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posted on Oct, 29 2014 @ 05:12 AM
So I watched this. Now I'm going back and watching it again but I'm only on episode two and my DVR is going the way of the Dodo tomorrow so I can't watch them all again. There is loads of images that mean something and this story is slightly confusing so I'm wondering if anyone else has thoughts to add. Lots of stuff I missed the first time around that I won't get to see unless I can find it online.

One can't get any better, at least as far as ATS is concerned, than a show that says" In the beginning there was death" and states that religion was created as a means of control.

Any and all thoughts are welcome, I left this purposely blank to welcome any comments about the show.

Who was the Russian labor strike leader assassinated in 1883? I don't know the key words to look up to find that info.

Welcome back, you have been missed. But now, your river flows again. Although you have traveled from here to there many times, do not be afraid of uncertainty. Headaches, unfamiliar memories, you have had these before again and will have them again. At the point you began before, another life. Only Qui Reverti can understand. There's a lie to tell. A lie that is to believed, for the sake of control, that life, a single life is to be lived in quiet terror because all they have seen is that death awaits them, awaits us all. People believe because they have been told death is what God has designed. That God is a punishing God who hates us. People believe death to be his final punishment, at the end of our short spans of bloody sorrow. That this book is in your hands proves there is no such thing.

Doesn't get much creepier than that.

The Chinese lady said "No book was made for Marcus Fox". Why? They made one for Tesla and others. Why not Marcus?

"He won't understand it".

Damn, these guys play by rules I don't understand. Shephard brought Marcus back too soon? Again, why?

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posted on Oct, 29 2014 @ 07:44 AM
We do die, but we can return. The few, the very few, those who possess the will and strength of purpose, the self chosen ones, Qui Reverti. This book will guide you through the prison doors back to freedom. Welcome back, Reverti. Welcome back, again.

I had to print this so I'd print it, read it, and maybe see something.

posted on Oct, 29 2014 @ 08:37 AM
They didn't make a book for Marcus, because he was supposed to dead and cut off from returning due to his serial killing problem. However Marcus made a deal with the Shepard to bring him back for money, money which he used to take care of his brother, who was ill and in a hospital for a very long time. However the Shepard knew that Marcus would get him in trouble, but he needed the money. the Shepard brought him back early in hopes to kill him before he was old enough to be a serious threat.

So they gave him some random book once he was returned a book not made for him, and sent him on his way,

I thought this was a very interesting show, and can't wait to see season 2

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