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posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 01:01 PM
This is my first one on this board....

She was never going back, she couldn't or she would be dead. She thought about what happened the last few hours and sobbed quietly. She was almost to Chicago, she had to hold out till she arrived, then she could cry on her best friend, Liz's, shoulder. It wasn't supposed to be this way. This is what she dreamed of her whole life. As a little girl she imagined this time to be romantic and exciting, not scary and gruesome. The only good point of the days events was that she got out in time. If she actually did the nuptials with this, she would have been truly sorry, and again dead.

It was really dark, no one was on the road, just a long drive on I-88 from Iowa to Chicago. She thought about how she would miss her old small town. She should call her mother in the morning so she doesn't worry about where she's at. It's going to be a huge shock to everyone.

Hopefully no one enter's her and Bryce's home or they will be shocked at what they find. How could she have been in love with him for two years and not know this devestating secret? When he changed, things got ugly, wine glasses shattered to the ground, shards of glass stuck to the wall like glue. Champagne bottles were thrown, one was still lodged in the wall across from the kitchen sink. The other well, the other she used to hit Bryce over the head with so she could get away. She doubted he would be unconsious for long, and feared his rath. That's why she just had to leave for a few months, a restraining order wouldn't stop a man, let alone a monster.

Tears rolled down her face as she realized the day she planned her whole life for wasn't going to happen. Devestation flooded through her, she couldn't let herself break down yet, she had to get to Chicago in one piece. Then she could let herself cry. A horn wailing behind her snapped her our of her daze. "What!!!" she screamed to herself. She was going twenty over the speed limit as it was. The two headlights were blinding her, the car behind her was right on her tail. Fear shaked through her, there was no way Bryce knew where she was going, no way. She couldn't make out the driver of the vehicle, but could see it was a black car. Bryce's car was also black, but he had a BMW, she couldn't make out the model of the car.

Suddenly her car lurched forward, the jerk behind her and bumped her, she swerved into the next lane to avoid collision with the cement wall. The jerk was pulling up next to her, she was terrified but she had to look to see who was driving the car next to her.


posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by diana

Now this is from my friend sparda4355 I just hooked him on ATS this week but he has yet to receive writer status. He found this thread I started YEARS ago and has decided to add to it.. so this is from him:

Alas her worst fear had become a reality! The lunatic that was becoming increasingly more aggressive sadly enough turned out to be none other than Bryce himself. Out of reflex and complete adrenalin she swerved her vehicle into Bryce’s sending him into the ditch and upside down.

Through her rear view mirror she could see smoke billowing from his engine, but unfortunately she stared a moment too long because as her eyes readjusted to the road ahead she realized she was still in the wrong lane and driving straight into the approaching headlights of a speeding semi! She yanked the wheel to the right just in the nick of time, but regrettably also just a little too hard because several hours later her eyes opened to the warm and stinging sensation of blood trickling through them…

As her eyes came into focus she saw the hood of her vehicle pressed firmly against the now busted up glass that makes up her windshield! Out of what used to be her passenger window she could now faintly make out what looks like uncut grass, out her driver’s side window she could make out nothing more than the beautiful and now faint stars that make up the nights sky! She has no idea how long she has been unconscious and a very distorted and limited memory of how she got to be this way! She manages to break her seatbelt lose and falls painfully to her passenger door. She realizes her only way out of the vehicle is going to be through the back window if she can manage to kick it out! As she maneuvers her way into the back seat she feels the sharp sensation of broken glass cutting into the palms of her hands and right through her jeans into her knees! Although this being the least of her problems she continues movement as if the pain didn’t even exist. Finally after several failed attempts the whole back window comes out in one big piece!

She slides through the whole and slowly works her way to the top of the hill that she had apparently slid down at sixty plus in her several thousand pound vehicle! As if the story of her life was being written by satan himself, her only wish that Bryce would still be unconscious or even better off dead in his now burning vehicle was unfulfilled!!! Being illuminated by the flaming ball of fire that at one point was a brand new black BMW was none other than Bryce himself! Only now it appeared as though he had somehow evolved into…

[edit on 2/13/2008 by diana]

posted on Feb, 15 2008 @ 02:48 PM
. . . or morphed into something resembling Michael Jackson in the
"Thriller" video. And he was bleeding profusely ! As he stumbled torwards
her, saliva and blood flew off him in mixed globules that sprayed three feet
out in front. He would be upon her in a matter of seconds. She saw what
appeared to be a green shard sticking out from the side of his head, and
recognized it as part of the champagne bottle she had used to disable him
long enough to make her initial escape. Terror seized her, and for a
moment she was unable to move at all. Twenty feet away now, Bryce, or
what was left of Bryce, stumbled to his knees and coughed into the ground.
It was then she bolted down the road, away into the darkness.

She hitched a ride with a trucker and continued on her journey to Chicago.
I-88 never felt so comfortable, nor so civilized. Watching the traffic drive
by in the night, she began to re-live the unbearable changes Bryce had
inflicted on her over the last few months. How could this wonderful man
change from a loving teddy bear that she had agreed to marry, into a
fiendish, dominating, hate-filled individual she barely knew anymore ?
Was it really his job doing this to him ? He had bad dreams about his work,
dreams that made him scream out in the middle of the night. She had
questioned him numerous times, but got nowhere. All he ever said was that his job was getting harder every day. The stress was getting to him.
She remembered how happy he had been when he first got the job.


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