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You Are God for a day; what form NEW (with self/free will) would you express yourself as?

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posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 08:23 PM

originally posted by: ripcontrol
a reply to: vethumanbeing

Can you imagine the next day
Especially if they found out
God was big fan of science
Loved Niel De grauss show, blesses him
Only three politicians in america were not trapped in jail (the highest ranking one was a small town mayor)
God loves lesbians.. No they are really cool. 1) I am god 2) I am still a guy
Sex is not a sin.. Hurting someone else is.
Beer and liquor can be sold at anytime
Their is so much crap their after the Q event I think it would be hilarious
one of you need to write a story over it the day after your 24 hours is up

I can imagine the day next following or even before hand;
Someone finally came to the realization 'God" actually created the idea of Science.
Allowing for all polarizing debates including the ridiculous 'creationism vs Darwinism' (why can't it be both).
Lesbianism is cool (siren like Greek style proven: Ulysses = the Isle of Lesbos; spent 20 years there distracted from returning home) and the Three unfortunate politicians that probably should be in Jail joining ALL of the others of similar ilk.
No sin in sex; (only without procreation intent according to some) that obviously are having no fun.

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posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 08:55 PM
originally posted by: Logarock
originally posted by: vethumanbeing
originally posted by: Logarock
a reply to: veteranhumanbeing

VHB: Sure it would be hard to do a change up (mid creation) IF YOU thought were god. I'm saying you ARE God so can, (as a replacement shill for 24 hours ONLY augment all creation (got to believe it first in purity that you can and have the ability). Nothing pointless here; you have no clue this is possible just by using your formidable imagination. Hindus believe this the 3rd creation of man, Hopi's the fourth. No doubt about it; the human being is the best expression of God yet (a better version can NOW be KNOWN as an idea form instant), just don't want to have to physically wait for the next 4.0 model 100,000 years from now.

Logarock: Yea the Maya have a 4 creation prior story. Each time was some form of humanoid. The last called the mud people were destroyed because they didn't have the ability to recognize who the creator was. Finally God did what maybe he hadn't wanted to before and that's "breath" into man. Give him the God nature, God element, larger spiritual IQ so that man could understand God because he was one and yet with the freedom to screw it all up. But then he fell and screwed it up and you know that story.
So to answer your question I wouldn't do anything, couldn't do anything even if I were God to improve on a form of self expression. I would go to the pizza shop and order a large of some sort with a sub and a pitcher of beer. Maybe go by the park and miracle some big fish on the lines of all the kids fishing and enjoy that spectacle.

The mud people yes; 'God' realized they needed the element of 'animation'. Eastern seaboard tribes believe the pine trees were created as the next evolution; could love each other by growing close and intertwining roots, remaining 'green' all year long. These creation myths are stellar. I have one unique to my being (maya); the Sun met the Earth in a canoe on a still lake and created all things after spiritually consummating; this was the first the act of 'devotion' to one another allowing for ALL THINGS to arrive physically and achieve their potential.

I don't think I'd change a thing either (more banana peels left on governmental steps perhaps); I'm of the impatient sort and want to see things sped along. Those kids you're observing better have the coolers ready for 200 lb sea bass that have miraculously come back from extinction.
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