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Opinions on My Experience in Fiji

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posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 04:58 PM
Hey Guys,

First time poster here and I would love your opinions on somehting that happened to me in Fiji about a year ago. I have struggled to explain it through standard scientific terms and am having trouble coming to terms with it.

A little background...i'm an extremely logical guy who works in economics industry. So I am a very evidence based individual. Not much ever gets past me that I have trouble explaining or finding a theory for. I'm also not really a big believer in the paranormal nor have I ever had any ghost experiences before. I'm also ex-army so my initial response to something is to confront and fight it.

So my wife and I were on a trip to Thailand and on the way home decided to take a flight to Fiji where we rented a nice old villa house on a river bank in Pacific Harbour. The house was pretty large but wasnt all the expensive and had a pool so it was meant to be a nice relaxing 4 weeks. Anyway, we picked up the keys from the local real estate agent and headed over to the house which was really nice. It had some tribal stuff, axes and arrows on the walls inside and also a charter which was really old and basically from the chiefs to the first white family on Fiji. So whomever owned the house obviously had a strong lineage with Fiji's history.

Anyway, so we dumped our stuff and settled there was an upstairs section of the house and we both decided that we wouldnt use it and would sleep downstairs. At the time I had a slightly uneasy feeling up there but put it down to my own imagination. My wife was later to comment that she had the same feeling.

So the first few nights in the house went by uneventful and it was generally quite relaxing. On about the third night, I was woken in the early hours of the morning with what sounded like footsteps upstairs. So I got up and went to investigate...walked around the house and there was nothing amiss so went back to bed figuring it was creaking of the old house.

The next night I was woken at approximately the same time, around 3am ish, hearing foot steps/creaking etc and again got up and searched the house thinking someone might have broken in. Yet again I found/saw absolutely nothing and went back to bed. This continued on and off for the next 3 or 4 days and was starting to impact my sleep.

The noises had started to get a little more intense night after night and I was starting to get a bit concerned that we were being broken into or someone was attempting to get in the doors etc. The following night I was awoken to loud footsteps and banging upstairs and I just knew we had an intruder...I grabbed one of the war axes of the wall and bounded up the stairs to the upstairs section expecting to have to confront whoever was in the house only to find absolutely nothing...I was a bit stunned to say the least. The noises went quiet and I tried going back to sleep but within 20 mins or so they had started up again. I basically stayed awake until 6am before drifting off to sleep again.

This pattern was to continue for the next week and a half...where I would get up and search the house for the noises and even walk around the outside looking for an intruder to no avail. I think it was at this time that my brain having looked for every possible explanation was considering the ghost aspect. I felt there was something in the house that had realised that I had noticed it and was targeting felt very much adversarial and it was like we were doing battle every night.

Anyway, we had been there about 3 weeks now and I was exhausted with no to little sleep. The final straw came when that night I was still awake at around 3am and heard know like a conversation between two people that you can hear but cant make out the words. I thought it was coming from outside in the wind but opened the door and walked out and couldnt hear was then I realised it was coming from inside the house. I searched the house and found/saw nothing and the muffled talking stopped. That night was a bad one where this talking and banging continued on and off.

It was pretty much the final straw and we packed up and left for Nadi 7 days early and lost a week of our "rent" on the house. When we arrived in Nadi, I slept like a baby every day until we left fiji the week later.

I struggle to come to terms with this experience because I wasnt in control of what was going on and couldn't confront it...was my sanity slipping and it was all imagined or was this a real experience within something that science cant currently explain. Whatever it was was extremely negative I can tell you just from the feelings etc. Where I struggle is that I have no tangible evidence of what was going on...I saw nothing with my eyes. My wife, who is a heavy sleeper said that she felt uncomfortable in the house and hated the upstairs section but didnt hear the noises I did...although me getting up and down woke her many times. She doesn't doubt my experiences but did not experience them herself.

So I would love some opinions on what I encountered...whether I can write this off to imagination or if this is a real phenomenon. All input appreciated.

P.S apologise for spelling as typing this on a tablet.

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 05:04 PM
Sometimes things are exactly what they seem. Things absolutely exist that can only be seen with the third eye/tianmu. People who can't see often simply disregard it all as nonsense.

Other times there is some mundane thing like a refrigerator compressor or plumbing that makes noises in the night. One does not negate the existence of the other.
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posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 05:12 PM
a reply to: aussiefly

The easiest explanation would be that there are nocturnal critters that live in the tight spaces of the attic - they'd get quiet out of self-preservation if they heard you approaching, but it wouldn't explain the mumbling.

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 05:42 PM
It is an experience for someone that has never experienced it. Yet some things can not be explained and never will be.

Some of us have experienced unexplainable happenings but if you never have, then it does not seem credible so you assume the person is overacting.

I have learned to accept but not to try to understand some things that have no answers.

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 07:20 PM
I remember when I was younger, living under my parents roof that I had an uneasy feeling about the place. Like there was somebody there that I couldn't see.

Something about the corridor leading from the living room to my parents bedroom seemed to creep me out, but I couldn't exactly explain why.

I knew that I wasn't imagining it either, because of the 'murmuring' voice I heard. Like an old man mumbling to himself. You could hear him, but you couldn't exactly make out the words.

Sounding like it came from another room, but when I went to look there was nobody there.

Even my father confessed to hearing it. While it gave me the creeps, it was also harmless.

There were often times when I was trying to go to sleep and have been tempted to shout for it to shut up.

Over time I 'sort of' got used to it, but even then I had a hard time sleeping by myself or staying there alone.

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 07:45 PM
Welcome to my world.

Since early childhood things like this have happened in my life. To talk about it, hoping to find an explanation, will only serve to convince friends and family you are developing mental health issues. Even when others hear these things too, admitting you always have will still bring the same response.

There are a million different theories as to what causes these things, but nobody really knows for sure. All we know for sure is that they DO happen. You are not alone.

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posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 12:01 AM
classic poltergeist actively. I'm glad you were smart enough just to leave.

three train of thoughts on what it meant be.

A intelligent haunting or a demonic entity, or wild animals that you aren't familiar of, but are native to that part of the world.

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posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 02:03 AM

originally posted by: Halfswede
Sometimes things are exactly what they seem. Things absolutely exist that can only be seen with the third eye/tianmu. People who can't see often simply disregard it all as nonsense.

Other times there is some mundane thing like a refrigerator compressor or plumbing that makes noises in the night. One does not negate the existence of the other.

I do agree but wanted to add that some souls cannot even see it even if they do have a little third eye activation.
. Do not mean it does not exist on another dimensional plane or another.

Op if you have a trouble with the unknown choose to know in yourself that even if you notice these things the cannot really harm you if you do not allow it and there is nothing to really to fear than fear itself.
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posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 02:49 AM
Thank you all for the awesome replies. I too really tried to rationalise it away as animals and even got up in the crawl space to have a look during the day time hours but there wernt droppings or anything that I could see. The biggest thing I had trouble explaining away is really the voices/murmurings because I tried to debunk that by going outside to listen for it on the wind and there was nothing. I also isolated the houses electricity thinking it might be the electricty giving me the creeps but it made no difference.

I should also have mentioned that I had some wicked nightmares whilst I was asleep there...but thats likely down to my lack of sleep and heightened sense of awareness than anything in the house. To be honest with you...the whole experience felt more like taunting. you know, where there is something pissing you off on purpose. Which upset me a little because my natural reaction is to fight and confront...and how do you do that when there isnt anyone in the house to confront. I never felt sorrow or depression or happiness or joy from whatever was there...just taunting.

Ultimately, I dont kn ow what was there/not there but I suspect I def wasnt in control of the situation.

I would just like to know why I was singled out and not my wife.
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posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 04:16 AM
a reply to: aussiefly

Classic case of 'Djinn' i dont personally use that term but for the sake of using labels, it is the easiest thing for you to research and understand what i am speaking of. It was probably living in the room you decided not to use hence the uneasy vibes. They are attracted to clutter/mess, stagnant areas with low activity. They are usually fairly neutral towards people until you decide to stay in an area they declared their space, then you have a problem. They do not like having company and most will be completely unwilling to negotiate. They will drive you out by various techniques, what you described is the typical but it can be worse depending on the spiritual development of the entity. Some are strong some are not. I dont know why people see this as stuff as make believe, it has been common knowledge to almost every culture in the world for thousands of years, but i suppose us westerners have been born into a molded society. Who they target completely depends on your auric fields vibration, your wife's may have not been an issue to the entity but you obviously created some discord for some reason. Djinn can search your emotional body (life experience) if they find something they do not like they are known to make wild attacks for no reason.

posted on Oct, 29 2014 @ 07:49 AM
a reply to: aussiefly

I'm also not really a big believer in the paranormal nor have I ever had any ghost experiences before.

You have now!

Certainly, there was something there! You and your wife both "picked up" on it as soon as you went upstairs. We all have intuition... a sixth sense. People need to pay attention to it!

It was trying to wear you down by messing with your sleep so it could gain control, or attach to you easier.
This happening around 3 a.m. also tells me it was an evil spirit, or worse, a demon. They use that hour to "haunt" as a way to mock the Trinity.
I'm really glad you didn't stay any longer, because then you would have started experiencing ever more negative things.

Pay attention to how you feel, your state of mind, and how your relationships with others go. If you see any changes, it might have attached to you and followed you home. But, I don't think it did, or you would still be having problems with your sleep.

If you ever do experience any of the things I mentioned, contact me. I know someone who can help you get rid of it.

I should also have mentioned that I had some wicked nightmares whilst I was asleep there...but thats likely down to my lack of sleep and heightened sense of awareness than anything in the house.

The nightmares were the evil spirit "getting inside your head" while your mind was in that altered state. This is the easiest time for them to attack us (mentally).

Geeze! No wonder the owner has to rent that place out by the week/month; no one will stay there any longer!

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