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Volvo Ocean Race 2014

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posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 09:34 PM
Volvo Ocean Race 2014

Am I the only one at this forum who`s following it closely ?

This edition is awesome with all the boats being of the same design, it`s so close compared to other years because of that.

The tracker is also working great so you can watch after the every 3 hour update exactly what the boats have been doing (pull the slider back and press play). Great is also to see how they try to confuse the opponents right before they are giving their 3 hourly update in the direction they are going. Lots of information regarding the race/boats can be found at the site also with very good Watch Log update twice a day.

By pulling back the slider completely and pressing play you can watch the race from the beginning up until now :

You need to install this plugin to let the tracker work : The Unity Web Player


Full Tracker

Watch Log

More stuff can be found on the site, like information coming from the boats, the teams, etc. You can also set wind, currents and isobars in the full tracker.

Right now the Dutch team just took the lead by being the first going to the South-East. We now have to wait if they didn`t go to soon (they have to navigate around a high pressure system which expands and contracts all the time and can come in too low wind conditions because of that).

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