to covenstead
Megan pressed murder charges against the Admiral
along with several other things

The drill instructors did not know what to make of me
They all stop by and want to hear my story as they PT me
The officers to
The colonel finally put a stop to it

You see the DOD tried to cover part of it up
It did not go far
It appears they ran an analysis on my fatigues
Science backed up my claims and briefing

I had crawled through every major battlefield the Marine corps had fought on
Gunny's DNA was also on the dog tags
(it was funny when I ran into the Baptist chaplin, thats another story)

You see momma that is how I ended up back in the military
I really want to see megan
Can you please tell her I would love to see her
I will pay for her plane ticket

Love your son
Lance Corporal Smith, USMC

PS.. I got the short end of the stick
I have been arguing over my MOS
Apparently Battler of gods is NOT on the list
edit on Fri, 31 Oct 2014 23:31:44 -050031p2014-10-31T23:31:44-05:0020141031Fri, 31 Oct 2014 23:31:44 -05002014Friday by ripcontrol because: happy samhain

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 10:18 PM
a bad letter form slash poem/ story

Happy halloween

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 10:38 PM
a reply to: ripcontrol

Another good slasher one

Happy Halloween

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 11:19 PM
a reply to: Jennyfrenzy

thank you but the grammar was attorcious

edit a little better now
edit on Fri, 31 Oct 2014 23:32:43 -050032p2014-10-31T23:32:43-05:0020141031Fri, 31 Oct 2014 23:32:43 -05002014Friday by ripcontrol because: grammar nazi I am not .. more phonetic KGB

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