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Ottawa Shooting: More victims... Our right to free speach.

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posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 08:04 PM
Well people need to stop catering to fear and always speak up.

This new bill hasn't really changed things. We do have a mysterious imprisonment, for a whole year without charges and now an indictment?

Such as the case of Dean Clifford.

And that one needs to be addressed ASAP.

We have to always speak up. And the cobra's sitting in office pretending they're human, but in reality they're very small juvenile punks, spirit wise, don't impress me much. I have alot to say to them and about them and will never be quiet.
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posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 06:07 PM
This is not good. What controls are left to stop agents from completely fabricating a case?


Give "greater protection" to confidential sources without having to identify them in court proceedings, even to the judge.

"Best and most accurate evidence" ... my arse. Check this out.

Evan Solomon just asked the minister of public safety minister about the new bill on 'Power and Politics'

Minister of Public Safety: "It will clarify the role of CSIS, and also by protecting the witness with some protection for ndividual rights ...uhh.. making sure we can track those individual and at a very early stage... but of course.. uh... I was there today, we need to move forward Evan.

Solomon: "Can you give, for example, what you will be giving security forces to do?"

Minister: "ah ah what I can give you some ah ah insura... insurance tonight ah Evan, is that ah we ah don't expect to over react, we want to have a rational approach, a reasonable, respecting Canadian values, individual rights. But this being said we can not afford to under react to the terror threat and the attacks WE have been victims of

So not even a judge can know the identity of an informant and in order to track the informant, the surveillance of that person is also secret.

If the opposition challenges this bill, it will be used as ammo against them in the looming election.

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 06:30 PM
CBC Power and Politics ballot box:

Should police have more powers to limit movements of suspected radicals?

Yes 19%
No 79%

posted on Nov, 8 2014 @ 04:50 AM
a reply to: MALBOSIA

Thank you my freind for posting such an informative and organized post of the hypocrisy we live in.

all the best to you and your family

posted on Nov, 8 2014 @ 04:55 AM
a reply to: MALBOSIA

Evan soloman is puppet please don't believe anything he says.

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