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Democracy Triumped in Tunisia, but troubles remain.....

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posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 01:26 PM

Not very much good news has issued from the Arab Spring countries.....but Tunisia has survived its second elections and a change in government to the more secular party has occurred....
Yet the economic picture remains bleak for young Tunisians who are 34% unemployed and the promise of relief is not forthcoming.
Of all the Arab Spring countries Tunisia has come the furthest along the road to a real democracy....yet it has seen over 2400 of its disaffected youth join the ISIS cause....
....and many more blocked from leaving to join......
The large number of youth who have voted with their feet (and their lives) presents great cause for worry the democracy is too fragile to stand for long.....
Why are we supporting the Salafists and failing to come to Tunisias aid............
It would seem US foreign policy runs on a different agenda than stated in the press........


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