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OMG James Spader is Ultron!

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posted on Nov, 2 2014 @ 02:13 PM
a reply to: RossWellOldMexico

Sorry you disagree but that doesn't make you correct. You assume it's a death sentence but it's not and hasn't been for the longest time.

I forgot that 18 awards that Neil Patrick Harris won means he is a bad actor. Here is the theater work that he has done.
-Hedwig and the Angry Inch [Broadway] Original Broadway Production, 2014
-Tick, tick... BOOM! [London Fringe] London Revival, 2005
-Children And Art [Broadway] Stephen Sondheim Tribute Benefit, 2005
-Assassins [Broadway] Roundabout Revival, 2004
-Assassins [Broadway] Roundabout Revival [Cancelled], 2001
-Proof [Broadway] Broadway Transfer, 2000
-Sweeney Todd [Off-Broadway] New York Concert, 2000
-Sweeney Todd [Regional (US)] Reprise! Concert, 1999
-Cabaret [Broadway] Roundabout Revival, 1998
-Luck, Pluck, and Virtue [Off-Broadway] 1995

How about Nathan Lane? He does movies, tv shows and theater. He's won 9 awards & has been nominated 17 times
-It's Only a Play [Broadway] Broadway Revival, 2014
-The Nance [Broadway] Original Broadway Production, 2013
-The Addams Family [Broadway] Original Broadway Production, 2010
-Waiting for Godot [Broadway] Roundabout Revival, 2009
-November [Broadway] Original Broadway Production, 2008
-Catch Me If You Can [New York] Reading, 2007
-Butley [Broadway] Broadway Revival, 2006
-Catch Me If You Can [New York] Workshop, 2006
-The Odd Couple [Broadway] Broadway Revival, 2005
-Catch Me If You Can [New York] Reading, 2005
-Dedication or The Stuff of Dreams [Off-Broadway] 2005
-The Producers [West End] London Production, 2004
-The Frogs [Broadway] Original Broadway Production, 2004
-Trumbo: Red White and Blacklisted [Off-Broadway] 2003
-The Play What I Wrote [Broadway] Original Broadway Production, 2003
-The Producers [Broadway] Original Broadway Production, 2001
-The Man Who Came to Dinner [Broadway] Roundabout Revival, 2000
-The Frogs [Regional (US)] Regional Concert, 2000
-Wise Guys [New York] Workshop, 1999
-Do Re Mi [Off-Broadway] Encores! Concert, 1999
-Mizlansky/Zilinsky or "Schmucks" [Off-Broadway] 1998
-Angela Lansbury - A Celebration [Broadway] Angela Lansbury Tribute Benefit, 1996
-A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum [Broadway] Broadway Revival, 1996
-Love! Valour! Compassion! [Broadway] 1995
-Love! Valour! Compassion! [Off-Broadway] 1994
-Laughter on the 23rd Floor [Broadway] 1993
-Guys and Dolls [Broadway] Broadway Revival, 1992
-On Borrowed Time [Broadway] 1991
-Lips Together, Teeth Apart [Off-Broadway] 1991
-Some Americans Abroad [Broadway] 1990
-Bad Habits [Off-Broadway] 1990
-Assassins [New York] Reading, 1989
-The Lisbon Traviata [Off-Broadway] 1989
-The Lisbon Traviata [Off-Broadway] 1989
-In a Pig's Valise [Off-Broadway] 1989
-The Film Society [Off-Broadway] 1988
-Claptrap [Off-Broadway] 1987
-The Common Pursuit [Off-Broadway] 1986
-Wind in the Willows [Broadway] Original Broadway Production, 1985
-Measure for Measure [Off-Broadway] 1985
-She Stoops to Conquer [Off-Broadway] 1984
-Love [Off-Broadway] Original Off-Broadway Production, 1984
-Merlin [Broadway] Original Broadway Production, 1983
- Present Laughter [Broadway] 1982

I'm not even going to include Mathew Broderick because I'm sure his theater list is around the same as Neil or Nathan.

I'm done trying to reason with you because you just shoot everything down based on your own opinions and not the facts.

posted on Nov, 2 2014 @ 09:32 PM
a reply to: Sabiduria

I don't see an Oscar or an Emmy in that list of Harris's resume. Harris's career was tanking until he broke the Doogie Houser image portraying himself in "Harold and Kumar Goes To White Castle". It's the major awards or nothing that garner prestige and fame. Anything else is small time.

When did Nathan Lane get into this discussion? He's got talent. Lane is a triple threat.

I'm done also. You haven't proven anything to me about failed T. V. actors making the transitions to major Hollywood movies or visa- versa.

Good Day to you.

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