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Samhain of Infamy: Wrath of the Giant by Andros Colt (SpookyFest)

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posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 11:34 PM

October 31, out future
White House

"We have taken your white house," The man announces in Arabic. "We have the.."

The video captures his neck being snapped and his spine protruding from the back of his neck.

The other three terrorist pause for a second to long.

The world watches as a fifteen year old male covered in blood seems to appear out of nowhere. The young male child rips out the throat of the man by the door.

Seeming to also appear out of nowhere, a very similar looking fifteen year old male jabs his hand in one of the mans mouth. With a lot of force he rips the mans jaws off. The kid follows it jabbing his hand into the open bleeding hole.

By the window a young lady crushes a bearded mans skull against a pillar. "Father.. They dont make men like they did in your day.."

The man drops the man in front of the camera, "Jezabelle.. Clear the room. Leonidas ,Romulus, weapons check." The man looks into the camera, "Mr. Sheikh that was your son, right.. Know this I am coming for you. The President is still alive and my people in the Secret service are guarding him. I am going to personally kill every member of the group in the white house. Mr. Sec Def. Etcherd, The President swore me in. Give us about four hours and hold off on any breach attempts. Have medical personnel on standby for our injured people. My and children are going to kill every single person attacking the white house that is still alive. We will be the other survivors." The man cuts the broadcast..

One of the injured Secret Service Agents looks at the man.. "Helos.. Gretchen husband?"

"Agent Dawson.." Helos responds, "You stay alive. You see that front door. When we leave shoot everyone who comes through that door for the next four hours." Helos looks over to one of the Agents," Jackie my dear. You are in charge of in this room. Keep everyone alive. Your a fifth gen and can handle this. Its a survivor run and the terrorist are the ones running it."

Jackie swallowed hard, "Director Smithson. Understood sir. Its an honor sir. Is Gretchen OK director."

"Thank you for your concern," Helos responds. "Lets roll kids its time Daddy teaches you a few more trick of hunting humans."

"There are more tricks," Jezabelle licked the blood from her lips. "A positive, needed to watch his diet. He was going to have cholesterol issues."

As Smithson left with his children, "Jackie.. Director Smithson, fifth Gen."

Jackie bends over and kisses her lover, "honey we have a lot to talk about. For now trust me. Director Smithson is the deadliest man alive. A tenth Generation and his children are eleventh Gen. trust me my dear norm lover. The attackers are in more danger then they know."


Ten minutes later

"Freeze you american whore," the man shouts as he level his rifle.

"Please sir dont," Jezabelle is smiling. she seems to disappear back into the shadows.

Leonidas seems to appear as he slashes the mans throat as he dives left.

Romulus dives right as slashing the mans gut grabbing his gun and pushing it away.

The man doesnt even have a chance to scream as he falls over from his wounds as both boys seems to disappear.

A few minutes later five armed men come in.

"We have control of the white house why cant we hunt down this," a knife protrudes from his throat before he can finish.

A soft puft sound takes place as two more fall after their brains splatter on the walls.

One man turns around in time to see the grenades at his feet..

Him and the last survivor take the full brunt of the explosives..

Several more men come running in to fall to two puft sounds firing at the same time.

"Supply check," Helos calls out. he see's his children moving quickly, "good. that is ambush basics. Now lets go practice a few other things. the next is torture."

Romulus responds in a very low voice, "But momma said we.."

"Romulus, they hurt momma. They are norms and dog meat to us. Aunt Elpheba said their comes a day when you have to get your hands dirty," Jezabelle smiles. "Beside. Ten bucks says I can make them scream louder then you can.."

"Please you are a girl." Romulus responds, "I will take that bet sis.."

Helos fires two shots down the hallway, "Lets change the Avenue."


Secure location
Secret hideaway

Sec Def Etcherd explained to the VP, "Yes mam. In the last hour the heat signatures verify that this Helos Smithson is doing what he promised."

"the President is still alive and holed up in the Oval office with a Gretchen Smithson." The VP takes a deep breath, "We have lost New York city to a quick kill bioweapon. And right now your last report from Camp Pendelton reported enemy troops landing and attempting to take the base."

"Carrie.. You have to trust me. I served with Alexander. We stick to the plan we got. " The Sec Def took a deep breath, "Right now our two allies in New Aztech and the Sea Peoples are also fighting for their lives."

"I know. " The VP sits back, "We still havent sat a new congress from the mickey Macer slipped them. The states are being pains in my posterior. Canada's government has fallen, is this correct."

"Actually mam, their Spec ops team rescued a minority leader of some sort." Etcherd responds, "The old bastard Icer is having several wetworks teams deployed. Madam Vice President, he verified what Smithson told me and what Andros responded from Pendleton before we were jammed. This Franklin Trust will.."

Very cooly, "Be forgiven most likely. A secret I knew nothing about. Remind me to box Alexanders ears next time I am in his physical presence. Send the Candaian whatever help you can."

"I am also trying to get ahold of our two southern neighbors and will let you know when I get ahold of them." The Sec Def grimaces, "We have lost contact with our Alaskan Stations."


an hour later

Four dead bodies hung by their feet in the room. Their blood was pooling on the ground beneath them.

"Uncle alexander will be pissed," Jezabelle shook her head as she spoke farsee. "He just put this new carpet in. Now tell me.. Where is Elvis Presley hiding?"

The man tries to speak and sobs. Jezabelle holds his tongue in her hands.

"Speak up I cant hear you," Jezabelle laughs in the mans face.

Romulus looks down at the man crawling on the ground, "Sis you mispronounced a few of those letters." he holds the crawling mans hands in front of his face, "Need a hand."

"Thats a bad joke," Leonidas shakes his head. He turns back to a female staffer, "Mrs. Judas. "

The woman is suspended by electrical cords holding her hands, "Please.. Your children. Mr. smithson.. Please your children are sociopaths. They .." She nearly faints when the electricity hits her.

"Shut her up," Jazebelle tosses her brother the mans tongue. "She is giving me a headache."

"Its all right Mrs. Judas. You see our peoples customs are different then yours. I can claim you as a war prize," Leonidas grins. "Wow. You look great."

"No Trish," Helos responds. "Son she is beneath the animal feelings being generated. You have to control them or like the dark side they will control you. Find your center and keep it." He looks at the nude bleeding lady, "I see your interest here son. I tell you what. Her fate is in your hands. I had to make those same calls during my survivor run."

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 01:58 AM

Half Hour later

"I sat upon a midnight dreary," Helos laughs as he watches his children killing the attackers in the white house. "My dear. I wish you could see this. Our twins are so aggressive like you. They have mastered our people's ways quicker then I ever did," Helos sighs. "Our daughter however takes after me. She watches more before she kills. "

The voice on the com weakly replies, "I love you my little Helos." The sound of coughing fills the air. "The President is alive.."

"I am right here Gretchen," Alexander responds. "Its gonna be a tight time table Helos. The medic might need Jezabelle to come to the Oval office for a blood transfusion. "

"Jezabelle, "Helos calls out. "Get to the oval office my little one. Momma needs you."

Jezabelle disappears from sight, "Yes father."

"Boys.. Lets mow the lawn for your sister." Helos speaks, "Silent run to Oval Office."

Like his children, Helos disappears it seems.


Outside the oval office
fifteen minutes later

Jezabelle walks out nude in tears, "Please mister Secret service.. the men in.." She stops and sees the men in body gear turn. She screams at the top of their lungs and runs.

"You four Go.. Save her for later," The angry man shakes his head. "Your damn people Abjul are amateurs. Why have you not breached?"

"Listen you Hong Kong bastard. We are being hunted by inhuman monsters. We have found some of my men," Abjul was upset. "The chinese government better follow through on its promises. We were supposed to be able to escape."

"Please.. You did not secure the entrances like I told you. Your men are," The man from hong kong freezes when he hears giggling from behind him.

"Silly norm," Jezabelle laughs as she stabs her blade into Abjuls head. "We are predators," She breaks the blade off. "Not monsters."

The Hong Kong man takes a step back, "You are just a girl." He sees her lick the blood on her lips. He moves into form, "I am not scared of you. You are messing with the wrong man. We will kill your.."

Jezabelle disappears it seems.

Before he can speak, the hong kong mans brains cover the entrance to the Oval office from a single shot.

Jezabelle seems to reappear. She knocks on the door, "Room service." Grinning, "Room service. You need towels."

Sounds come from inside the oval office.

"Uncle Alexander.. I am charging you by the hour.." Jezabelle smiles, "Or do I tell my father what we did last week when I came to visit mama."

Some one comes to the door, "Damn it Jezabelle.." President Macer opens the door, "You will ruin my reputation.. You know I take longer then an afternoon for fun. Besides, are you trying to get me killed"

"Boys cover the area out here," Helos responds. "You.. Get out here with my boys and set up a death trap."

"Helos," Gretchen calls out. "I am cold baby.."

"I need to start that transfusion quickly Mr. President," Someone calls out.


Two hours Later
Oval Office

"Mama. It was so rockin," Leonidas is covered in blood. "I ripped a mans heart out. It is hands down better then any virtual game, ever. The smell their bodies make."

Gretchen weakly smiles at her sons comment.

"I do not give two rats a#$es," President Macer growls at the hologram. "Carrie.. Our troops are being given a direct order from the white house. I am wiping my A#$ with the Geneva Convention. General Smithson and Sec Def Etcherd will craft the new rules of war we are following. Bastards deployed a bioweapon against New York." The Doctor Checked out the President, "Carrie I am not mad at. Your a real lady, but I am no gentleman."

"Mama," Romulus spoke gently. "I ripped a mans skull in half. Right off the top. I watched his brain throb. It was so AWESOME." A tied up man squirmed as he was being carved like a Turkey. Pieces of his flesh was on the white House floor.

"Mr. President," Gretchen weakly spoke. "Any word on.." Gretchen spits up fluid as the Doctor scanned her, "Andros.."

"Carrie, hold on.." Andros pauses and gently responds to Gretchen, "Last we heard pretty lady. He had put down his camera and picked up a rifle. Its not good, but I have faith in the rat bastard."

An old man with a cane walked in. He sees the three tied up men sitting in chairs and shakes his head. "Romulus Smithson.. Report."

"Mr. Sec Int Icer. The first one died on me after ten minutes. This one here," Romulus smiled evilly. "Told me in Arabic what he intended to do to my sister. I am practicing cutting without killing. I will need to know how to do this in the future."

The old man walks over to the third one and lowers his gag, "Mr. Trolli. Young Mr. Smithson here has about.."

"Four minutes and ten second before I reach my previous record of torture." Romulus fillets another piece of flesh from the man, " Did you find the gift Leonidas left you sir."

"Yes I did.. Well you better talk by the time I get back Mr. Trolli, Or I leave you with the children," Icer smiles as the man defecates himself.

"Mama. It was the first female I have tortured. It was amazing," Leonidas was doe eyed. "Can I keep her.." Leonidas laughs," It is what I kept asking in that stupid kids voice. She broke pretty quickly."

"Do you mind if I borrow your son down stairs for a few minutes. Need to scare a prisoner," Sec Int Icer politely ask? "Helos. I have three wetworks teams on standby and guess what? I told them a Mr. Helos Smithson was a general. A house husband the President promoted and would be leading them. I thought they would get upset over it. They all went starry eyed. It turns out they are mostly your people anyway."

"Helos.. You are a ," Gretchen grabs the gurney's side she is on and breaks it. "A General. I failed."

"Go with the Sec Int Leo." As he gently holds his wife, "My Love. They hurt you and now they pay. Besides I have a feeling I may have to go rescue Andros. Alexander is a very tough Norm, you saved him."

"Blair.. Thomas," Andros takes a deep breath. "I know are nations are not friends with Canada. We cant let them fall. I am sending General Smithson in for a rescue mission of our allies. Our satellites have protected you the best we can."

"We are going to need a unified command," Blair moves her dirty hair.

"It has to be someone our people will follow," Thomas adds in.

"If you two can put aside your disputes. Maybe we can do this." Alexander looks at Smithson, "I propose we use the Rescue of the Canadian government as a field test. I want to put General Smithson in as our Joint Allied Commander. He reports to the three of us. But its my old buddy Etcherd who handles the questions you might have."

The five of them start talking politics..

Sec Int Icer walks over to Jezabelle angrily speaking.

"I said move the barricades back to three miles," Jezabelle was getting pissed. "Do it, our I feed you into my fathers wood chipper. Three mile circle."

"Little lady may I," Sec Int Icer accessed the ear piece..

" who you say you are. We have the situation well in hand," The Agent on the other end growls.

Icer barks back with an ID code and then, "Agent whoever you are.. You stand relieved. Put your second in command on the line. Or I will send this nude young lady out to you. With my wood chipper!"

"Mr. Sec Int," the agent was shocked. "Yes sir."

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 02:07 AM
a reply to: ripcontrol

Total Halloween bloody slasher story!!

Super fun read

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 02:38 PM


Bethesda Hospital
Our Future
November 3rd

"Uncle Macer," a little girl calls out as she comes running down the hallway.

She is being followed by three secret service agents and a lot of hospital security.

Two female Secret Service Agents try to block her way. At the last second she pivots and runs on the wall for two steps. She jumps off the wall into The Presidents arms. Abigail turns and sticks her tongue out at the Security guards and secret service agents.

"Abigail," President Macer catches her with a smile on his face. "Its all right boys. Its our little niece, we will talk later about the breach. Now what is the prettiest smartest little girl in America doing in a joint like this."

Abigail rolls her eyes, "You use that line on every woman Uncle Macer."

"Ok. You smell funny and need a bath," President Macer grins as he sits Abigail on the ground.

Abigail playfully hits President Macer, "The CPS gestapo came to the school to get me. They said uncle Andros was probably dead. So I would be in their custody. You know you really need to find better gestapo agents. They are really government parasites."

Macer narrows his eyes.

Sec Int Icer comes forward, "We are looking into it right now Mr. President. We got three of them."

"High Uncle Icer," Abigail got a very innocent look on her face.

"You are way behind schedule. You know that you got on the wrong bus." Icer then whispered something to and intelligence officer. "One of my people followed her and kept an eye on her."

"Zig zag for security reasons..It was faster my way Uncle Icer. I used the clean up from the attack on the White House as a distraction," Abigail grins. "I played scared lost little school girl visiting da big city. A kind couple that was coming here to visit there brother here gave me a ride."

"You are all bad influences on children. You especially Alex," Gretchen called out from her room. "Abigail Fiona Redstone."

"No hablo ingles," Abigail hides behind President Macer.

"Come here my little wildling. Your not in trouble," Gretchen tried to sit up. "Come tell your Aunt Gretchen abut your trip here from Florida. Dont leave anything out. These bullies wont let me do anything but sit here. Will you keep me company."

Abigail sticks her head out from behind the President, "Promise no tricks."

"You have my word of honor as a Colonel in the USMC," Gretchen smiles. "Beside Uncle Helos is supposed to call me in a little bit. He will want to hear how you made your trip."

One of the Agents whispers to the President, "Its on the news now sir. Andros is alive.. They held Camp Pendelton sir. "

Sec Int Icer was wide eyed, "Mr. President. There is a very big issue."

Abigail went into Gretchen's room, "They said Uncle Andros is alive.."

"Be a big girl and come sit up here with me. They wont let me do anything so keep me company Abigail," Gretchen slowly scoots over. She pats the empty slot next to her as she turns on the holoscreen.


Ten minutes later

Everyone in the hospital is spell bound as they listen to the holoscreen, "..from the great Paul Harvey. Now you know the rest of the story. That is why on the tenth day, god in all her glory created the United States Marine Corps."

Andros cut his mike and limped away from the camera.

The Anchors were a little teary eyed, "That was amazing."

After a few seconds the other Anchor responds, "We have live footage from Canada. We go live from a DOD feed."

"You will have to go through me," A woman in a dirty Canadian Mountie uniform shouted. She fired an old revolver into the chinese troopers, "We are Canadians and we dont run!"

"Please mountie. Surrender and we will show you mer," The feed shows the Chinese Colonel's throat being slit.

The holoscreen shows the chinese troopers dying. Several are decapitated, one explodes, and another is stabbed in genitals as his mouth is held. Sniper fire takes out several others.

In less then tree minutes the fire fight dies down, several throw up their hands. They are taken captive by the men and women in all black.

"Sargent Leslie Ottoson. " A man slowly stands up, "I am General Smithson of the DOD. Your safe."

A very shaky gun points out, "Our government and yours are not friends. Why should I believe you?"

"President Macer formally extends the hand of friendship to our northern neighbor. We dont get along because we are family." Helos takes a deep breath, "Regardless of our past histories. We cant let good people go down. I have doctors that can treat you acting Prime minister's wounds. Sargent Leslie, Canada needs you to make a decision. We used to be friends. build that bridge."

"Send your Doctor to treat the Prime Minister and I will," Leslie Shrieks when her gun is snatched from her. Someone grabs a hold of her.

"Let her go.. Get doc in there now," General Smithson orders. "No one else. The representative of Canada has requested only doc."

"Sir, the area is not secured inside," One of the men calls out from the shadows.

As she is let go, "Your seriously not going to search the building because I asked you general?" The Candian Mountie closes her eyes, "Please search the building. The Acting Prime Minister is.. " The woman has to grab the side of the building..

"Medic," General Helos Smithson watches as one of his people catches the Mountie.

As the Medics go to work.. General Smithson walks to the Prisoners, "As you know the President of the United States has withdrawn us from the Geneva convention."

The Prisoners get a wide eyed look on their faces.

General Smithson nods his head and his people slit the prisoners throats, "General Zing.. This is what awaits all your troops. I am comin for you. I am giving you enough time to communicate with your family and tell them good bye."

In Gretchen's hospital room everyone is now silent.

"Aunt Gretchen," Abigail looks at her. "Can I watch the Time Patrol on SyFy. Please.. It comes on in a few minutes."

Gretchen reaches up and changes the channel, "You should never have been allowed to live with your Uncle Andros. Time Travel."

"What.. When I grow up I either want to be a Marine like you Aunt Gretchen or I am going to build a time Machine to put right what went wrong." Abigail answers. "So many bad things can be stopped."

Gretchen hugs Abigail, "Its ok. Your safe now."

Abigail cries into Gretchen's arms.

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 02:43 PM
a reply to: Jennyfrenzy

thank you

Glad you enjoyed this and I hope the epilogue was an excellent tie in

I have a few more shorts I could do but I want to finish the main one

Several of the professors are very , well anti hero.

again ty

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 03:38 PM
I got excited writing the epilogue

You see the character of Helos Smithson was introduced at sixteen

making his peoples survivor run

Gretchen, Agent Heinrich, Elpheba, Director frost were all part of this mythos

He is half patrician half plebeian of the Franklin trust

In the main story.. This is the Same young man staying with the woman next door

I hope to get more feedback

thank you all for enjoying this one..

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