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Do you believe in guardian angels or spirit guides or?

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posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 08:02 AM
I do believe in spirit guides and always have. I've had a lot of experiences and deep, intense dreams that lead to me believe that we all have beings around us that support us and guide us in our missions on earth. I don't know what makes guides different from guardian angels--maybe they're the same thing, or maybe guides and guardian angels have different functions. But either way, I don't think we are walking our paths alone.

posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 08:18 AM
a reply to: SanFrancisco1956

Nice story OP.

I've always felt the presence of a lady with red hair and pale skin and beautiful green eyes and I actually met her one time in a dream. There are several times in my life where I know she has intervened on my behalf.

And crows. I've always felt drawn to them for some reason and one (or many) always seems to be around my house. They fascinate me. I admire their cunning and resourcefulness and intelligence.

Once when I was in Bosnia we responded to a propane tank explosion in a residential neighborhood. When we got there three brick buildings were exploded. I just so happened to be standing behind my humvee smoking a cigarette. I ALWAYS took my helmet off when I smoked but this time I did'nt. Little voice said keep it on, and I dunno why but I listened to it. Three guys were blown 40ft. away and were not breathing. We started doing CPR on them and first aid and they ended up being OK. But when I got back to base I took my helmet off and looked and there was a huge scar where some chunk of shrapnel had gouged the side of it. If I had been doing like I normally did and took my helmet off I would have been dead instantly.

That is just one of many stories like that throughout my life. Everyone has them whether they realize it or not I believe loved ones are looking out for us from the other side all the time.

posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 08:37 AM
you can call them or it what you will. i know there was, i can't say now cause i don't do the stupid things i did up until my thirties, that has saved my life numerous times. ya see i was a wild child back then. always doing something stupid.

i won't go into all of them but i will say this, from the time i was 15 until i'll say thirty two, i have had or been involved in at least 15 car crashes, most of them my fault, none involving other vehicles or injury to others. in the ten or so that the police and EMS were called to. i was told by both that i was lucky to be alive. they said judging by the vehicles, and what they have seen in the past i should have been dead. the worst that ever happened was a cut that required six stitches.

another thing that i and my brother used to do when very young, i'm gonna say i was seven and he was three, we found where my dad hid his guns and ammo. we use to get the rounds and go outside to the porch and smash them with a hammer. we liked the .22's they went off more than the .45's. we never got hurt nor any one else or caused any damage.

i truly believe that was someone or something was and still maybe watching over us. not just because i,we, or anybody we were with never got hurt or died, it has to do with things that i saw and know that happened when i was a very small child.

now i know reading some of my posts you would think i don't believe in such. well i think they don't want us broadcasting the facts of their deeds and that some of the stuff people post is so outlandish and unbelievable, just as some will say this post is.

posted on Nov, 8 2014 @ 04:59 AM
a reply to: scobro

now THAT is strange. i had the same experience. it was about a year ago, i was really at my lowest of lows about my back (another slipped disc) i went to bed crying thinking theres no way im going through what i did with my first slipped disc 8 years ago and all i could think of was suicide, suicide was the light at the end of my tunnel.

i was lying on my right side and i felt someone behind me, the temp in the room didn't drop but it was definately a body behind me, they were cold, i felt their hands cuddle me, i felt their legs match to mine in the 'spoons' position, but i wasn't scared in the slightest, i felt a great comfort. i haven't got a clue as to who it may have been but i just layed there as it was just out of this world the comfort i felt and i eventually went to sleep. i've never had it before.

i have noticed that when i am just about as low as i can be, little things happen to show that they are there.

posted on Nov, 12 2014 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: slippeddisc

i am contemplating suicide, my bulging disc is so severe now that my legs lost all strength, unable to bend function in daily life, being physical active was always my thing and this impact me so heavy that i lost everything, but i am not afraid of anything anymore, where do we go after we die?

posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 05:34 PM
a reply to: icerealm

im sorry about your pain, i really do feel it. have you not been offered an operation? with my first slipped disc, it must have been hanging by a thread, i've never known pain like it, eventually after being thrown from pillar to post i had a laminectomy and it was one of the best decisions i've ever made, unfortunately i wasn't told about other discs and i went back to moving washing machines and the like and last april the one above gave way.

it certainly is life changing. i really don't know where we go after we die, but i know alot of them hang around here where ever it is, i've been told its beautiful.

don't give up mate, can you see your doc and put pressure on them to do something?

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