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Annoyed but I'll live...

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posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 10:08 AM
Ugh. YouTube commercials on Xbox 360 are so obnoxious. They are almost deliberately loud sometimes. I can't hit the little blue x fast enough.

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 11:48 AM

originally posted by: ManFromEurope
Man, I just remembered when I was the last time over in the USA - late 80's, I think.

I was surprised of the sheer AMOUNT of ads in the tv. Every 5 or 10 or 15 minutes - which was unthinkable for our tv. Then, I have to say.

Nowadays there are those small, pesky overlay-ads running ALONG the movies, and the time between ads were decreasing, too - we have about 15 to 20 minutes between each commercial break.

Yeah, its a pest.

I noticed that recently too, I was watching a download version of an american tv show it was a half hour show with I think 3 advert breaks and then about a fifth of the bottom of the screeen taken up with advertising other shows at the bottom.

It did my nut in even though the adverts were deleted because they repeated the last 15 seconds of the previous part after the commercial. How could you forget what happened two minutes ago? how good must the adverts be to require a recap?

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 12:11 PM
One of the FIRST tenets of the Zeitgeist Movement is to get rid of all commercials, the idea being that a lot of the 'want' based idiocy in society would be eliminated if people weren't inundated all the time with examples of the luxuries they couldn't afford, and the 'stuff' they didn't need in any event. Just think, no more NY Times ads for $5000 watches, houses in the Hamptons and travel to exotic locations, right next to a pathetic story about starving children in Bangladesh.

One more reason to look into ZM and join the discussion about how to make it work. Society desperately needs a reset.

I killed cable teevee back in 2001, and had LOTS of fun telling the cable clerk why, too. I'm old enough to remember when cable promised NO COMMERCIALS for $15 a month; it wasn't long before it was $50 a month, and lots of commercials, but I saw that coming. At least the internet doesn't grab your eyeballs and you can put it on hold and come back to it, thus having some semblance of a real life

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 12:39 PM
a reply to: rbkruspe

YT commercials, you said it.

Really presses my buttons.

People's reactions are 'skip ad', press 'x', anything - just don't watch the damn thing.

Strange thing is, those ads WORK.

So you have to assume there are people out there who go, "Oh wait a minute...I'll have to watch this. How refreshingly loud! Ho ho, how funny, my sides are splitting, what roguish and original humour! Oh I love this song, from The Sound of Music, isn't it? I've quite forgotten why I clicked on this video now... but I don't care. Must get up first thing in the morning and buy those things from those nice people for entertaining me so much..."

No, not really, but how come any commercials work?

They have just the opposite effect on me.

An abiding mystery.

posted on Oct, 31 2014 @ 02:28 AM
a reply to: SLAYER69

First of i love my remote . Yes i said it ,but what annoys me so much is when i go to use it and the batteries are gone to be used in a controller of some sort . (yes we have them all ) But what really really annoys me is when an add comes on and you want to check out that other show you thought about watching its also an add . They synchronise , even the telemarketer channels have adds if that is even possible .
feel better now

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