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Most People Ignored This Homeless Man, But Those Who Looked Closer Were In For A Surprise

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posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 02:39 AM
a reply to: halfpint0701

Angelchmuel seems to have a very low opinion of all people, even those who make the smallest gestures of kindness to others.

That's a bit of a sweeping statement.
I'll expand on my original post. My future son in law got cross because of her attitude (you had to be there). He got cross because why couldn't she have just taken the peperoni off? He couldn't offer to buy her anything's a small town in the UK, everything was shut. You forget he'd spotted her a few times. He has given to the homeless on many, many occasions. As it happens, I was with my daughter yesterday, and checked out the story............after this 'act of kindness', this young lady got up, taking her homeless sign with her and wandered round the corner further on. As he walked past with his friends, she goes into a terraced house, so he calls after her asking where she was going, "I live here" was her reply.

So if I am guilty of anything, it's because I was in a rush, on my way out to work, and didn't recount the story in its entirety. For that I apologise.

As to the second comment you made, No I don't know that nobody said

"Thank you very much, but please take your $20 and buy some food and water for a person that needs it".

...............any more than you do.

Shall I tell you what I was doing yesterday? I was collecting unwanted household items and clothing, which I then take to teenagers and young adults who have been given the opportunity to get out of hostels etc into their first 'homes'.

As a nutritionist, I was asked to run a series of classes to show poverty strapped families how to live healthily on a very tight budget.

As a therapist, I have just been asked to run meditation classes for low income people, by our local community group.

This is the internet. May I suggest before you start personal, holier than thou, attacks, that maybe you should consider the fact that you know nothing about the person you are attacking especially 'behind their backs' by engaging other forum members to aide and abet you.

Off for my second brew...............rant over,

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 01:24 PM
a reply to: halfpint0701

Problem around my area, at least (Northern Kentucky) is that people who don't HAVE to panhandle are doing it consistently on every other off-ramp to the interstates. It's nearly impossibly anymore to figure out who is doing it out of laziness (scamming people) and who is sincere. My problem is that I'm a sucker for helping anyone I can, so I've had to adopt the never-give policy to these folks (especially when my family is in my car with me). I'm more than willing to give food, drink, or clothing, but handing out cash anymore is ruined by these scammers.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 05:03 AM

originally posted by: halfpint0701
I wish people would realize that homeless people today are not all drunks and druggies.

I wish people today would realize that we are all human and sometimes we allow alcohol and drugs to run our lives, especially when we have literally no place to turn to. I was homeless for 3 years because I had an alcohol problem. I woke up. I am still an alcoholic. I will always be one. But that doesn't mean I have to drink today.

I am more saddened by you than your video and hope you realize that someone just dont get it and dont understand until they hit a completely solid rock bottom and face death before they wake up that alcohol and drugs aren't the answer.

If I had $20 to give you, I'd choose to give it to you because clearly, you need it a lot more than I do.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 09:36 AM
a reply to: halfpint0701

It is sad!

People who can do something about this.... don't! All they want is more money, more money, more money...

Earlier today I sent an email to Boris Johnson, David Cameron (Conservative MP), Labour party & TFL Gov. In it I said what are you lot doing to help the Homeless people? And other problems that we have here such as 'Illegals' 'Immigrants' 'Over-Crowding' 'High costs of living' and all you want to do is build more homes and friggin tunnels under the Thames. Why not sort out all the problems we have here first and take your heads out of your butts!!'

Doubt i'll get a reply but just thought I'd send them a nice Mail to read.

I sent it also because I've been seeing a lot of Homeless on the streets lately and although I gave (when I'm in a good mood)... it's not right that I should have to or the next person, it's down to the Governments to sort it. I worked out if I give away a £1 each week to someone who is Homeless, it will amount to £50 per year! Now if you add a second Homeless person to that, it amounts to £100 per year!

I probably wouldn't mind if I was getting paid myself but the work i do is usually for free.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 09:52 AM

originally posted by: halfpint0701
a reply to: ElOmen

Sorry I missed seeing it when you posted it.

With all the negative threads this week (*cough* Ebola), I saw and needed to share something good.

Awesome video...just makes a person feel good inside.

posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 02:31 AM
My father brought us from Eastern Europe to the U.S. when I was very young. Having grown up in abject poverty himself, he always instilled in us how lucky we were to live in a warm home, with food on the table, and warm clothes to wear. But he never forgot where he came from, nor did he forget the struggles that he saw on a daily basis. We were raised to never look down on others that have less than us, and to help those in need. He always said if someone was scamming him, then so be it. He would rather give to someone who didn't need it than walk by someone who did. I will never forget that lesson, and I only hope that my children never forget what I have passed down to them.

Every time I give to someone in need, I think of my father and his huge heart.. I could only hope to be as good and kindhearted as my father. But in giving those people help me get closer, and in doing so, they give me much more than I could ever give them.

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