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Claim: "Hundreds of Foreign UFO Sightings Intercepted by NSA"

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posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 12:11 AM
a reply to: mbkennel

You always make me smile Mb.

originally posted by: mbkennel
The NSA isn't doing anything.

Yes, the double super secret squirrel code, that translates an unidentified, flying, object into "unidentified flying object"

Almost. The only thing the NSA is doing is intentionally substituting all reports of "unidentifiable objects" -- ground, sea, air, treacle, doesn't matter -- to "unidentified flying object."

But I am sure the redacted text reads, "[entirely obvious plain-] text."
Come on now.

The NSA isn't doing anything. People are doing it entirely to themselves: smelling horsepiss and imagining it is unicorn sperm.

I am glad you noticed: that is exactly what I was saying. That is why it's genius! People will either deride the word (thanks for taking up the mantle) or get overly excited because they see it as confirmation that aliens (ahem .. "unicorn sperm") are here.

Or maybe they use quotations because they are quoting someone else's description or name, the usual and traditional and earnest use of quotation marks---quotation marks as secret NSA code to mean marks indicating a quotation--- before it was a hipster ironic affectation.

Entirely valid interpretation.

Quotation marks, whether grammatically correct or not, have several uses:
  1. Titles — "In Camera Affidavit of Eugene F. Yeates" would be an appropriate title for the document.
  2. Callouts — The "U" in UFO means Unidentified. (This style of quotation is used on the second page of the Yeates affidavit)
  3. Emphasis — `The UFO was "amazing."` Or, more on topic, `The codeword "UMBRA" appearing in conjunction with the TOP SECRET classification at the top and bottom of each page of this affidavit, is the codeword applicable to Category III (the highest category) COMINT."` (ibid, Weird Al has a thing or two to say about this)
  4. Derogatory / Sarcastic — The "sane" guy who reported the UFO is totally believable.
  5. Euphemistic / Allusion — `The pilots of the two aircrafts report a "phenomena" in the sky...` (ibid, p.8)
  6. Literal — Mbkennel reports, "Sometimes, a flying cigar is just a cigar on its way to the rubbish bin."

The reason I suspect it is not a literal quote is part because the word "phenomena" itself is nebulous; and part because the only other type of quoted phrase in the affidavit (beyond quotes used for call-outs or emphasis) is a reference to `"government net" communication links or systems.`

Considering Mr. Yeates alludes to another document (public or not) to clarify what he means by `"government net" facilities.` I think that is a pretty good indicator, in this instance, that he is using a type (5) quotation.

Since there aren't any other types of quotations used in the document (at least that I see). I take the usage of "phenomena" as an attempt at being vague. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe you are right. Hard to know, but at least I can say I have a method to my madness. =)

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posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 04:43 PM
a reply to: Xtraeme

Hi mate, regarding the "phenomena" I wonder if they were interested by this UFO event which occurred at 'the home to the National Security Agency in Australia' - seems the RAAF Department of Defence certainly were.

"The sky was clear & pale green-blue. No clouds were about whatsoever.The object was completely stationary except for a halo around the centre, which appeared to be either revolving or pulsating. After watching it for approx. 4 minutes, it suddenly took off at tremendous speed & disappeared in a northerly direction, in a few seconds. I consider this object to have been approx. 10 metres in diameter, hovering at 300 metres over the hills due west of the base."

Testimony from official documents - US Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt

UFO Hovers Over NSA Base - Australia, October, 1973.

Likewise the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency also sent the NSA a copy of the Tehran UFO documents in 1976 which described the case as "an outstanding report. This case is a classic which meets all the criteria necessary for a valid study of the UFO phenomenon" .. even though the US Government completely denies having any interest whatsoever in the UFO subject since 1969.

The NSA also received UFO documents from the US Department of Defense in 1980 concerning the Peruvian Air Force trying to intercept and destroy a UFO ('but the vehicle’s origin remains unknown') ..even though the US Government completely denies having any interest whatsoever in the UFO subject since 1969.

As you mentioned in your other post 'something is not right with this picture'.


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