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Sweden searching for a Russian sub ...

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posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 01:45 PM
a reply to: bjarneorn

Military powers test each other all the time. Even friendly nations spy on their allies, as was proven by revelations that the NSA and GCHQ have been listening in on European leaders both at summits and in their own countries.

There are plenty of examples of Russia poking around and testing military responses, and plenty of examples of the US, UK and NATO doing the same. This is not unusual.

The Russian flights "near" other countries airspace is the same thing, it's nothing more than testing response times, testing out new equipment, even seeing what the public and media responses will be - which crosses over from hardware to intelligence.

However, it's an entirely different thing when a plane actually encroaches into the airspace of another country, as Russia has done recently with Sweden. When the military of another nation actually invades your airspace you better make sure you have an appropriate response, which is why Sweden scrambled fighters to escort them out. Make no mistake about this, Russia is the aggressor here.

Now, given that Russia HAS annexed Crimea, HAS been PROVEN to be involved in destabilizing Eastern Ukraine (whatever people here want to claim about US involvement, the evidence speaks for itself and no claims of "but the US did THIS" can excuse it) and has been accused of murdering hundreds of people by supplying weapons used to shoot down a passenger plane, Sweden has every reason to be concerned, and every right to be searching its own waters for whoever it believes might be there.

No one here knows half of what is actually going on, and what might actually be misinformation released by Sweden, but given the information we have and what we are expected to believe, Sweden is perfectly justified, it's not paranoia, it's national defense.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: bjarneorn

I knew a guy that worked for the government. We talked for a bit about a Russian sub that actually snuck into a US harbor. I dont think this was reported. It was testing some new stealth he said that everyone was really interested in.

I dont know if thats true but it makes sense. Maybe even some cold war tech that was lost on a back shelf, dusted off and completed...

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 03:07 PM
To sum things up a bit, I'll provide yet another transation from a Finnish news source. It's a time-line for all of the events in the Baltic Sea since the beginning of this month.

Here we go then:

Wednesday and Thursday night 1-2.10.
The Swedish military boat collides with an unidentified object navigaatioharjoituksessaan Kanholmsfjärdenillä in the Stockholm archipelago, tells Dagens Nyheter. Four soldiers forced the water. According to preliminary investigation results show that the boat crashed into the water olleeseen buoys. The case will be made ​​public outcry because of a submarine.

Weekend 4th-5.10.
The Russian-owned oil tanker NS Concord arrives in St. Petersburg to Stockholm archipelago to the foreground and stay there for a discovery tour. The beginning of the submarine will stir the suspect submarine escort. Experts show different views of the oil tanker suitability for a post. The ship remains in the area Tuesday, 21.10. up, but then turns back towards the Gulf of Finland. According to the owner of the ship has been waiting offshore oil cargo in the Russian port of Primorsk and will now pick it up. Plans are, therefore, one way or another changed, because originally it had been informed of the direction of the Danish straits.

On Monday, 13.10
Stockholm archipelago begins Thursday resistant Sweden and the Netherlands, a joint naval exercise. It involves, among other things, a Dutch submarine, which, together with other Dutch vessels to continue the trip to Estonia. Later, on Monday, 20.10, RiaNovosti news agency reported on an anonymous source in the Russian Defense Ministry claiming that the search for the submarine would be the Dutch.

On Thursday evening 16.10. Svenska Dagbladet, the Swedish signals intelligence had been abducted by a Russian emergency channel Following the Russian-speaking radio conversation. The content has not been told. The Swedish Armed Forces denied on Sunday that it would be aware of the emergency signal or communications emergency frequency.

On Friday morning, 17.10.
Individual A makes Svenska Dagbladet, the Kanholmsfjärdenillä "underwater activities" related to perception, which he reported to the Swedish Armed Forces. The finding is expected to be reliable, and the armed forces to start a couple of hours for large operation in the area. It will also be a short briefing, but the details of or relating to the evidence to be searched are not told.

On Friday afternoon, 17.10.
The suspected underwater operation of an observation was made, of which the armed forces will on Sunday. Place told Nämdöfjärden. Later, it appears that the location information is described inaccurately.

Friday night at 17.10.
Swedish signals intelligence intercepts Svenska Dagbladet, the encrypted radio debate, locate the search area and the Russian region of Kaliningrad between. This information about the armed forces is not directly commented on.

On Saturday, 18.10.
Another individual detects the archipelago Korsö military area near the black clad, reppuselkäisen man exploring the beaches, tells Dagens Nyheter. He takes the man multiple images, upload them to social media and to inform the observation Swedish Armed Forces. According to the newspaper he had been interrogated, and he saw a man had begun to look for. The Defence Forces will not comment on the finding in any way.

On Monday, 20.10.
Swedish TV4 to find a man and interview him. The Ove called a pensioner living in the same area, Sandhamn, and tells you to hold the fish in a place where he had described. On Saturday, the fish did not come.

Saturday night 18.10.
The Swedish Armed Forces tells a press conference to expand the operation.

Saturday night 18.10.
Svenska Dagbladet publishes news regarding the abduction of radio communications, as well as the NS Concord peculiar movement. The ship starts to move towards the east, but will still be in the local area. The Swedish Armed Forces does not deny or confirm the information.

On Sunday morning, 19.10.
An Individual Jungfrufjärdenillä your water on the surface of the visible object, which is different commentators consider either certainly or at least potentially, submarine or mini-submarine. The Russian news agency Interfax reported on the Russian Defense Ministry sources with reference to that of the Russian Navy submarines and other vessels have been in emergency situations.

On Sunday, 19.10.
Striking the Gulf of Finland to the west, thus possibly towards the search area, moving the Russian research vessel Professor Logatshev, which is used to study the seabed. Vessel's goal is to AIS data marked with Las Palmas. Ship explains, among other things, the Norwegian Dagbladet. Two Dutch warship veikkaillaan AIS data on the basis of the next Professor Logatshevia. Ships were apparently involved in the Swedish-Dutch exercise in Stockholm and from there came to practice, as well as naval visit to Tallinn, from where they went back towards the west. On Monday, the Swedish research vessel bypass and continue the journey towards the Danish straits, as is apparently the Dutch ships.

On Sunday night 19.10.
The Swedish Armed Forces announced at a press conference this morning's image, which shows the surface of which has become an unknown object, and showed maps from three different observation sites. Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad says the defense forces to keep it probable that the region has a foreign underwater activities. At the same time challenged, that would be known to emergency communications, but other news radio traffic would not comment directly.

On Monday, shows that the observation locations was reported misleadingly, because too precise information is desired to give.

Monday afternoon 20.10.
The Swedish Armed Forces closes the area in the Stockholm archipelago from all forms of civilian traffic, but later decrypt the insulation. Flying area is prohibited.

On Monday evening 20.10.
The Swedish public broadcaster SVT note that on Sunday published photograph was taken from a different location than was told. Grenstad says that the information presented is inaccurate, so as not they would benefit from them. He regretted that it was not explained this to the media.

On Tuesday, 21.10.
Dagens Nyheter says exploration vessels to have "contact" in one of the underwater ingarö on the south side. Several warships meet the scene for hours, and there will also be seen divers. In the evening, held a news conference, describing only two new public observation.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 03:09 PM
I have been trying to follow this story for the past couple days. It kind of has that "Hunt for Red October" vibe to it. It will be interesting if we ever hear an outcome of this one, or if it will be one of those stories that just disappears.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 07:33 PM
The Russian ship Professor Logachev is heading back towards Sweden, this time from the south..

link in swedish

Lots of info. I suggest using google translate

edit on 21-10-2014 by puolikuu because: added link

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 07:42 PM

originally posted by: TheGreazel
Already a bunch of posts about this subject , could the Mods do something about it , people want to share information , so if needed i put my information in multiple threads.

And it's not about chasing subs anymore, either. Perhaps the name of the thread could be changed since it's the same topic that has just evolved.

Like 'The Baltic Sea Military Operation Thread' or something?

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 09:57 PM
a reply to: LittleByLittle

But försvaret (Swedish defense) will probably get the money they want now for new equipment.

Yes this is an interesting fact - Sweden was supposedly cutting their military budget, while Norway increased just a bit. They might be willing to stage /or exaggerate something to get public support.

As I said its reminiscent of the cold war when america sent a sub to sweden to try to coerce them to join nato...

Unrelated, I think, but there was a Russian fuel tanker adrift off the coast of BC
Vancouver Sun article
wouldnt seem suspicious except for all the incidents recently

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 10:07 PM
subs are equipped with gps now so they shouldnt go missing
probably will show up eventually

posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 12:46 AM

originally posted by: puolikuu
The Russian ship Professor Logachev is heading back towards Sweden, this time from the south..

link in swedish

Lots of info. I suggest using google translate

Thanks for the heads up , Sweden is North of Las Palmas by quite some miles
i wonder why they aren't going to Las Palmas.

If it is possible to detect Submersibles , maybe the russians are using it to gather information about NATO Subs or other nations Subs , i can imagine using a civilian vessel in this situation since it is not as obvious as a Naval vessel.

I shared the information about the equipment on board , since dept research is not my area of expertise i dont know if this equipment is able to detect submarines , maybe the Navy Vets can shed light on this.

still nothing on Vessel finder , out of range or turned off :

posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 12:54 PM
And so it begins in Norway too.. (in norwegian)

Unknown sub spotted, and taped, right outside Stord at the west coast of Norway. Will be interesting to see what comes of this. Looks like an Ula sub to me, thats what the Norwegian navy runs. This isn`t that far from Haakonsvern, the main naval base of the Norwegian navy.

Regardless, the debate on the sorry state of the Norwegian armed forces will only gain traction from this.

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edit on 22-10-2014 by MrSinister because: (no reason given)

posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 02:13 AM

originally posted by: bjarneorn
a reply to: Ridhya

I did dismiss as hysteria, until I saw the stealth sub ... but I am certain it's manipulation of the public, to make the public "scared" of Russians.

It's McCarthy era II.

You do know McCarthy turned out to be right don't you?

posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 02:39 AM
a reply to: Ridhya

You throw up every day? Are you bulimic?

What does throwing up have to do with ebola? I thought bleeding from your eyes, ears, anus, nose, and having bloody vomit/diarrhea was the big tell they had ebola?

posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 05:09 AM
a reply to: Hijinx
Nope, much, much worse.

Im not sure if ebola makes them throw up more or something, but I believe so because there was that incident where a suspicious woman threw up in Washington (I believe it was), and people freaked out. It was on ATS recently, suspected she did it on purpose to cause panic, as she was in pandemic insurance.

posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 02:55 PM
a reply to: Ridhya

Hmmm, interesting. I still don't understand the ebola hype. Don't come in contact with the individuals bodily fluids and you are fine.

I can not remember being so close to anyone in public that i ingested their bodily fluids, so maybe I'm the anomaly in the western world. I just don't get the hysteria, this isn't like the cold or flu it's a virus that spreads very quickly in the third world due to cramp living spaces, no proper waste management, no water treatment and no access to first world healthcare.

One member gets sick the entire family is sleeping in the exact same space, sharing eating utensils, that infected individuals bodily excretions get into water supplies and others around them in turn get sick from those sources of exposure.

Alas, we are derailing a thread about Russian submarines and the swedes. To which I honestly don't have much to add at this time.

posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 08:26 PM
a reply to: Hijinx

ahahah oh you should try swapping body fluids in public some time!
Yeah its hype and panic as usual, like 2012 and y2k, swine flu and sars, etc. Panic sells.

Its an interesting relation to this topic though, because as I mentioned before in the cold war US sent a submarine into sweden to convince them it was Russian, trying to cause a panic to get them to join NATO. Panic for a desired outcome

posted on Oct, 24 2014 @ 06:14 PM
Ok some interesting info here. Four weeks ago I was talking with someone I know who told me that friends of his son were fishing off the east coast of Florida about 30 miles out. They witnessed a Russian sub surface and reported it when they returned. About a week later my teenage kids were at the Ft. Pierce Jetty with friends around 2am hanging out. They witnessed a battle out at sea taking place and two military personnel ran past them in fatigues to the end of the jetty to watch what was happening. Could this possibly be an damage sub unable to return to base? That's my two cents for what it's worth.

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