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Michael sams cut again

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posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 04:59 PM

The first openly gay player turns out to be the 10,312th openly bad player.
Yeah I made that number up.
He was not cut because of his sexual preference, he was just no good.
Same for Tim tebow, he was not good enough either.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 05:02 PM
I know nothing about football but I have to admit, some fans may think there's a connection between his cut and his sexual preference.

What was his performance like? How bad? S + F

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 05:05 PM
a reply to: Yeahkeepwatchingme

He was cut from the practice squad.. so I can only assume he didn't play very well.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 05:06 PM
a reply to: Hoosierdaddy71


posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 05:12 PM
a reply to: Yeahkeepwatchingme

He don't have to be "bad" to be cut from the teams. Most the players in the NFL play at such an extraordinary level that even if your "good" that's not good enough to compete with the others.

The last coach said he needed a lot of work to be able to play at the level he needed to.

I don't think it was a gay thing, he is just a good athlete but not a great one. Could be someday if he works at it maybe but now he isn't.

Till I went to a game in Green Bay and saw it in person I didn't comprehend the speed and power involved in the game.
If you watch football on TV it is very misleading. Those guys are Extremely extraordinarily FAST and it just don't come across on the TV.

Watching Bret Favre throw a football was crazy. The speed and accuracy was incredible. during the warm ups before the game he was hitting the small pylons at the corners of the end zone from 70-80 yards away and the ball was a bullet. Took me forever to get a picture of him throwing it. By the time I hit the shutter button the receiver already had the

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 05:18 PM
a reply to: mwood

Very true,
Making it as far as he did is something to proud of doing. Unfortunately the media made his sexual preference more important than his on field play.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 05:22 PM
The Dallas Cowboys never cut Troy Aikman because he was gay... it is all about how well you play the game, not sexual orientation.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 05:57 PM
In this case, I don't think the circus he created around himself helped his case any. Honestly, if the guy had developed the right skills, he'd still be there. My alma has developed some very fine players for the NFL, most of them were never better than 3-star candidates coming out of high school, and some of them were former walk-ons ... like Jordy Nelson.

I'm guessing Sams had the ability, but not the will to develop it and make it NFL worthy.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 06:01 PM
Something else to take into consideration. You do not have to be bad to be taken off the practice squad. Some teams are constantly moving guys in and out of the practice squad. They sometimes need spots due to injury or other factors.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 06:08 PM

originally posted by: butcherguy
The Dallas Cowboys never cut Troy Aikman because he was gay... it is all about how well you play the game, not sexual orientation.

Shhh...don't you know about the down low?

Knew a few guys that played in the NFL...not close personal friends, but we would have a drink or two (or a bottle of Hennessey, who's to know?) And there are PLENTY of people in the NFL that like the company of their fellow man in a physical sense off the field.

No. I won't name names. Is it a big deal? Not really...for the most part.

"Ain't none of my business, I just work with him"

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: the owlbear

It is a job. If you are good, you earn more. If you suck, you are looking for work.

BTW, I didn't actually say that Troy was gay, technically.

It is up to the individual, but I think it would be easier for up and coming players that are gay if some of the big name would come out of the closet.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 07:08 PM
a reply to: butcherguy

Yeah, but at the same time, I think it might make the NFL a worse thing overall. It might make it easier and then again it might not.

To play football correctly you need everyone working tightly together on the same page. It's like a human chess match or war with tightly executed strategies and you have to depend on everyone else to be where they are supposed to be.

The last thing you want is the added drama of adding sexual tension to the mix. If everyone is out and open, then you start having to add that and it gets harder to be a team the same way you wonder about your coworkers. Sure, it's there to a small extent now, but it's also not a big public issue exactly, either.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 07:10 PM
a reply to: butcherguy

Straight up gay players...not that many. More than Joe six pack thinks, but not that many. Players who have wives/girlfriends and kids who might need a little "release" with all that testosterone build up...yeah.

I could go into detail...Universe knows my sources did..but as you said, if just one past or present marquee player came would lessen the stigma.
But it is a business. Look at how vehement cake makers are let alone the light beer filled good Christian church skippers watching the game being told by conservative media to boycott products or teams. like PETA and Mike Vick style...but being gay isn't hurting anyone with fur or without.

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posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 08:16 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

Jordy Nelson has some skills....

I am biased though.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 08:44 PM
a reply to: the owlbear

I look at it this way though: I presently work in a pod with three other women. We all are either married or have boyfriends. None of us is worried about inter-office romance drama, overt or subtle, because it doesn't exist. None of us is worried that any of the others is thinking about inter-office drama.

Add a man into the mix and you inject the possibility for inter-office drama, subtle or overt ... unless he happens to be gay which is a possibility in my line of work.

Right now, there is no overt inter-office drama of the sexual type in the NFL because no one is out of the closet gay. When someone comes out, that possibility opens up along with any subtle drama no one talks about openly now. Will that strengthen or weaken the team dynamic?

edit on 21-10-2014 by ketsuko because: (no reason given)

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 09:31 PM
No no no...

This is obviously bigoted, sexist, and racist behavior. It has to be. Because he is there. Never mind his football skills were marginal, that is just hateful people talking. Occupy the NFL! //sarc off//

OK, a little over the top. Sorry. But what does his gayness or straightness have to do with football? I never understood this. Maybe he thought it would aid in not getting cut? Maybe it was those around him making him an only marginally willing cause-celeb? Maybe he was trying to make a statement?

There are those who claim this guy helps gay athletes achieve a foothold in professional sports. In which professional sports is sexual orientation a measured performance skill?

posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 10:14 AM
a reply to: Hoosierdaddy71

I would like to disagree with you about Tin Tebow.

posted on Nov, 17 2014 @ 06:11 AM
a reply to: American-philosopher

If Micheal Sam and Tim Tebow want to improve their game they should give the CFL a try. The CFL game is faster, the field is longer and wider. The league plays a longer schedule. It's a quarterback pass-happy league. Most NFL teams passing game resembles the CFL game. Mind you the pay grade is small, but NFL greats like Bud Grant, Marv Levy, Joe Theismann, Warren Moon, Doug Flutie and present star like Cameron Wake got they start in the Great White North.

Tebow has the physical skills, but not the QB skills to be a legit NFL QB. If Tebow worked his game up north, he'd be a NFL starter by now once he returned to the NFL. Sam would be welcomed regardless of his sexual orientation.

Rumor had it that the Montreal Allouettes had a verbal agreement with Russell Wilson on contingency that he gives an NFL shot first. One preseason injury to Travaris Jackson and he leads the Seattle Seahawks to a Superbowl win.

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