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Hoax radio show - Dead nurse - Bullets in the mail

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posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 10:09 PM
Im sure most of you have heard about the case where a radio show prank, calling a nurse pretending to be the Queen, while Kate Middleton was being treated for morning sickness, and the subsequent suicide.

The nurse took her own life supposedly blaming part of it on the prank call.

There are a number of threads on it:

ATS thread 1
ATS thread 2
ATS thread 3

One poster in all those threads managed to ask some really interesting questions. As far as I know went unanswered.

You may wonder why I am making another thread? I was thinking about another aspect that hadn't been addressed. I was reading a recent article on the matter, where the radio presenter was sent bullets in the mail.

Mel Greig sent bullets in the mail.

RADIO DJ Mel Greig has attacked those who bullied her after 2DayFM’s infamous 2012 prank phone call to the hospital treating Kate Middleton and declared “trolling needs to stop”.

Greig, who apologised for the hoax after last month’s inquest into the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, said the backlash was hypocritical because the people accusing her of being a bully themselves acted like bullies.

After reading the wiki, a few lines jumped out at me. And the purpose of the thread, because Id like to ask ATS if anyone has been following the story:

Saldanha had reportedly attempted suicide twice before. She had taken an overdose of pills on 30 December 2011 during a family trip to India. After that attempt she was rushed to a private hospital in Mangalore and treated for "self harm". On 8 January 2012 she is believed to have attempted suicide again and was treated at Father Muller Medical College Hospital for head injuries suffered in a "fall". After several days in intensive care Saldanha was admitted to the hospital's psychiatric ward and treated for depression. She was discharged after three days and given a nine-month course of anti-depressants. Her family was warned there was a risk that she might attempt suicide again.[8]

On 13 December, The Guardian reported that three suicide notes had been left by Saldanha, two of which were found at the scene and one in her belongings. It said one of them dealt with the prank call, another contained requests for her funeral at her in-laws' place in India[15] and the third was critical of the staff of the hospital.[16] On 16 December The Sunday Times reported that Saldanha was disappointed with the hospital managers before the hoax call. She had a long-standing personal disagreement with a colleague and had complained to the managers about this, and was unhappy that they had only changed their shifts instead of acting more toughly.[17][18] On 17 December, it was reported that Saldanha had blamed the radio DJs for her death in her third note.[19]

In the note blaming the DJs for her death, she asked for them to be made to pay her mortgage.

A fellow ATS member stated that the nurse who committed suicide wasn't even the one that took the call but merely transferred the call. The woman who killed herself had a history of suicidal tendencies/hospital visits where she sustained serious injury.

A couple questions I have are, is it more likely that someone in the family (the husband may be estranged as they have different last names) wrote the third note blaming the radio station, asking for money? And is it possible this may have been taken as an opportunity to kill the nurse and make it look like a suicide, rather than a simply suicide instigated by a prank.

Apparently Im not the first to ask this question:

Was Jacintha Saldanha killed?
UPDATE - Aangirfan - Nurse died by hanging.

"The whole Suicide Nurse/Prank Call debacle stinks to high-heaven and NOT ONE news outlet/journo has questioned the statistical fact that women, never mind women who work in the medical field, rarely commit suicide by hanging - it's men that hang themselves (excuse the explicit nature of my comment but the truth must be stated)

"The fact that Jacinta wasn't even the Nurse who gave out the medical details (allegedly) along with the mention by her own family that 'she was not the type to kill herself', just adds further stinking fuel to the fire.

To me I find it really strange there is 3 suicide notes left, and it just so happens one calls out the radio station prank as the reason for suicide and subsequently asks for money. Which the family ended up getting:

But the station's parent company is donating £326,000 from its advertising profits to a memorial fund set up in Mrs Saldanha's name by King Edward VII Hospital, so that's nice. We guess.

Without out and out accusing random/innocent people, Id like to just ask if anyone has looked at this story with a little more effort than the usual headline, and has the avenue (suspicious death) been investigated by anyone.

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 10:53 PM
So wish I had something to add/ I found this case fascinating but information on it just dropped right off. The whole story never felt right and it feels like its hanging in the air awaiting a resurgence of interest. Just like Elisa Lam.

Hope someone comes along with new info.

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