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The man who rides with the devil

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posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 01:39 PM
My first attempt at this, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and comments are always welcome

There once was a man named Peter. Peter was like every other person in the world save for one thing. He was smarter than the average person and he was raised by wolves. Everything came easy to him. If he set his mind to it, it would get done.

His story starts with being born. He never knew his parents, having been abandoned in the woods as an infant. He was found by the She wolf, mother of all wolves. She raised him as one of her own offspring but realized that he wasn't one of them, he was one of those that dwelled in the ever approaching expanse of grey objects. At the age of 4, She left him at the edge of the woods near where she first found him.

Now Peter, he didn't know who or what he was. He fought with his siblings over meat and wrestled with them but knew deep down that he was not like them. So he wandered around the town for 2 weeks before finding a library. It was at this library that he saw his own kind. And they looked like they were happy. So he stole some clothes and wandered in to the library to listen to the librarian read a book. He didn't know what they were saying at first, so he just copied the other ones like him. Plus they gave him food that wasn't still alive. Whenever he got asked a question he would just smile and giggle. After a few weeks of this, Peter eventually started learning their language from books and listening to the librarian read stories. One day, the librarian got curious. She had never seen a parent drop him off or pick him up. So she asked him where his parents were. Peter just pointed outside towards the woods and the librarian thought he meant they would pick him up outside.

Months go by with Peter coming every time there was a story time. But his clothes and appearance worried the librarian. So one day she asked him to wait inside so that his parents could come and talk with her and some nice people from CPS or Child Protection Services. Peter, being confused and upset that they were holding him against his will freaked out and bit a CPS agent and ran away. But he came back two weeks later because he liked books so much. They were waiting for him and started asking him questions about his home and his parents. When he tried to leave, they followed him to where he was staying in the woods, not too far from the library. That's when they realized they had a unique situation on their hands. They didn't do anything at first because they knew that he wouldn't respond well. So they waited until he went back to the story time and they asked him if he wanted to come with them to get some food and more books. Peter, not knowing about anything related to humans took them at their word. And he began his adventure through the CPS, bouncing from one foster family to another, none being able to contain him. His intelligence and instincts made him want to know everything and be able to know everything. He asked questions about everything. He asked questions about life and his parents. He asked about why everyone didn't just get along and why they thought a man int he sky would help them where there own two hands couldn't.

The system, however, took notice of this intelligence after Peter did well on standardized testing. He did poorly in the abstract areas, like grammar or expressing himself, but he excelled in math and science. To the point where it was freakish how much knowledge he could absorb and recall instantly. He was thought unintelligent or perhaps special needs because he didn't interact with anyone, he just read books all day. But when they started writing down his verbal answers to their questions, he was found to be a genius. Beyond a genius, because he not only had intelligence, he had the instincts of a predator to go along with it. He attacked books and information, only slowing down to figure something out and then moving on. He reached a critical point in his life when he turned 11. He had passed a high school equivalency exam better than some adults and was legally able to skip all the way to high school at the age of 12. All that he had to do was say yes.

But something had happened to Peter when he was 7. He had a brain injury, not a severe one, but a brain injury nonetheless. It was after this injury that he started getting dreams about his future. He started having dreams about events being played out behind the scenes. He had dreams about events that no one but the people there could have known. And he told this to his foster mom. Well, she didn't know what to make of it. On the one hand, the dreams he had did come true in her life. So it wasn't just an active imagination. On the other hand, the dreams were very traumatic to Peter due to their graphic nature. So she went to one doctor. This doctor told them to go to another. And so on and so forth, each doctor more expensive than the last. Each diagnosis more saddening than the last. He was schizophrenic, he had bipolar disorder, he had multiple identity disorder, and they gave Peter drugs, to "help him". Drugs that made adults into lifeless zombies had no effect though. It often took 3 times the adult dosage to make his dreams stop. Unfortunately for Peter, one of those doctors had ties with a group of people very interested in his intelligence and raw instincts. They approached him one day and asked if he would like to come with them.

Peter, who had never learned what deception and trickery was due to his upbringing, decided to go with them. But these people didn't want to help Peter, they wanted to use him. They started programming him with advanced virtual reality machines developed in secret in collaboration between civilian computer companies and the military. These machines allowed him to learn useful skills that would've normally taken years to develop, instead learning them in days. The way these machines worked was that they hooked up to the subject's brain and manipulated his subconscious into making dreams. These dreams would then be programmed into his brain. In one dream he might learn Russian. In another he might learn how to make bombs out of things bought in a convenience store or unarmed combat or anything else they thought useful.

These dreams however could also be used to psychologically scar him and brainwash him. This was how they controlled him. While he thought he was dreaming and going through a nightmare, would actually be reality, but manipulated by the scientists with remote access through an implanted chip. He was then sent to do their bidding, whether it be murder, kidnapping, torture, blackmail, or whatever else they wanted. His own intelligence was his greatest enemy because he couldn't tell the difference between being awake and being asleep.

But in order to suppress his instincts, they needed to clinically remove his "soul" so to speak. But when they did, they played with fire and got burned. It turned out that the occult world existed and that there was such a thing as a soul and if there wasn't a soul in someone, something would fill the gap. At first, it was a demon like entity that tortured Peter psychically and mentally. The scientists thought this beneficial so it stayed. But Peter, he was evil. More evil than the demon. cont.

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 01:51 PM
Oooooh, I'm saving this to read tonight.

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 02:03 PM
a reply to: thisguy27

Fun read! Looking forward to reading the rest of it.

It would be interesting to know a little more detail about the program, why they exist and what they do with the souls exactly.

Can't wait to read the continuation

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 02:21 PM
The demon grew afraid of Peter's soul, which hadn't left, it just wanted to fool the scientists to thinking that they were powerful. This soul had two halves, one was extremely good, one was extremely evil. But not evil in the sense that it wanted chaos and destruction, but evil in the sense that it would show no remorse or mercy towards those that crossed it. And the demon knew that once Peter died, his soul would be free to hunt it down. So it left. Peter then went on a spiritual journey to a Heart of Darkness in Louisiana where he knew the devil would be. He talked with the devil and agreed to take his punishment for his bad deeds. But the Devil found out after a while that Peter's soul wasn't able to be punished by him and he kicked Peter out because "Damn bro, you're even badder than me. Keep up the good work"

The extreme good side wanted nothing to do with violence and killing and rebelled against the programming. But as much as it tried, as long as that chip was in Peter, he could not say no to the scientists. They could hear and see everything he did and could pick up some of his more louder thoughts, making it impossible to stop them. And why would he? They told him he was a spy like James Bond and a super hero and gave him all sorts of praise, to quell his good side and appease his bad side. They gave him whatever he wanted, be it drugs, or any other vice. This chip blocked all of his bad memories and left him with nothing but good memories. So in his mind, he didn't do anything wrong, his dream self did all of it. But then one day, as he was sitting there, he got a thought into his head. A thought that what he was doing was wrong. No matter how much he tried to shake it or how much the scientists tried to convince him, he knew that he was wrong. It was in a instance of clarity that he grabbed a sharp object and started digging at the back of his head.

"NO!" the scientists cried as they watched helplessly through his eyes, "If you remove that, you'll get all of your memories back! You'll go insane!"

But Peter was beyond the point of caring and his willpower overcame their commands long enough for him to dig out his chip. Instantly, every memory that he ever had in any of his lifetimes flowed into his brain.

With this knowledge, he ran away. He started using his knowledge to acquire vast sums of money through drug smuggling and arms dealing. But he also knew that he had opened Pandora's box and that his sanity would soon slip away from the vast stores of information in his brain. So he started researching ways of storing the data in his brain into a psychical state. He realized with current technology that he needed to make something so revolutionary that it would be able to store his brain's information. Through a complicated process involving lucid dreaming, he tested out what he would need to make a quantum computer. All of the math and science information needed was there, it was just a matter of putting it together. So he assembled it in his dreams and started bringing it piece by piece into the real world through trial and error. It took him a month straight to put together while being hunted down by the scientists. They knew that if he completed his computer, he would be unstoppable. But they couldn't have stopped him if they wanted to because the quantum computer in his dreams allowed him to manipulate reality outside of his dreams. When he finally assembled his real life quantum computer, it looked like an old Windows 98 tower PC. But when he turned it on, he typed in /help and found that he could access the very Universe itself. So he went about downloading his brain onto CD roms and buried them in a familiar spot, along with caches of weapons. Once he did that, he "erased" any memory of where he put it all, so he couldn't compromise himself. Leaving himself mental clues, he knew that they would never be found with current technology

He also found that he could travel to different periods of time by accessing different memories stored in his soul, like Assassin's Creed. Using his computer, he could bring up his soul's hard drive and look through the files. So he went about touching little things here and there to see their potential effect on his present time. He did this until he was able to develop a graph that would be able to predict what would happen with 99.9999% accuracy.

He started his plan, given to him by the original person to have created a quantum computer. He was the "creator" of this Universe by virtue of having made it in his computer and then entering into it like a game. He grew amused by humanity's insistence in a "God" and would grant their prayers if they seemed reasonable enough. And he couldn't interfere with free will due to the programming he put in his Universe, so he would grow sad at all of the wickedness he saw. He had grown bored of the reality he created when he told Peter, "The real world is calling to me, so I must go back. But I'm leaving you in charge, so don't eff it up". And with that, he left. But Peter didn't, even though it was possible. He knew that he had been given a great responsibility to clean up his reality.

So he went about trying different solutions using his quantum computer. He found out eventually that nothing peaceful would ever fix his reality permanently. So he started looking at alternative methods and saw there was only one way to break the mold.
Violence. The one thing he swore he would never do again. But it was needed, because where there is death, there is also life. So he set about enacting his plan. His plan to save the world basically. Wishful? No. Realistic? Yes.

So he started poking around, finding what worked and what didn't until finally his simulations satisfied him. In order to break the programming on the rest of humanity, he needed to blindly show them how to do so. He needed them to suffer in order to wake up. His bad side loved that all the rich, evil, a holes of the world would pay for their crimes, but his good side hated that violence was the only way to bring about his plan. So he downloaded the plan into his brain and erased anything he knew about it so that only his subconscious would know about it. And he sat down and created a new life for himself. He paid meth addicts to become his parents and programmed new memories for them. He talked to all his friends and explained to them what he was doing. The only way for his plan to work would involve resetting everything to when he was younger, in order for the memories to properly take hold. They grew sad that they wouldn't see him for a long time, but went along with it. He put them into hibernation and went into their memories with his computer and sent them back to 8 years previously. For them, they would wake up with no memory of what happened and would live their lives as if none of that had happened. And for the final step, Peter set up his computer so that he too would be sent back into the past and for the computer to erase itself from existence once he went back so to speak.

When he woke up again, he was 6 years old and it was his first day of school, with no memory of his upbringing by the She wolf or anything else.

Whadda think?

I can expand on certain elements in the story and create some more content/backstory if you want
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posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 06:50 PM
I'll expand on the scientists for now because it looks like you guys dig my story.

The scientists harnessed the souls of many with technology gained by visitors not of this planet.
The human soul is unique in the sense that it remembers everything that happens. And it's powerful. More powerful than any energy source known to the Universe. The soul is what keeps people going despite overwhelming odds and despair.

It gives people hope. It helps them connect with the lines that connect everything in our Universe. So when men from elsewhere showed up and told them how to harness that energy, they leaped right on it. But the visitors had other plans. Where they came from, their Universe was going through its heat death and they needed human souls in order to keep their Universe going. At first, they didn't need more than a 1000 people to keep going.. But as the people in Dulce base found out, they started needing more and more energy. More than the scientists wanted or were willing to give them. So the scientists started abducting people, experimenting. Trying to find a way to get the soul out of someone and keep them alive to make new ones. Peter was unique in the sense that his soul was an old one, from the beginning of time. It had gone through the whole cycle of being stolen and being used for energy enough times that it knew how to hide. But being old meant that it harbored beliefs and morals that clashed with modern times, twisting it. So when the scientists found him, they got more energy than any other soul they had found thus far. It worried them because it seemed like something was off. The visitors grew furious. "We can't use this!", they said. "It's been tainted with something". This perplexed the scientists. In the 50 years they had been doing this, they had only happened to them three times.

The visitors became afraid and worried. They said that unless they had more souls like this, they would be forced to take the scientists' instead. These scientists weren't evil per se. They were leftovers from Stalin and Hitler, brilliant minds but unable to feel remorse towards their experiments, thinking themselves god. So they decided to encourage the development of these souls by using a combination of thought viruses and subliminal messaging to provoke these souls to reveal themselves. This is what Peter was doing. He was going around harvesting these souls for them. It was with his last one that he got the thought that what he was doing was wrong. It was the soul from a friend of his. He knew what would happen to his friend and did it anyways. But the emotions involved with what he did... Those are what allowed him to see clearly

Just spitballing some ideas, I cut my finger bad enough yesterday to start getting dizzy and I'm still a bit fuzzy in the noggin today
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posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 07:00 PM
That is one wild story. I'd have to read it again to wrap my mind around it. LOL

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 07:05 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Good, good.

I like provoking thought.

People don't get enough exercise for their most important muscle, the brain!

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 07:22 PM
a reply to: thisguy27

LOL, I get confused easy enough.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 05:22 AM
a reply to: thisguy27

This is a pretty fascinating story idea. I am not saying you stole parts of it, but some of the first part definitely reminds me of the movie 'Lucy', which is also really interesting. The whole aspect about drugs and shady existence, violence and drug dealing - but more specifically about accessing larger portions of the brain and being able to manipulate reality. It combines a lot of cool sci-fi stuff with other more obscure UFOlogical lore and spiritual elements that make it quite unique. It's something that could almost work - on a properly functioning brain, or whatever.

Here's a part I wouldn't mind expanded on:

They could hear and see everything he did and could pick up some of his more louder thoughts, making it impossible to stop them.

With technology from the Visitors, I guess there are a number of ways that could work. I have my own ideas, but will keep them to myself...


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