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"Sit Down and Shut Up"

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posted on Nov, 1 2014 @ 08:56 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Its getting to the point where western world politicians are now openly contemptuous of the people who vote for them,all levels of my countries government have voted themselves massive pay rises in the last few years and in return the parties select and promote people such as the former State ethics committee chairperson who sends pictures of his genitals in a wine glass via social media,or the former union leader who clocks up thousands on hookers and blow on other peoples money,or federal members that take their whole damn families to Paris,NewYork or such,hell even the speaker of the house was corrupt and a sexual predator.

posted on Nov, 2 2014 @ 06:45 AM
a reply to: khnum

Sweet Christ on a bike!

What the hell man? What nation do you live in?

posted on Nov, 2 2014 @ 06:55 AM
a reply to: AnteBellum

Don't know either of those guys, but as a casual observer...four things struck me.

The guy with the sign was speaking up for families still without homes and infrastructure damaged by the storm and was speaking on the people's behalf.

The people in the audience clapping like circus seals, obviously HAVE their homes and infrastructure intact.

The guy with the mike, sounds like a smart arse mobster.

The two cops were physically touching the guy with the sign, trying to prevent his protest voice being heard all the while allowing the mobster with the mike to shout the sign guy down and smiling about it...what does that tell you about those the mobs pocket?

The mike guy is brave when there's cops around actively backing him up and shutting the sign guy up! I doubt he'd be such a smart arse mouth if he was in a one to one with the sign guy with no cops around...there's a name for people like him.

And this guy is a presidential candidate?

Bloody hell.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 07:07 AM
a reply to: MysterX

You are pretty observant, you hit the proverbial 'nail on the head' from the other side of the ocean!

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