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Aliens in Brazil & Other Tales

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posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 12:38 PM
I have recently bought a magazine with a "supernatural" theme. There are small articles on a bit of everything, so I figured I'd share with you some of it... I'll be translating it from Portuguese, so any mistakes are on me, my apologies.

Just a reminder that I'm not posting any of this as a fact. I thought it was interesting and that some people here might be interested.



São Francisco de Sales (Minas Gerais)


On October, 5th, Antônio Villas Boas, a farmer, saw a bright light on the field through his window at night. A few days later, while he was on the field, he saw the bright light again. A bit before dawn of the next day, while he was walking towards his tractor, Villas claims he was taken to a ship by a group of aliens.

According to him, the aliens ran many physical exams on him and, after a while, a female alien had sex with him. Antônio was later released around 5:30 AM.

*Low: Villas Boas was the only witness of the incident and didn't take any pictures. Even so, this case is one of the oldest Brazilian tales, and is respected, due to all the hypnosis sessions he was submitted to, after he revealed the details of what had happened.



Colares (Pará)


Mysterious lights in the sky started hurting the residents of this small town. Many people complained about burns on their skins, and there was at least on report of an alien encounter.

Due to the people's panic, the city hall requested help from the Air Force, and they investigated the case.

In 1997, after giving his testimony about the incident, the colonel Uyrangê Bolívar Soares de Hollanda Lima, who was in charge of the investigation 20 years earlier, killed himself at home, increasing the mystery of the incident.

*High: Over 200 people, from residents to military, witnessed that something weird indeed happened there. Doctors who accompanied the burnt patients offered their testimonies and there are several pictures of the lights over the city.



Between Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro


On February, 8th, a Boeing 727 left Fortaleza with São Paulo as its destination, right before dawn. An hour later, while it was flying over Petrolina (Pernambuco), the captain saw a bright light on the left of the Boeing.

He got in touch with the air control to verify if there was another airplane around him, but the answer was negative. The captain started signalling to the UFO, which proceeded to fly next to the Boeing, go underneath it and then do stunts. The "show" kept going until the airplane got close to Rio de Janeiro.

*High: The Air Forces haven't confirmed this, but, according to the air staff, while the plane was approaching Belo Horizonte, the controllers noticed the signal of the UFO on the radar. Furthermore, almost all of the passengers claimed they had seen the object.

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posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 01:05 PM
I recall the Colares incidents quite well. These were very high profile sightings as mentioned seen by many, many people, and also as stated some with burns which were found to be caused by some type of radio active exposure. Some recalled seeing beams of lights coming down from the sky, and some were indirectly "burned" by this indirect exposure. A fascinating case IMO.

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 01:10 PM


Trindade Island (Espírito Santo)


The photographer Almiro Baraúna was invited by the Air Forces to go on a research mission in Trindade. On January, 16th, around noon, he was resting on the deck of a ship when he heard the crew screaming.

The captain asked him to take pictures of an object that was flying over the island and the ship itself. Almiro did that, and the UFO disappeared without leaving any trails on the horizon. After that, the ship had issues on their electric system for a few minutes. The pictures were published on several newspapers and magazines.

*High: In addition to the pictures, which were considered authentic then, the photographer and the 49 crew members witnessed the UFO. The theory that it could've been an aircraft was rejected, since there was nothing that could've done all the manoeuvres as fast as the UFO in 1958.



Chapecó (Santa Catarina)


One of the most extraordinary cases of a so-called abduction involved Antônio Tasca. On December, 13th, he was driving to Chapecó when, according to his testimony, a strange force made him go another way.

On a small dirt road, he found a spaceship on the ground. He left the car and a flash of light threw him inside the ship. There, he had sex with a female alien and received peace messages.

Later, when he woke up, he was lying on the grass, with a "W" mark on his back.

*Low: Despite the fact that some people saw the marks on Tasca's body, there are no pictures that confirm the report. And the only version of the case is his own, which he used to write a book about the story.



São Luís (Maranhão)


On March, 27th, on a flight from São Luís to Brasília, the pilot José Moraes decided to start recording the cabin. With the airplane on autopilot, he recorded the copilot, the control panel and the clouds.

However, while he was moving the camera, the lenses captured something that he hadn't seen during the flight: a long object flying extremely fast, next to the airplane.

*High: At almost 10 thousand meters (about 32 thousand feet) high, no birds can be mistaken with UFOs. There were no weather balloons on the area. The third possibility, a meteorite, was also rejected, since the object left no visible trails in the sky.

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posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 01:32 PM
Great so far! I love reading these stories, MORE....

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 01:33 PM


States of São Paulo and Goiás


The air chaos didn't exist, and so the air controllers still worked in peace. Except on May, 19th... This date has made history in Brazilian ufology for being one of the most amazing cases in the country.

1. Around 8 PM, air controllers got in touch with a twin-engined aircraft, which was going to São José dos Campos (São Paulo). They asked the crew to verify strange signals that were showing on the radar. Around São José, the pilot and the copilot saw a strong red light in the sky. The aircraft went in its direction, but the light disappeared.

2. Other aircrafts saw similar things, while the air controllers noticed strange signals in several parts of the country. In Taubaté (São Paulo), the crew of the twin-engined aircraft saw something like a huge fluorescent lamp. They flew 600 meters (around 2000 feet) high and the UFO seemed to be below them.

3. A few hours later, two F-5 aircrafts left Rio de Janeiro to investigate the phenomenon. In São José, one of the pilots saw a bright target and started to follow it. However, when the F-5 got too close to it, the UFO went upwards extremely fast and its light got lost among the stars.

4. At the same time, air controllers found signals close to Anápolis (Goiás). The Air Forces set F-103 Mirage aircrafts to verify the new targets. However, unlike the F-5, none of the Mirage pilots saw any UFOs there.

5. The "Official UFOs Night" ended around 3 AM, when a crew of a Boeing Freighter, going from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, saw a very bright object. They were not able to identify its shape. The UFO moved very fast e did many manoeuvres, until it disappeared in the darkness...

High*: According to ufologists, this is one of the most reliable cases in Brazil. Many witnesses, including politicians, air controllers and high-ranking military, have reported they had seen some of the 21 detected UFOs of that night.

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posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 01:55 PM


Varginha (Minas Gerais)


This city, that has a little over 100 thousand residents, was invaded by journalists from all over the country when the news that strange creatures had been captured there. After many stories (and lies), Varginha got the reputation of the aliens city.

1. On January, 20th, a couple, who worked as farmers, woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that the cattle was scared. They claimed to have seen an object flying over the cattle run, through their window. The UFO had a submarine shape and it released with smoke.

2. The next morning, fire-fighters were called to capture a strange creature on a ravine. According to testimonies, the creature (that had slimy skin, a big head and long arms, along with other curious physical details) was put inside a box and taken by the military.

3. On the same day, after lunch, police officers captured another strange creature. Confounded testimonies point to one or two other creatures being captured. Their whereabouts is also unknown.

4. Around 3:30 PM, three girls claim to have seen an alien on am empty land close to where two of them (who were sisters) lived. Their mother said that she went to the place and found strange footprints, and that there was an unknown, but strong smell there.

5. At night, it is said that one of the creatures was taken to a hospital, and that it died while they were doing several exams on it. The cadaver was taken to Campinas (São Paulo) to be verified by the military. Months later, the mother of the two girls claimed that strangers have offered her money, so that she wouldn't say anything else about the case...

Medium*: All of the authorities involved with the so-called capture deny the case, with the exception of a few local politicians, who took advantage of the incident to attract tourists. There are no pictures nor videos, only three witnesses, who were children at the time.

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posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 02:47 PM

3rd century BC

The oldest records about UFOs came up on the Roman Empire. Between 214 and 47 BC, historians like Livy, Julius Obsequens, Plutarch and Pliny the Elder wrote about mysterious sightings, usually collective, of flying shields, floating ships and hovering rocks and fireballs.


Middle Ages

It was Germany's turn to report alien ships. In 1561, flying cylinders that could spit fireballs showed up in Nuremberg and were "fighting each other". Five years later, they showed up again, in Switzerland. In 1665, flying ships were seen in Stralsud. And finally, in 1697, shiny wheels showed up in Hamburg and Mecklenburg on the same day.


Between 1940 and 1945

During WWII, fighter pilots claimed to have seen energy balls, which were named "Foo Fighters", accompanying their flights. One theory is that they had seen the effects of "St. Elmo's fire", an electric phenomenon caused by friction of the plane wings with the air.



Kenneth Arnold, an American private pilot, claimed to have seen nine objects, flying like discs that bounce on water's surface. Even though the objects were described as being crescent-moon-shaped, the expression "flying disc" affected how people would describe UFOs since then.



A military officer of the United States told the press about a UFO that had been captured in Roswell, New Mexico. The general Roger Ramey declared that it was debris of a weather balloon. Over 30 years later, major Jesse Marcel claimed that the collected materials were indeed remains of an alien UFO, with its crew.

More info later



Years after Apollo 11 went to the moon, the astronaut Buzz Aldrin revealed that the crew saw a bright and unknown object following the ship. At the time, they decided not to tell the command base to avoid panic or even the mission being cancelled.



Between 1996 and 1997, there were many alien ship sightings all over the world. The British reports raised 50%. In 1997, Phoenix, Arizona, had one of the most famous cases of collective testimonies of UFOs sighting, called Phoenix Lights.

More info later


From 2000 until now

China is the popular place of alien activity on Earth. Analysts believe that the increase of UFOs in China is the result of the country's growth. The increase of military tests and space launches, along with bright distortions caused by air pollution, might confound people who watch the Chinese sky.

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posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 02:51 PM
Hi, I wonder of you could find out any info on a brazillian army fort that was visited by a bright light one night......
Its been told to me that one of the sentries unloosed a belt of M60 ammo at it.......
Have you heard any details of this ?
It too its a bit dated now...but interested me to remember it.....
peace brother....

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 03:05 PM

One of the most convincing UFO sightings of history, seen by millions of Americans, still has no explanation

1. On March, 13th of 1997, witnesses saw a V-shaped object, made of two rows of lights, at night. It crossed the states of Nevada and Arizona,going through Henderson, Paulden, Prescott, Phoenix and Tucson.

2. The first report of the sighting happened in Las Vegas. The letter sent to National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) described lights flying towards the south-east. Spelling mistakes and the five-day delay in relation to the sighting make the letter suspicious.

3. NUFORC started receiving calls from witnesses about the huge and silent flying object, illuminated by four or five lights on its wings. In less than 300 minutes, the UFO already was in Phoenix, about 400 km (248.5 miles) of its first sighting.

4. An airplane pilot saw the lights in Phoenix. Before taking off, he got in touch with the control tower and asked about the object. The air controllers replied that there was nothing on the radar, but that they could also see the lights.

5. The number of witnesses in Phoenix didn't stop rising. After the UFO went by, nine lights were hovering the town, from 9 PM to 10:30 PM. This second formation was seen, photographed and filmed by thousands of curious people.

Aliens, military or collective hysteria?
American military tried to explain the phenomenon

Five months after the event, the American Air Forces declared that the second formation of lights, that was hovering over Phoenix, was bright flags launched for military training. The most conspirational theory is that it was a test of a psychological weapon, projecting a hologram of a huge ship.

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posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 03:10 PM
a reply to: data5091

I agree, it's fascinating! I plan on doing more research about it once I'm done translating everything on the magazine... I'll post my findings here too.

a reply to: nrd101

Thanks! There's much more info here, I hope to have it all posted by tomorrow morning!

a reply to: stirling

I haven't heard about that, but I'll look for it after translating all the stuff on this magazine! If I find anything about it (probably will), I'll post it on this thread as a reply to you.

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 03:18 PM
a reply to: LukeDAP

This one though I am not so sure of. I recall on one show of "Chasing UFO's" the tv show they devoted an entire episode to this alleged sighting. Basically turned up little to nothing as far as evidence or any sightings of aliens that supposedly lived in the jungle. As I recall they had trouble finding witnesses to begin with and witnesses whose story they believed.

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 03:33 PM
a reply to: data5091

Yeah, here in São Paulo, the "ET de Varginha" is pretty much a urban legend, nothing more than that. The type of thing kids at school (I was about six, seven at the time) would talk about, not unlike Bloody Mary. A few years later, though, it turned more into a joke, as in "I saw a rat on the street last night! It was so big, I thought it was the Varginha alien (or the Chupacabra, another urban legend)!"

Still, it was on the magazine, so... now it's here too.

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 04:02 PM
ROSWELL - 1947

One of the most investigated incidents of history remains unexplained, giving space for many conspiracy theories

The farmer William Mac Brazel was used to finding pieces of weather balloons in his property, about 50 km (31 miles) from Roswell. In 1947, he found out that the press was interested in evidence of aliens at the region, and then he started to pay attention to unusual debris at his ranch.

The major Jesse Marcel went to the place to take what had fallen from the sky. The news spread and the Roswell Daily Record published, on July, 8th, that the Air Forced had captured a flying saucer. On the next day, the newspaper made a formal retraction, explaining that the debris belonged to a weather balloon.

The incident remained forgotten for 30 years, until ufologist Stanton Terry Friedman interviewed Jesse Marcel, in 1978. The major believed that the debris belonged to an alien ship. Since then, the case has been investigated by ufologists, who believe that the US Army has hidden the discovery of space ships and their crews.

In 1994, the government declared that the debris in Roswell were part of a secret project called Mogul, which used equipped balloons to detect Soviet nuclear tests. Three years later, another official report claimed that the so-called alien bodies were dummies, also used in secret projects.

In 1997, colonel Philip Corso revealed in his book, The Day After Roswell, his role on a secret project involving the investigation of UFOs debris. According to him, the pieces found in Roswell were the base for the development of technologies such as laser, optical fiber, night vision, Kevlar and integrated circuit.

In 2011, the FBI released a report from 1950. Three ships, of 1 m (3.2 feet) of diameter, each occupied by three little bodies, were mentioned.

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 04:05 PM
I have to go now, but there still are five incidents and four "curiosities". I'll translate/post them later! I hope some of you find the information on this magazine interesting... not sure how accurate everything is, I really am just translating at the moment. I'll research on everything later.

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 05:35 PM

originally posted by: LukeDAP



States of São Paulo and Goiás


High*: According to ufologists, this is one of the most reliable cases in Brazil. Many witnesses, including politicians, air controllers and high-ranking military, have reported they had seen some of the 21 detected UFOs of that night.

LukeDAP, great thread mate and appreciate the translation work - don't know if you've seen Lost Shaman's excellent thread but here it is:

The Official Night of UFOs in Brazil

Apparently the Brazilian Air Defense concluded that 'the phenomenon is solid and reflects intelligence by its capacity to follow and sustain distance from the observers, as well as to fly in formation, and are not necessarily manned craft'.


posted on Oct, 14 2014 @ 02:07 PM
I myself have seena strange UFO once it was a white light that flashed passed my skylight window when i was lying in bed. My lights were off and i was about to go to sleep so i could see it really clearly. It went very fast in one line like the speed of a big fly near to the window would look but this was very bright and by the strength of the glare i could tell it was quite high up.. Minutes later, it came back in the opposite direction following the exact same line that it took when it first appeared. It was very weird and i still have no idea what it could have been.
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posted on Feb, 14 2015 @ 08:12 AM
Hi, I'm from Brazil. I'm aware of a few of these stories. As far as i know, the hotspot for UFO in Brazil is northeastern Sao Paulo/Southern Minas Gerais state, in a mountain chain called "Mantiqueira". My parents have a country home there, one night when they outside the house, they saw an UFO for a few minutes. It wasn't just a distant light, it was big enough they could see it was a disc, but with a hollow center, somewhat like a wedding ring, also golden in color. It just stood there, i don't remember if they went back into the house, or if the UFO left before that. All I know is that im 100% sure they didn't make this up, they have no interest in UFO and haven't told anyone except family about it.

The locals in that region tell some stories about golden lights that hover around the mountains. I myself might have seen one of these (im not sure) one night. Its a bright yellow light that moves around mountain tops, as if it were an insect around a flower.

Also, there's a town in the same region called Sao Thome das Letras, that has a reputation for mysticism anf UFO. The town is built on the top of a solid quartz mountain (there's a worldwide correlation between mountains and UFOs, and between crystals/rocks and strange fenomena). There's a long cavein the mountain that has never been explored to the ende. Legend has it that there is a connection between that place and Macchu Pichu in Peru.

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