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Dumbass vs Blue Doth > Mudfests > French/Japanese Beatboxing >and> Memories

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posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 08:20 PM
Hi all you lazy readers,

first off all I want to apologize because there is no IM-WAY-TO-FILLED-WITH-VODKA-TO-POST-SO- DON'T-PUSH-THIS-POST-BUTTON.. lol

luckily we have a grammar control for the grammar Nazis.

So obviously I am under suppression of a blue doth
but somehow when I am browsing the Tube (YouTube for the ones who need to spell it out) I always get back to beatboxing.. don't ask me why because my living history mainly is filled with electronic music.. (Techno preferable the substream Schranz although it has been focused on the substream schranz a couple of years ago, music has died for me due t personal reason resulting in nihilism, I know.. don't ask) So my kid likes Daitchi and Hakakin a lot, he is young, but this evening.. well let me explain a little..

I am sure it doesn't make sense. haha

I will start with a little explanation of my history.. I am European when I started to listen to my Own music it started with Hard Rock, then Metal, then Punk then I got bored with watching a stage so it shifted to Techno (mid 90s t beginning of this century yeah I'm old) where the public was more concentrated on each other then the performer and when my love one died my 24/7 love of music died, it was just not important anymore, it has lost its value.. although I liked things as hardstyle and some thing different as Squarepusher in my mourning stage, the value of music has lost its value to me and I am not sure if music will ever find me back.

My heritage - my love (besides the lame interview, you shouldn't lisen to what artist say just enjoy their performance imo.. every other aspect besides their performance ruins my enjoyment... lol.. what can I say... memories... I remember every light, every sound, every one getting crazy there.. I know I know bad recording from TV but eey it was from 13 years ago give me a break)

sweet memories... of five days of neglecting the reality just enjoying life and every thing that I can not say according to T&C's


this next song resembles what I felt when I lost my love of my life, my mother of my kid (who was just 18 months old when she passed) and honestly it still makes me roll the tears down my cheeks... I just felt #ed up (sorry mods)

Squarepusher - Do you know Squarepusher ( I felt like 2:30 to 3:00 app. just f*ckeed up blending old with the new, try to pull the plug on your loved one with the one you intended to get 99+ with, I know it is just a phase, but I projected a lot of emotions on to that... and it was bad.. it was the lowest I can get.. thanks to all my friends and famil that helped my through ... NOT)

But that was 4 years ago and I rejected all the bullsh*t that life is filled with (fake friendships, illusive connections, I became a decent nihilist now) and I have no reason to fill my life with music 24/7 again (okok I listen o Spanish Rap sometimes although I don't speak any word in Spanish besides Corazon.. But I started to listen to that because I didn't need some message of an artist that would never come to realization ((If I wanted that I would listen to some political radio channel right)) at least Spanish or Slavic/French/Asian I did not understand and I was just about rhythm and melody, like Mala Rodriguez)

So anyway I was browsing the Tube and somehow I was looking into Redneck Mudfests (don't ask my how probably a -We Love Russia- or Car Crash Compilation 7- connection .. but Mudfests look just simple, lame but a lot of fun, boobs and bums maybe some visitor likes to explain), they seem a lot of fun, but because of the suggestions on the Tube I found out about another beatboxer I think he is French but he is great in his genre. The mudfest seem a lot of fun too haha must be a crazy blue vodka doth connecting it for me with tubecookies to beatboxing but whatever, lets call it Dumbass connections 3 because I think that is where I am. mudfest> blue doth> beatboxing makes sense right?

anway if you made it trough this couple of paragraphs and you also enjoy beatboxing you should check Eklips.. He is is pretty good imo, a show of a half an hour skippig through history and commercial sh*t.. haha enjoy..

and a short vid that is just brilliant f you are into beatboxing..


After 10 min he gets really good (or it must be the blue doth talking to me)


So I probably got these in my suggestions because my now 6yo kid likes to listen to the following a lot..

I told you about Daitchi and Haikakin you should check them out if you are into beatboxing.. this made me laugh and enjoy at the same time. great performances.. make sure to check them out on your own.. it is artistic and out of the normal realms of mainstream music..

them together from "Frozen"

who needs instruments when you combine the tube ith a blue doth right? haha


his first globally known performance:

and what he later made (one of the few)

(for the anime lovers)

(Pharrell Cover)


Best Skrillex beatbox


So haha probably the blue doth... the plain one got to me this night.. and in the morning I regret posting this thread.. so No worries if it is 404'ed it is because I asked.. and I you do not enjoy it.. try a bottle of the blue doth..

It is funny when you go as European from YouTubing Redneck Mudfests to French BeatBoxing, through lots of memories writing a GCC thread on ATS right?


(probably I will alert this thread in the morning or evening of next day, my kid likes hiking and he planned on a tour of 20 miles so probably in the evening I will alert this thread to be terrorized into oblivion by the mods. anyway enjoy or not)

((just realized that reading on a USA based conspiracy site while drinking blue doth Vodka (Russian drink from French Grapes is pretty Illuminati right? Now I only need to blow myself up like a Middle-East Fundamentalist and I am a Full-Grown Globalist, Nah better stay a Dumbass, I like my kind.))

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Edit to say:

I should have made a

"why on Earth did I click on this thread" thread..

but maybe next time.. lol

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posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 08:47 PM
Thanks for a great thread. Hemingway, Fitzgerald. Poe. Hunter S. Thompson all wrote great stuff sauced! That Asian kid is awesome. So, sorry for your loss my friend. Peace upon you!

posted on Oct, 11 2014 @ 08:36 PM
a reply to: The GUT

Thank you.

well after reading this it could have been a lot worse haha
My loss is just a part of life we all have to deal with some times. ( best is to postpone it as long as you can)

My thread could have been a lot worse so I did not feel it as needed to get it 404'ed but I am still thinking about why on a "why on earth did I click on this tread" thread while reading here... haha

meanwhile browsing the tube me and my little Master discovered a jazzy performer in the breakbeat scene..

this one is funny lol

Beating the Habbit (an addict/friends and family talking about his habbits)

and another one at Sydney's Opera house (especially the part from 4.55 and on)

posted on Oct, 11 2014 @ 09:36 PM
a reply to: Dumbass

Watched both of those. First one is hilarious, second one was a great ride. Multi-talented that one.

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