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hooligans versus salafists

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posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 05:07 PM
hooligans in germany
There is a growing number of hooligans in Germany, mixing up with people from the far right, causing disturbances in cities. While they meet under the honourable premise to demonstrate against the supporters of terrorism, they beat up everybody in their way.
Germany has a big and growing Muslim community, mostly with Turkish roots and the second generation is very much at home here, studying, working, living a normal life.
The flood of refugees lately, thanks to IS, the ever ongoing food and water crisis in so many instable African countries and the Arabic spring, etc. is something handled medium good, by communities and politics, mostly with help from friendly private volunteers.
It makes this political hooligans also get more and more aggressive and in the centre of attention and our cities, as proven by recent events. I am pro free people, I was running away myself before from bad "living circumstances" and totally support the ideal where every human should be allowed to seek happiness wherever he/she sees the most promising chances to succeed.
What I wonder though is: why don't all this violent loving, patriotic, big, healthy guys who see the root of the problem, in this case the salafist movement, I.E.: IS, in this case, go to the core of the problem?
They are well organised, have proven to be capable of getting armed, why don't they fight their enemies where they are?
If I may dream for a moment:
I want to see skin head working groups filling their bags with mollies and uzies, making bus tours via Turkey to Syria and becoming the heroes they want to be. Kicking IS out of Kobane and the whole of Syria, so all the dentists, lawyers and others crammed in asylum seekers homes can go back to their homes and lifes.
I don't expect someone knows the answers, but at least some motorcycle gangs are already on the way. The first ones to get a:

posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 05:18 PM
a reply to: Peeple

The bikies are already there.

Dutch & German Biker Gangs in Kobani

The skin heads won't go because they are nationalists and taking national sentiments abroad has already been tried by the Germans, it didn't work out well. The bikies on the other hand have Kurdish & Turkish roots, which is why they've gone to lend a hand.

Kind Regards
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