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Mexico Army takes over a Southern City Police Corp.

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posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 11:42 PM

"Prosecutors say the Guerreros Unidos drug gang participated in the night of violence that left six people dead, 25 wounded and 43 missing.

Two hitmen have confessed to killing 17 of the 43 students, saying they were told by a police commander to head to the scene of the shootings, while a gang leader told them to execute the youths, authorities said."

Mexico Army takes over a Southern City Police Corp.

I know its one day old, but deserves to be posted.

Looks like Yahoo is behind on this one.

This wasn't the first time. Look at the 2011 news.

"An entire municipal police force in Mexico has been disbanded as part of a campaign to root out corruption and improve security in the face of drug-related violence."

Just for the people who are not up to date on Mexico.
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