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Author investigates 150-year-old UFO sighting

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posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 06:27 PM

A most extraordinary phenomenon was observed near the village of Taylorsville, a few miles from this city. About a week ago

The article was dated April 5th, 1873 ... about a week ago would roughly place the incident around April Fool's Day.
Although things were a lot slower back in those days I'd say the newspaper was still a bit late if they were behind an April fool.

Don't know whether there's any substance to it. But at least it's something original instead of "Absolutely Amazing Light in the Sky" on Youtube, or another bloody Roswell thread

So S&F

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 06:54 PM
an interesting snippet taken from 'new lands' also occurred in 1873, is mildly meteor related , and having multiple witnesses, could be said to fall from the sky into the same category

from new lands:~

In October, 1862, Lockyer saw a spot like a long train of clouds on Mars, and several days later Secchi saw a spot on Mars. And if that were signalling, it is a very meagre material upon which to suppose anything. And May 8-22, 1873 — white spots on Mars. But, upon June 17, 1873, two months after nearest approach, but still in the period of opposition of Mars, there was either an extraordinary occurrence, or the extraordinariness is in our interpretation. See Rept B.A., 1874-272.(9) A luminous object came to this earth, and was seen and heard upon the night of June 17, 1873, to explode in the sky of Hungary, Austria, and Bohemia. In the words of various writers, termed according to their knowledge, the object was seen seemingly coming from Mars, or from "the red star in the south," where Mars was at the time. Our data were collected by Dr. Galle. The towns of Rybnik and Ratibor, Upper Silesia, are 15 miles apart.(10) Without parallax, this luminous thing was seen from these points "to emerge and separate itself from the disk of the planet Mars." It so happens that we have a definite observation from one of these towns. At Rybnik, Dr. Sage was looking at Mars, at the time. He saw the luminous object "apparently issue from the planet." There is another circumstance, and for its reception our credulity, or our enlightenment, has been prepared. If this thing did come from Mars, it came from the planet to the point where it exploded in about 5 seconds: from the point of the explosion, the sound travelled in several minutes. We have a description from Dr. Sage that indicates that a bolt of some kind, perhaps electric, did shoot from Mars, and that the planet quaked with the shock — "Dr. Sage was looking attentively at the planet Mars, when he thus [101/102] saw the meteor apparently issue from it, and the planet appear as if it was breaking up and dividing into two parts.
Some of the greatest surprises in commonplace experience are discoveries of the nearness of that which was supposed to be the inaccessibly remote."

newlands part 2 chapter 2

seemed like a good year for weirdness , but still doesn't top 1883


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posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 06:59 PM
I've got to admit, when I hear stuff like this happening 200+ years ago I Immediately think of the ancient astronaut theory but that's my opinion

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 07:08 PM
a reply to: mbkennel

That's what I think too. It is suspiciously 6th sense was telling me it's fake. But if the source can be verified on!

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 07:08 PM
Thanks for posting this awesome story, this is why I love ATS!!
a reply to: skyblueworld

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 08:40 PM
I wonder what happened to the "burning brush pile" was that a craft that the man left behind. if so why was nothing else said about it?

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 08:50 PM
a reply to: skyblueworld

As a degreed journalist, I can tell you quite emphatically most of those early stories about mysterious aerial devices were total fabrications. One of the first ones to appear in modern times was widely accepted as being true even if a fabulous tale. It described how a farmer in Kansas woke one night to a cow bawling. Looking outside, he saw a ship hanging low in the sky with two creatures inside. A rope reached down from the ship to around a cow's neck. But the ship was stuck. A hoof of the cow was caught in a wire fence preventing the ship from moving away. The story went on, of course, but it was all a cock-and-bull story that was later proved by a modern investigation.

Another was about a crash of a device near Champaign, Illinois, and made big headlines in the local paper. A farmer witnessed it crashing and found two dead aliens in the wreckage. He buried them and came into town to tell about the incident. No such crash happened. I researched the story myself.

As I've said repeatedly here, journalism in those days relied upon much fiction generated on the spot by the local newspapers that maybe had a telegraph connection to the rest of the world and maybe not. Newspapers were hawked on the streets by young boys and amazing headlines were always in need to sell those 'papers. Samuel Clements, better known as Mark Twain, got his start in writing as a newspaper reporter. His best newspaper story was the one about an amazing jumping frog in a mining camp in Colorado where he worked as a re[prter. Tall stories along with crooked politics are the main reasons that time in the history of news reporting is know as the "Age of Yellow Journalism."

That said, I've done an intense library search in the University of Illinois Library newspaper archives and found dozens of far less sensational stories that seemed to have credibility. After all, UFOs are not just a modern phenomena.

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 08:56 PM
a reply to: skyblueworld

Did they have 'highways' then?

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 09:26 PM
It sounds more like an electric automobile (ie. horseless buggy) to me. And, electric autos were first invented and produced going all the way back to the early 19th century (in 1837). Most folks do not know that electric cars came before petroleum and even steam-based ones.

History of the electric vehicle

The first known electric car was built in 1837 by chemist Robert Davidson of Aberdeen. It was powered by galvanic cells (batteries).

English inventor Thomas Parker, who was responsible for innovations such as electrifying the London Underground, overhead tramways in Liverpool and Birmingham, and the smokeless fuel coalite, built the first practical production electric car in London in 1884, using his own specially designed high-capacity rechargeable batteries. Parker's long-held interest in the construction of more fuel-efficient vehicles led him to experiment with electric vehicles. He also may have been concerned about the malign effects smoke and pollution were having in London. Production of the car was in the hands of the Elwell-Parker Company, established in 1882 for the construction and sale of electric trams. The company merged with other rivals in 1888 to form the Electric Construction Corporation; this company had a virtual monopoly on the British electric car market in the 1890s. The company manufactured the first electric 'dog cart' in 1896 German electric car, 1904, with the chauffeur on top France and the United Kingdom were the first nations to support the widespread development of electric vehicles. The first electric car in Germany was built by the engineer Andreas Flocken in 1888.

Granted, this was in Europe and the UK. However, it is plausible that someone could have shipped one here across the Atlantic via ship. But, what about ones made here in the US you say?

The first American electric car was developed in 1890-91 by William Morrison of Des Moines, Iowa; the vehicle was a six-passenger wagon capable of reaching a speed of 14 miles per hour (23 km/h). It was not until 1895 that Americans began to devote attention to electric vehicles, after A.L. Ryker introduced the first electric tricycles to the U.S., by that point, Europeans had been making use of electric tricycles, bicycles, and cars for almost 15 years.

So, it would be, IMO, a lot more probable this was the case here (if it's not a hoax cooked up by some yellow journalist of a prank by the farmers) that any extravagant and exotic explanation that we can't prove even exists in just one case. Also, it's not as sexy as those other extravagant ideas, but, rarely is the truth so's usually proven to be mundane from my experience.

Do I wish there was some "visitation" or "time traveling ability", hell YES!. However, wishing does not make it so in my book. There needs more corroboration for me. Questions need to be asked and investigated like:

  • Were there other sightings of horseless carriages in that area during that time?
  • Were there other stories of this type in that area around that time?
  • Did anyone check to see if local astronomers (or any) report aerial events for that time?

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posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 03:48 AM
I always like the the old stories and photographs they seem the most credible at the moment and time period where we live in now.
The digital era makes it difficult to authenticate events and stories of this time.
However what if someone meets a spaceship thats totally different as we hear now from witnesses that mostly tell the stories about spaceships that are already familiar with to our ears.

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 07:34 AM
I find the idea of 'time slips' very neatly covers many phenomena, like UFOs, ghosts, sasquatch. Not saying its true but it makes more sense than the alternative, methinks.

However it could perhaps be some technology the wealthy have simply been suppressing for their own benefit!

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 08:58 AM
....they saw a light which they describe as looking like a "burning brush pile", near the zenith...

This is the part that I found most interesting, seeing as how close it sounds to "burning bush." I read another report somewhere that described a "huge rippling ribbon on fire", perhaps related? In any event it's always fascinating to read how people described anomalous sightings in olden times so thank you very much for posting this!

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 04:21 PM
The story that amazed me was from about 4000 years ago or before. Two guys that looked similar to humans received hospitality from Abraham and Sarah, then walked out of their tent and went to see Mr. Lot. While there, they used some type of bright light technology that stunned the aggressive would be rapists.

What I have wanted to know is this; Where did they come from before they walked into Abraham and Sarah's tent, and how did they get to Earth? Was it a space ship? UFO? And what exactly did they look like, that the crowd wanted to rape them?

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 08:12 PM
a reply to: skyblueworld

The part that tells me it's no buggy or steam car was the fact they said it moved with "great velocity" no car 150 years ago moved faster than a horse at full gallop. And them saying great velocity instead of as fast as the fastest horse makes me think there was something else alien going on.

posted on Nov, 1 2014 @ 05:34 AM
a reply to: NiZZiM
To people who travelled by horsedrawn carriage, anything could be considered "great velocity"

posted on Nov, 1 2014 @ 07:07 AM
a reply to: NiZZiM

The part that tells me it's no buggy or steam car was the fact they said it moved with "great velocity" no car 150 years ago moved faster than a horse at full gallop.

I tend to agree with you although for different reasons. Taylorsville is miles away from any major metropolis; 11miles from Dayton, Ohio. Electric cars weren't mass produced and neither were the batteries that ran them. They were available in London and major centres and unlikely to be out in the sticks. In terms of 'great velocity,' the best I can find for the period is a cheek-wobbling, hair-flying 15mph.

I checked out some old maps to see what level of highways they had in the area. Here's 1875:

1875 Map of Montgomery County, Ohio

I'm inclined to think it's a hoax rather than taking it at face value. The core details are that a fireball appeared high in the sky, roared to Earth and a man appeared to disembark. He then jumps into a silent vehicle and vanished down a gully.

Still, it would make a fantastic opening to a movie - highly cinematic. Great way to introduce a character and instil a little suspense.

posted on Nov, 1 2014 @ 07:16 AM
a reply to: Kandinsky

The telegraph spawned hoaxes just as the internet does. An obscure town along the railway line can get itself mentioned all across the country by sending an exciting story down the wires... just saying.

posted on Nov, 1 2014 @ 07:27 AM
a reply to: DJW001

True. I've read a few articles about historical hoaxes over the years and particularly those in the areas of ufology and the paranormal. It's pandemic in both fields isn't it?

Aubeck has apparently found this one more interesting due to the number of actual historical people involved. Similar airship tales included the names of people and places that never existed. He's experienced in these pursuits and will likely be speaking to regional astronomy organisations. The 'roaring' fireball would surely have been noted in journals or farming almanacs. Archives of local news might also include a small detail about this element?

The man and the vehicle might have been apocryphal to a bolide sighting. Or, of course, the whole narrative could be just another hoax.

posted on Nov, 1 2014 @ 07:58 AM

originally posted by: phantomflier
Wow, this one is pretty weird! I'm usualy not very receptive towards these olds stories but the horseless, noiseless buggy took this to a whole another level. If this is just an old hoax it's a pretty timeless masterpiece.

I'm not quite familiar with the term "brush pile". Google image search turns up images of basicaly piles of sticks. Is that just it? What a weird description. Some of the images are kind of square and lattice-like instead of being just a pile of stick. I wonder if the witness meant to describe that it was something like that? Difficult to speculate 150 years later...

What? the old stories are the more reliable ones since there was less stuff flying around in the sky 150 years ago.

posted on Nov, 1 2014 @ 09:42 AM

originally posted by: Popeye1
I wonder what happened to the "burning brush pile" was that a craft that the man left behind. if so why was nothing else said about it?

It struck the ground in the road a short distance from them. The blazing object flickered and flared for a few moments and then faded into darkness, as a man dressed in a complete suit of Black, and carrying a lantern emerged from it.

Went invisible maybe?

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