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Revisiting Unknown Alien Message "Do You Wish That We Show Up" & Dr. Carol Rosin's Warning

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posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 03:04 AM

originally posted by: bludragin
a reply to: Egyptia

One last thing: "The lie" Werner referred to with Carol was that extraterrestrials existed. The people needed to believe that they were under attack. Hence, UFO's were to be fabricated via very sophisticated hologrophic images, and the masses thereby controlled by the Master Manipulators. This entire project was referred to by those who knew about it at NASA as "Project Blue Beam".

So it was not that Werner was telling Carol there WERE extraterrestrials. Rather, it was the case that our government wanted to get about the business of weaponizing space, so the masses had to believe that extraterrestrials might be a threat. Fast forward: Reagan's 'Star War' speech.

BTW: Carol went on to become an activist, and started a petition whereby the people demand that space be used by humanity only for peaceful purposes, And must never, ever be weaponize, as Werner, her mentor, had wished.

I don't entirely buy it as the sole explanation for UFO though it could easily explain a large percentage of relatively modern sighting's as they actually go right back through history but it is more plausible as a method of control and covering up of project's with disinformation and cointel operations as well as disinformation technology to confuse the other side during the cold war or in subsequent decade's and it has some support in history as during the first world war powerful Magic Lanterns as they were called were used to project propaganda into the sky such as images of Christ or the virgin Mary to make the Russians and French believe the Germans had been blessed by God and had god on there side although a magic lantern is essentially simply a fore runner of the modern projector and nothing more.

Three dimensional holographic projection would be a stealth engineer's dream come true and would require one hell of a computational processing capability and a projection source capable of creating a three dimensional image at a distance, not impossible but at least with our current civil technology very difficult indeed and that is only for a static image not a moving one.

You know those head rests you get in expensive cars today with noise cancelling technology and also in modern headphones well the famous black choppers and the cattle mutilations (tissue sample biopsys to monitore the contamination of the area) made use of this well before the public developed there own inferior version so it definitely is not impossible but still it would be more likely to be used by stealth as I said or to confuse an enemy observer like the inflatable tanks and cardboard tanks of ww2 used to confuse the germans into thinking a far larger army was building up in Britain and to hide the true deployment area's from German aerial observation.

It certainly has a great deal of merit though.

posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 03:46 AM
The source of the "alien message" was never discovered, so no one can say its true or false, its a fascinating unknown for sure.

Here are some interesting info from wiki

At that time, the Hannington UHF television transmitter was unusual in being one of the few transmitters which rebroadcast an off-air signal received from another transmitter (Southern Television's Rowridge transmitter on the Isle of Wight), rather than being fed directly by a landline. As a consequence it was open to this kind of signal intrusion, as even a relatively low-powered transmission very close to the receiver could overwhelm its reception of the intended signal, resulting in the unauthorized transmission being amplified and rebroadcast across a far wider area. The IBA stated that to carry out a hoax would take "a considerable amount of technical know-how"[4] and a spokesman for Southern Television confirmed that "A hoaxer jammed our transmitter in the wilds of North Hampshire by taking another transmitter very close to it."[2] However, like the Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion a decade later, the identity of the intruder was never confirmed.

posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 12:13 PM

originally posted by: RadioKnecht
Just my two cents on this topic.

Yesterday morning when I read this really interesting thread, I mentally answered the question posed in the topic. "Please, by all means, do show yourselves" thought silly me.

Last night I dreamt with aliens and UFOs appearing over my city and people leaving everything they were doing, looking up in awe and alarm. In my dream we all knew that things had changed forever.

Quite freaky if you ask me.

That is certainly interesting considering the not so coincidental nature of it all. What I found disturbing about that message was the reference to many ships in our skies. Many have reported having dreams of seeing this only it isn't a good sign.

For us, the immediate consequence of a collective favorable decision would be the materialization of many ships, in your sky and on Earth.

So who then wrote the message? The plot thickens.

Who Wrote the Message? The author of the message is Jean Ederman, a French pilot, air traffic controller and airport manager, who claims to have been given the Message by a visiting group of 'benevolent ETs' after ‘mentally projecting himself into their space’. On his website ( he describes a number of experiences he has had with visiting ET races over the years as well as the experience that produced the Message: “after having learned how to mentally project myself to a place in the presence of benevolent ETs, I received the following message on behalf of their hierarchy.” Ederman’s method of communication falls into a category that is described either as ‘transmission’, ‘channeling’ or ‘telepathic thought exchange’. Such a form of communication is not unusual when it comes to analyzing the literature on ETs since many researchers/former government employees have commented on this. For example, Sergeant Dan Sherman ( ) has written extensively of his participation in ‘Project Preserve Destiny’, a secret US National Security Agency communication project that used psychics for establishing contact with ET races. If one accepts the reality of an ET presence on the planet that has been known by various military-intelligence agencies and governments around the planet since at least the 1940’s and not disclosed to most elected officials or the general public (see then telepathic forms of communications with ETs is very viable. The ability to insert thoughts/images into the auditory-visual portions of the human brain either by telepathic means or electronic, has apparently been mastered by both visiting ET cultures; and, more disturbingly, by military-intelligence agencies ( This suggests that Ederman’s claimed communication with ETs may be genuine. The difficult question is how do we ascertain whether it is genuine or not? One way is to look for clues in Ederman’s own experiences and writings concerning ETs, the other way is to examine the Message itself in terms of textual clarity, coherence, and its political content as far as ETs are concerned.

Thanks for linking that information Spacespider regarding that unexplained alien broadcast message that took place in Britain in 1977 that has remained a mystery to this day.

Dr. Karla Turner's work "Masquerade of Angels" might be of interest. Her work was quite extraordinary.

Dr. Karla Turner - Taken Inside the Alien-Human Agenda
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posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 12:28 PM
Let's say hypothetically;
The Earth was seeded by what we would call aliens.

For each alien race in the cosmos, there is a race here on the planet representing that planet's inhabitants...

War and chaos rule the heavens...until all representatives/seedlings learn how to tolerate each other on the Earth, there will never be peace in the heavens...they gather to watch and to root for the same thing; unity...

So, if we collectively reply that yes, we would like intervention/help;
The wars waged in heaven will come to our door.

If such were the case, I'd be more willing to simply tolerate my neighbor, even more-so...

Scary-fun is the imagination?

posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 05:17 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

I agree that it is doubtful we currently have the technology. My understanding is that NASA scrapped the project; however, others say that Project Blue Beam is alive and well.

The holographic imagery technology is of interest to the military, of course. Imagine the opposition confronted by a giant UFO in the middle of battle, or images of The Rapture, etc...This would most certainly discombobulate the "enemy," for sure.

posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 05:29 PM

originally posted by: RadioKnecht
Just my two cents on this topic.

Yesterday morning when I read this really interesting thread, I mentally answered the question posed in the topic. "Please, by all means, do show yourselves" thought silly me.

Last night I dreamt with aliens and UFOs appearing over my city and people leaving everything they were doing, looking up in awe and alarm. In my dream we all knew that things had changed forever.

Quite freaky if you ask me.

Not to alarm you, I had this very same dream, but many years ago. Recently, I met someone online who posted a dream similar to yours / mine in detail. I ran to get my journal. What she wrote was nearly word for word identical to my own dream. It could have been copied from my journal. It was frankly bizarre. Later, these dreams led me to Project Blue Beam. It resonated on many levels with my dream. BTW, this woman and I had never met, and she lives in Indonesia. Weird...
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posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 11:14 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767
But why not? You have the alibi, you know the technology exists, you know its possible, and if it represented 99%, what reason is there to believe its not 100%?

There is so much to be gained from faking aliens, so little to be gained from the failed so called 'cover-up'. The government and the media have been pushing belief in aliens for decades, at least since when I was little and every cartoon had them.

If you look at Roswell for example it just reeks of a psychological operation, and it breaks all military protocol for what should have been the most strictly important military matter ever. And think about how alleged alien sightings only happened after WW2, when the technology was being developed. Remember that the Nazis invented the stealth bomber back then and had been experimenting with electromagnetism.

The first alien abduction ever was from two people describing their captors as "Nazis"... it just adds up too well

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 12:16 AM
a reply to: Egyptia
I follow completely what you are suggesting, Egyptia, and also share those fears. Certainly, I am well aware of the flooding of the environment with what you've mentioned and perhaps more. I worry that Agenda 21, and moving people into urban areas where we are more easily controlled, herded, almost is a very possible reality for our future. I think, also, that a slow, silent genocide is occurring with not a lot we can do about it, except network with one another. If I had the funds, I would definitely be interested in either owning some farmland or leaving the country.
Take care and be well.

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 02:34 AM
a reply to: Ridhya

Well there is another alternative, that we are not the only sentient species on the earth or that the source of much of this technology is recovered ancient technology, this too would give another reasy for all the dumb's and subterranean excavation's.

Of course as you point out there is most certainly a carrot on a stick to lead the donky were they want it to go.

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 11:15 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

I agree with your leveled explanation and with time and getting more familiar with UFO cases some of which turn out to be fabricated absolutely for someone's personal gain, there is indeed a lot of reason to think the whole 'aliens' thing from abductions (yes eve Betty and Barney Hill) have been nothing more than people, paid to support the myth in the name of military technology coverup. And even though they may find some clues, like TV shows are doing in support that 'something happened' such clues could also be fabricated to make it more believable.

And yet various people keep coming forward claiming that it is all coverup and that there are really other beings, etc. Could every single person ever involved in UFO case be some kind of paid person to take part in this big lie? IMO It's hard to believe every single person in every single decade is so..

And since a lot of the disinfo is mixing truth with lies, is everything about aliens 100% of the lie part?

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 12:26 AM

originally posted by: Peeple
because knowledge knows no borders or other limitations than my own effort and decissions.
Who says a lot of people we used to call prophets and visionary, weren't really normal people who just got drops of information important for the level of evolution we were on at that point of our timeline? Like Hildegard von Bingen, for example, or von Braun, or ....
Just DON'T PANIC! Don't allow yourself to be xenophobic, always try to preserve your sense of humor and don't ever consider yourself as special.
The law of conservation of energy, may be with you.

Very wise observations and wisdom here.

Another conclusion which is one that a friend told me after reading that 'message' was that it came from an interdimensional/astral source to his unique discernment by the 'trickster spirits', aliens or entities. He felt that they didn't really give too much away that is actually useful or revealing, other than alerting to the agenda and the knowledge that we already have. Well that much is more than painfully clear when we are subjected to message after message from what are supposed to be these helpful outside sources whom supposedly harbor highly advanced evolution, knowledge, technologies, powers and inside knowledge when it comes to us and our comparatively less evolved state and world.

This is what I keep coming to time and time again is that if we are talking about a benevolently superior race that has known and been keeping tabs on us since the beginning you would think that they had some powerful information that would actually serve to actually help us for once in even our own 'hidden condition' and the many manipulations and interventions purposefully done against us to keep us dormant. You would think that they would reveal some of what has been hidden so that we could help ourselves break out of this all.

Instead it's always a pretty mundane and typically message saying the same old thing which is really nothing and being rather useless to us in the scope of it all.

I think that makes it a dead giveaway so that even if it were a genuine message it is most likely as my friend stated, a message sent from the hijacking tricksters who are anything but here to help us.....our prison wardens perhaps or another foe looking to get in on the kill prize and perhaps even triangulating or working with the original hijackers to create a counter set up scenario where it's the supposed good guys coming to save us from the bad guys when in fact they have both been in on it from the beginning and adhere to the very same agenda.

I'm always skeptical when it comes to the so called Galactic Federation and can't help but think it's so contrived and also just more disinformation, however I did find this article worth reading.


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posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 02:25 AM
Well my take on this matter is such: I trust no one. IF this message had to be a factual truth,and IF it did indeed come from a "benevolent" race-i have a message of my own for them.

If you are a truly "good" benevolent race,and you are waiting for a gilt-edged invitation from a race that cannot afford the pen/have no clue who to/how to write the invitation,you are pretty useless,and your inaction is shameful.

If you know full well that a unanimous invitation will and indeed,Can never come from a race controlled,divided,manipulated and deceived since time immemorial,through the control system ruling over this planet,you have no honor and no empathy.

If you Know that the only way for the human race to ever have even a Chance at becoming unified,is to globally Become Aware of the divisionary and manipulatory mechanism of the control system in the first place-Then the only act of integrity and kindness and grace,is to Step in and Expose the control system.The root,the heart,the bowels and the belly.The architects,the proponents,and the minions.The root and the branches that amounts to the foul tree that is the enslavement of the human race.Failure to do that,shows lack of 1)common sense 2)honor,integrity,empathy,kindness,goodness and any real desire to be of any practical help whatsoever.It is Shameful.

It is like watching a chained toddler standing in the way of an oncoming Mack truck,and standing idly by.It is akin to watching animals in cramped zoo cages while you have both the keys,and a direct adjacent corridor into unspoilt wilderness country.It is like being a vegatarian watching cattle to the slaughter while you have the recipe for a substitute indistinguishable from the real meat,but watching the slaughter,saying "Oh dear oh dear oh dear.." IT IS SHAMEFUL.It shows zero compassion,zero empathy,zero integrity,zero honor,zero "benevolence".It makes you Worse than the controllers.

The paradigm the human race is ensnared and enslaved in,divided,and manipulated and vampirised by the control system,makes unity and any unanimous invitation/beseechment for help, to any race no matter how "Benevolent", a moot point.

If a policy of absolute non-interference/interference only by unanimous global invitation is a "Universal Law" then there's something seriously screwed up with who/whatever came up with that law,quite frankly-and any "good" race with any concept of honor,integrity,empathy and more than 2 braincellls should seriously question that ol' chestnut,imo.A race that is unified in purpose and brotherhood does'nt need outside help,unless a friggin asteroid the size of Saturn is heading straight for them.Homer Simpson could figure that one out.

All that is needed for evil to succeed,is for good Beings to do nothing.

So Be good,Be benevolent,help out or piss off into eternity,because otherwise your're bloody useless-in fact,you're worse than the enslaving control system.

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 03:24 AM
a reply to: CollisioN
This is kind of the Catch-22 isnt it - when government employees say they have no evidence aliens exist (just as-yet unexplained cases), people dont believe them. Then when government employees say that they have secret knowledge that aliens exist, people eat it up.

Its just a confirmation bias, people will just accept whatever they already believe.

When it comes down to it really anyone can claim to be a top secret CIA employee or whatever. If we cant find their employee record, they have the convenient excuse that it was top secret! They tell us what we want to hear and we give them money for it.

Witnesses were (seemingly) assassinated over Kennedy, and one would think that the whole alien agenda, if it were true, would be 1000x more important to keep secret. But yet the whole disclosure project is there public and their followers are growing.

Joe Rogan interviewed some former senators and others (who are typically called trustworthy sources) who started promoting disclosure on aliens. When he asked why they believed they replied that they had attended conferences where people made claims. And thats what it really boils down to, claims.

There are so many possibilities that we can never really know. If they really WERE government employees - how do they know they werent fed lies? Compartmentalisation is key to psychological warfare, and its a guarantee the people who arent at the very very top wont be given the whole picture. Its just as possible that employees are fed lies like the public, to make it that much more real. And then if they werent really employees, well that just raises more questions.

The fact is if you're on this site there is a damn good chance you have or know someone who has, witnessed lights in the sky that moved in a way 747s and F16s cant - and so many people I have met say they "saw aliens". But really all it is is a light in the sky, and you have no idea beyond that.

For your last question, yes it is difficult to accept that everyone has been lying about it. The beauty is that they dont have to be lying. Perhaps they truly saw flying craft, people in elaborate costume, perhaps they were tortured and had memories imparted. The more convinced the people are, the greater the lie evolves.

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 03:48 AM
a reply to: Ridhya

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

A very simpllifed response but I don't think or trust that these entities are good. I believe they are fallen angels. They are the ones in power in this world. And I think we give them power over us by giving in to our greedy, hateful and evil intentions. They deceive us and we allow it.

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 08:58 AM
a reply to: Ridhya

I respectfully beg to differ.How do you know ufo/alien sightings only started happening after WW2? that is utter nonsense-the Zulu tribe of my country has ancient legends of "small red suns" coming to take away some of their cattle.Their are many many examples of ufo/alien sightings from before WW2 ,even from ancient days.You may have heard of the white lions of Timbavati,unique in the world?There are ancient legends about their origin too,passed down the generations by the sangomas of the olden days-according to those who were around and alive in those days (with absolutely nothing to lose or gain by making up lies) that mutation was the direct result of an alien visitation.The sangomas of the olden days who witnessed that did'nt have an agenda to sell books or have their own talk show-they were revered already.That's just 2 examples off the top of my head.Honestly i don't know Where you get the idea from, that this is an exclusively post -WW2 phenomenon.

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 09:53 AM

originally posted by: np6888
a reply to: graceunderpressure

If they were evil, do you think they would even ask? The vampire analogy doesn't apply, unless you were to assume that they are being held back by even higher forces, but if they were being held back by higher forces, would they knowingly commit evil, knowing that they'd get punished?

Think of them like most people. Most people have a tendency to be good. It's only a few that act evil, and brainwash people, and that's how wars start. Do you think that they, who have much greater knowledge of the supernatural, that they would dare to act evil at all? They are practically begging to help. Come on, we need to give this a try.

Go right ahead and give it a try, but I won't be joining you. I recently listened to an interview with demonologist Adam Blai, who contends that:

Spiritual "legal rights" can be given to evil spirits, people, buildings, objects, or family lines. Possession is the most famous example, being full rights to the body of a person and therefore ability to take over their body. Rights of that level are almost always explicitly given by the person, usually in exchange for something.

In the interview, Blai talked about demons commonly masquerading as other entities -- deceased loved ones, angels, spirit guides, even God Himself. And they're not "like most people." They have never been human. And yes, they would "dare to act evil" because that is their nature. Punishment is irrelevant.

It's a spiritual law that they cannot invade without our giving permission via our free will. That is why they ask.

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 10:06 AM
a reply to: Egyptia

Ah....Jean Ederman, otherwise known as Eric Julien, or for those that remember this quack on here......Olivet and his many personalities.

Just for those that want to see what a quack he really is one of the threads from him that will give you some more perspective on what a nutter he was.

It is a long read, but Ederman is just a hoaxer. He was banned here a while back. We dissected his persona and story quite well, and rooted out his other accounts here. They guy is a whackbag, so if he is the one associated with the message, then the message is all in his aliens involved.

Oh....ETA.....he never produced the "proofs" of pics of inside the alien ships or the aliens he promised, that and the royals were never abducted....just a couple of the claims this quack made....
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posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 10:10 AM
a reply to: Raxoxane
Africa is not my area of expertise, Scandinavia and to a lesser extent Mesopotamia are, and so my opinion on the specifics wouldnt matter. But the general idea is rather the same as the arguments about native north american lore, which I am familiar with.

When we interpret an old myth we have the tendency to impose our own experience/surroundings/cultural norms onto whatever we are studying. An example is that eqyptian carving that people claimed was a helicopter. We only think that because we see a general shape and the human brain is wired to use experience to create faster thought processes: this is called recognition.

Its the same reason we see "faces" where there are none (pareidolia) and why people see artifacts in mars rocks. Your brain is wired to see and interpret things based on what you are inundated with.

So we hear a legend such as "red suns" doing something and we link it to our own modern cultural legend of flying saucers from outer space. But in reality we are imposing our worldview onto one we know knowing about because we werent there. We just dont know what they saw and we make assumptions. We dont know what they saw, or even if they actually witnessed what they saw, because it is a myth. There are even modern myths like the trench wolf in WWI or angelic intervention there, which have no actual sources.

As for the white lions, keep in mind at one point there were no blonde people in the world. Genetic mutation changed that. It happens naturally. Blonde hair was worshipped or considered sacred in many places - why? aliens? nope, because like gold, it reminded people of the sun, which everyone worshipped at one point in time.

Recessive genes do not mean that they were manipulated by extraterrestrials or gods, even though myth may say so. Remember that myth is created to explain things that exist, not the other way around. It is a way of interpreting the world. People everywhere hold what is rare sacred, and ascribe sacred meaning/divine origin to it. The egyptians for example worshipped the apis bull because they thought it was perfection of design. Marco Polo also called tigers God's creature because it was so beautiful and powerful.

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 10:41 AM

originally posted by: Vasa Croe
a reply to: Egyptia

It is a long read, but Ederman is just a hoaxer. He was banned here a while back. We dissected his persona and story quite well, and rooted out his other accounts here. They guy is a whackbag, so if he is the one associated with the message, then the message is all in his aliens involved.

Oh....ETA.....he never produced the "proofs" of pics of inside the alien ships or the aliens he promised, that and the royals were never abducted....just a couple of the claims this quack made....

Good to know and thank you for this Vasa Croel. As usual it is and I believe will be the power of combined minds to continue breaking through all the convoluted disinformation sprinkled with bits and pieces of truth nuggets as per their recipe to seduce.

Ridya you make some sound arguments that permit the mind to go into directions that otherwise might go amiss. I do believe that the entire power of the programs 'they' run are to do as you stated in imposing our own subjective experience onto everything we see and process. I believe that this helps 'them' because we essentially keep running the same software that keeps us for the most part blinded. It is healthy to let go and consider all sides without having a predisposed 'belief', perhaps it is only then that some truths can actually be 'seen' or 'revealed'.

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 11:34 AM
Although I disagree,I respect your point of view.I would like to return to this conversation later when I have more time,as it is an area of great interest+fascination to me anyway.Nice day to you.a reply to: Ridhya

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