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Is The Media Chasing Their Own tail And Leaving Us In lurch Panick Wise?

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posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 06:15 PM
I am not quite sure this is the correct forum for this thread if not please move it or delete it.
The other day we had a major explosion at one of our industrial plants with reports of one dead and a few others in bad shape.
Now by all appearances this was just what it accident but Lo and behold the Major networks jumped on the

This happened in a smaller city in Ontario and I think because of the locality to the border with the USA things got ramped up a bit.

ABC and CBS were right on the story and they questioned our Mayor about the terrorist angle and there was none to be had I
am afraid/ therefore no story so the flew back home in their choppers to await another terrorist attack.

Here is the link to the story about the explosion

The explosion at Sarnia's Veolia Environmental Services facility didn't only jar the local community Saturday. U.S. media outlets ABC and CBS News were quickly in touch to see if the explosion was an act of terrorism, Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley confirmed Sunday. Five workers were injured in the explosion. Bradley told QMI Agency he was initially caught off-guard by the U.S. media's reaction.

God almighty they are looking at any incident to air that might be a terrorist act in progress.
I say "Keep your Dirty Laundry"

This thread is worth looking at Authored By Randyvs and its a good one for reference to this thread.

What do you think?, are they (the media) on a witch hunt or am I in need of new glasses?
I mean this was a simple industrial accident and all of a sudden two major Networks want to talk to our
Mayor and I imagine that they were hoping for a screaming help us all on the phone. :-)

Regards, Iwinder
With no gleam in my eye.

posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 06:18 PM
So it appears that since this explosion was not terrorist related the Major Networks moved on to the next potential terrorist story.

No terrorist slant, then we don't consider it news worthy in any shape or form.
We must have tragic terrorist stories to air, just to keep up the fear of terrorism and the heart beat of the military alive and well.

It would have been rather sensational if this was infact a terrorist act! I can almost hear the constant thrum or helicoptors over our city. After all NBC and CBS have studios with choppers not far away from us....(Detroit)

I think it's unnerving how many times I have typed terrorist into this post. I am sure that if I fail to stop at a red light I will be labeled a terrorist as well.
Anyways I hope the Networks find their golden story be it terrorism or Ebola or whatever the fear flavour of the day is.
Because they sure have been showing their true intentions lately, and in my opinion only that is true terrorism:-)

Regards, Iwinder


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