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Post your strange dreams here.

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posted on Jun, 1 2003 @ 04:31 AM
I for one have had 3 strange dreams, only 2 are ufo ones though, the other one was when I felt a ghostly spirit in the spare room of my house, which is quite freaky to go into....

ONce I had a dream where i went into our kitchen and saw 2 black ufo's hovering about 2 metres off the ground, I ran to tell my mum but I staggered and fell...

The other one i had last night I could stare at people and make them freaked, I'm classing that as UFO becuase I watched a movie called Taken last night and this half alien half human culd scare people by staring at them.....

posted on Jun, 1 2003 @ 08:33 PM
Strange dreams are normal for me now. Just about once or twice a months I'll wake up in sleep paralysis and see things (lights, noises). All that reading on lucid dreaming and OBEs has me messed up. Even talking about this now I'll probably wake up tomorrow morning paralysed until I start freaking out and wake up like I always do. I could definatly have an OBE if I wanted to, but I don't want to (at least not yet). I also have dreams that i'm flying. For some reason I'm almost always using branches or twigs as "wings" (yeah... wierd). But there was this one time that I woke up (I dreamed that I woke up) and there were two black helicopters flying low to the ground with about 10 troops climbing down ropes and dispersing. I looked out through the blinds then I woke up in a cold sweat.

posted on Jun, 1 2003 @ 08:51 PM
When I have a fever I have weird dreams and i hate having dreams when everything is big

posted on Jun, 1 2003 @ 09:36 PM
Well Last night I dreamed that I got home from somewhere and when I went into my bathroom to take a shower there were these two hot chicks there...... oh wait.... you said strange dreams.... nevermind then.

posted on Jun, 1 2003 @ 11:40 PM
When i'm sick I always get bad dreams. Once I dreamed when I was really sick that there was a "evil pc" floating beside me.It was really freaky.

posted on Jun, 2 2003 @ 07:53 AM
heh, shocky, I think you and your comptuer need some time apart. Get some fresh air

posted on Jun, 2 2003 @ 02:31 PM
I hate sleep paralysis i scares the crap outta me!!!!

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 04:10 AM
Well, I've just remembered a dream of seeing a mothership with a huge amount of lights on it in the paddock across the road (about the size of a football field). That felt pretty real.

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 12:54 PM
i have major problems trying top sleep as if im scared to
,then when i wake up im always stood at my window looking out
,plus i can remember saying "im here,im here" which is worrying

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 02:31 PM

Originally posted by MorbidAngel2010
When I have a fever I have weird dreams and i hate having dreams when everything is big

Ooh the fever thing causing bad dreams is because of heat. Don't ask me to back it up. But just try it. If it's warm where you live and you get all warm blankets on yuor bed and your realy warm when ur asleep you get nightmares. Or atleast I do. That's mostly why I freeze half my uhm off when I sleep.

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed these things came to my room last night (After I became active in the paranoid world again) and sticked something in my neck. Right now I got a zit on the spot where I dreamed they sticked something. Now that is freaky.
I know it might have ben an insect. But I beleive that's highly unlikely. You see I had the windows and door closed (althought the door was open when I woke up) and well I'm kinda a neat freak at times. (Die insicts. your not going to spy on my with little cameras on bugs)
Anyone mind going all Freadian over what I dreamt?

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 03:34 PM
Freud had the best explanation of the purpose of dreams I've studied.

'Dreamwork' is what your levels of mind are doing in an effort to keep you asleep and give your body and brain rest. For this to happen you will have a constant interplay between these things:

* the physical sensations your body is feeling (hot, cold, pain, a morbid urge to urinate...)
* whatever was in your conscious and pre-conscious mind when you fell asleep, and what was going to come up in your logical train of thought
* deep-seated fears, urges and repressed emotional reactions to events from the unconscious, which are always bubbling under, and which when they become too powerful or shocking will wake you up.

You felt something on your neck as you slept. What that was remains a mystery. As you felt it, your mind responded to it, and if you happened to have been thinking about aliens or UFOs, in your sleep state it was quite comfortable for your mind to explain it away as an innocent alien jab. You are not uncomfortable with the thought of alien experiments involving jabbing your neck so you didn't wake up.

Clever aliens, aren't they?

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 03:54 PM
Iv had tons of freaky dreams, I had this dream once that i was being chased through a subwaystation by some military personal...they looked like commandos, i dunno why they were chasing me, but they were, they conered my off at this pedway which connects to a mall. i looked both ways and saw that i was cornered. I looked at one of the commandos and said just make it quike ( death ), he shot me in the head, and i my dream... then i remember waking up in this big tank and i looked around and i coudl see scientests, and military officers. the tank i was in was pretty big and it was like green murky water too. i looked in my tank and could see lil snake like things swimming around all over me, they looked like eels actually. One of them swam right at me and into my mouth then forced its way inside of me, i remember the others ones attacking me too. Next thing i know..Im standing outside the tank and looking at my self, my hands and body, i was much much bigger, tall and i looked very lizard like, thier was more to the dream, but i cant remember. Thats about was weird...and freaky..and actaully kinda cool...
tell me what you think

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