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Hat man thread

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posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 09:23 PM
a reply to: Emma3
i never knew this was a thing....

I can actually speak to an experience involving a shadowy figure in fedora, 20's dress where and a cane umbrella.

I lived in a house along a nature trail and one night while I was sitting on the deck having a cigarette, I saw what looked like a man in a fedora or similar hat holding an umbrella standing in the rhododendrons. Every time I tried to get closer to see or leaned it seemed like he would step back to stay in the shadows but he stayed there, didn't respond to me yelling at him, or moving towards him. I had nothing to throw or I would have threw something at him. It was #ing freaky but I have dogs and threatened to let them out if he didn't leave. Then I went inside locked the doors, a few hrs later when i went back out for a smoke with my dogs he was obviously gone. Honestly I don't know why it wasn't freakier than it was at the time it just looked like some guy in my bushes 30 feet from my house, which yeah is freaking weird but if you lived in that town it would have been feasible some weird idiot was wandering. I never thought of it as something more than human. But I never saw any defining features just the shadow.

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:08 PM
a reply to: Hijinx

If the thing reacts to physical things then throw a big rock at it, or sick the dog on it. It should go away, but watch if comes back and repeat. If it is solid, meaning you can touch it, then it should react to physical things you do to it. Hit it,club it,sick dog on it, catch it and tie it up. Then you can put it on youtube and we can see what happens when you throw syrup on it, then flour and then let in a large hungry bear into the cage. Then that way i can make a bowl of popcorn and sit and watch the video to see what happens next.

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:35 PM
a reply to: Emma3

My 'hat man' did not wear a fedora, but more of a pointy, almost witch's type hat.....It covered his face completely, like it was resting on his shoulders, or it was a hood...and his full length 'robes' were long sleeved and coal black...At the time I tried to dismiss it as someone in a Halloween costume, but it was the wrong time of year, and the weather way too hot for a person to be dressed like that.....

I was not the only one who saw it.....there were 6 or 8 of us on the school playground, waiting for the bus to return for the last load of us who lived on the same route in our part of the rural community. We were an assorted age group, from first graders to the oldest, a girl of about 14.....who had 'bus duty' and supervised us, and was keeping us busy and out of mischief, as we had no adult supervision....that afternoon we had been playing rock school at the edge of the drive where the bus would come in. (simpler times, it was the late 1950's)

I was not the first to see it, but noticed one of the others staring toward the end of the play yard, with her mouth hanging open....I followed her gaze and saw it/him crossing....floating actually....across the street at the corner of the schoolyard, about a half block away from our location. We all, as if of one mind, slipped wordlessly into the ditch by the drive and cowered there, watching.....I was so scared, that I could barely breath...fearing it would hear and turn toward our hiding spot.

None of us made a sound till it had passed thru the opening and was completely out of sight........strangely I cannot remember us discussing it or ever mentioning it afterward...I only remembered it years later when I heard someone recount a tale of their own about 'something' in that same area!

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:40 PM
a reply to: Emma3

For years I've thought it was just my imagination or a dream. I'm glad (yet terrified) to know that others have seen the same thing.

He was a 2D, 9 foot tall silhouette. He wore a fedora and a trench coat. When I told my mom, I described him like the guy on the neighborhood watch signs.

I saw him twice as a child (about 7 years old). My brother and sister and I all shared a room. He came out of the corner and crossed the room. I hid under the blankets and he was gone. Another time he was leaning over my brother. I don't remember much else. I remember being terrified of the being, but now I feel frightened and sad when I think of hat man- as if he emitted sadness.

My parents were alcoholics and violent. As a child I had many vivid dreams and was more emotionally and spiritually sensitive. I am wondering if the combination of my sensitivities with my parents alcoholism and general negativity invited the spirit to our bedroom.

When I told my mom about the shadow above my brother, she was drunk. (This was another night).

She responded by telling me of spirits she saw as a child and she told me to order the spirits to go away if I see them again.

I don't know if my mom frightened me so much with her stories or if I blocked other spirits out, but I don't remember seeing any again.

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: frayed1

Interesting. Could you see thru it? Did it have a more human shape or a strange figure? Did it dissapear in front of you or did it go behind something or thru somethin? Only you two saw this only? What time of day was this?

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 11:06 PM
a reply to: cloaked4u

It was a solid, adult human sized, figure.....wearing what appeared to be long sleeved, floor length flowing robes....I could not see it's feet, if it had any, and it seemed to float, without a walking motion....It crossed an opening at the end of the street, about the width of a residential street...and continued down the street that led out of town, till it went out of sight beyond the trees at the corner.

All of us in the group of 6 or 8 kids seemed to see it......we all hid in the ditch and looked in it's direction, till it was gone.........

It was late afternoon.....but well before sunset.

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posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 11:14 PM
a reply to: Emma3

What you saw was the ghost of some sort of mafia. Who has lost their way of life due to being corrupt and greedy.

They are not what you call fallen angels because they have no wings, duh... Same can be said on many prisons in US that were closed down due to being haunted. They are very lost for sure and possible evil. Lust for blood.

Look to the past dress code and compare it to today. I bet our future children will see black shadows dressing in modern clothes. They are ghosts and sometimes can be on the evil side depending on their eye color.
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posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 11:34 PM
Interesting, one of my close friends used to tell me about seeing a entity with a fedora like 15 or so years ago. I know on at least one occasion it was seen by another person. The guy I knew who saw it was on the sensitive side so I always chalked it up to being just a quirk of a particular spirit.

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 12:02 AM
a reply to: frayed1

Thats an interestin story. You all must of saw it or some of you would of not been hiding. I have a strange story myself.
I was sleepin and my girlfriend at the time woke me up screamin," what is that", while she was shakin me. I woke up and saw what she was pointing at in front of the t.v. A golf ball sized bright yellow orange ball was hovering in front of the t.v. I said WTF is that and me and her watched it for about 4 minutes and then i said i'm going to touch it. I got off the bed and walked towards it. It then moved to my surprise. I walked closer and then it went to the side of the t.v and stopped then went thru the wall. When it went thru the wall i could see outside around the edges of the ball about 5 or 6 inches. Then the wall was the wall again. The shade was down and the curtain was closed, the only light source was my girlfriends geco cage and the door to the bedroom was closed.
When i was about 7 or 8 i saw this green ball like thing bounce then fly across the street and rounded the house on the other side. I was riding my bike past curfew and i went around the house and the thing was gone.
Two month's ago at about 5 p.m or so i watched a bright strange light in the sky. It hovered for a bit then it went forward. I went outside to see it better. As i watched it a small cloud started forming, then the strange light went behind the cloud and never came out again. I told my sister this and she said two days ago she saw this strange object above the nuclear power plant while she was going to work in the morning.
Just recently my sister said she saw a helecopter hovering above the treetops. It seems the helecopter may have been taking pictures or somethin. She explained it had a tube below it with 6 or 8 glass domes or maybe lenzes or something. The helecopter was white and green camaflauge and was pointed towards the nuke plant. WTF.

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posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 12:13 AM
a reply to: hangedman13

What's a fedora?

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 12:31 AM
These are what are known as Skin walkers. They are an alien species made of highly condensed *information and energy* into particles that react and animate with each other. These newly formed particled are created under simulated pressures such as that of a black hole and are held together by chambers created with exotic matter. These particles do not contain electrons, So these particles can move faster than light. The contained information allows interaction between mass and energy by simulating ossilation, it creates charge which harmonizes with vibrational wavelengths in order to *materialize* into a *physical* visable state. Tho, it is only a presented image. There are no organs, So it is only a reflection of a certain quality.

The Hat Man phenomenon has been lumped into the shadow people colemn, as many people believe they are one in the same.

Each of these *Shadow* sightings has different images, but the attributes are the same.
They are reflecting what is wrong with the individual in sightings.

Maybe someone is ignorant of the power of the spiritual and undermines it. These beings appear and dirastically change peoples point of view. They are E.T tho, But what seperates them from the majority of other E.T sightings is the level of emotion and *feelings* that are always prominent in all of these cases.

The only really emotional being out there like that is us. Think on a daily basis how we show hostility to each other when we are offended, Even if it's not intention because emotion dictates how we act. It's very likely these beings have some sort of association with us, Which is why they take the form of the hooded man, because only a human wears a cloak and a hat ( As far as i know anyways) The original entities don't wear clothes. They don't even have guts or blood. You can't blast what can't have electrons stripped from it because they are not made of atoms. They are made of Condensed sub-atomic particles in a specific recipe. Basically, it's consious matter. Almost like nanobots, but are not machines.

If there was any direction humanity should take as an evolution, It's the evolution these beings are taking would be ideal. They fly around in saucers. So what im suggesting here is it's very possible many of them could be convert humans returning to Earth to wake up the masses and to examine the dna damage of the population. They really have no other purpose of being here, They don't require making hybrids from us because their orginal species propigates from flesh and blood into what they are now which is consious mass. They can't exactly fine tune beyond that but can only finetune the consiousness that drives it (Morality and Wisdom). I have seen these entities myself but not the hoodman form,

I saw many lights come from behind the mountain, UFOs these lights would dim out and reappear further across the sky illuminate then dim out and jump. Some just kept a solid white light on. Others i assume were cloaked because during my experience i saw a saucer appear over a street light then vanish. So i assume this particular species only illuminates because it wants to be seen otherwise they can remain invisible.

I did see the black wolf form, the black leopard form, the image of what it originally looked like which is a paleskinned faceless hairless no reproductive organ human shaped entity that could adgust the length of its bodyparts in order to achieve walking upright with 2 legs or bipedal on all fours. A year later i saw the black mist form with a different set of friends. Since then i have seen and heard many weird things outside my house but havn't been bothered really.

I saw the saucer with my friend over at his house well we were outside on his belchony it flew it over a street light.
I heard some freaky 1930s music blaring from the oldfolks home next door and it started skipping before i saw all this stuff.

Not gunna highjack this thread but just throwing this out there. Just like Skinwalkers, these Entities cannot be killed. Cannot be shot by firearms and cannot be grabbed. Can appear physical or do physical things because it can use portions of its mass * The whole entity is made of tiny black dots* It can use these dots to move about as it keeps the majority of the mass in one place. This gives the allusion that it is making things fly around or *paranormal* activity is occuring.
Because it can technically be in many places at once. It's like sitting on your couch and grabbing a coffee from the kitchen without actually being there... well all of you anyways.

It's kinda hard to kill something that can't bleed and can't be slowed down by air like we can. with nearly zero resistance well moving about these beings can appear pretty much anywhere as long as a ship is nearby. They don't stay on the ground for longer than 8 hours. There are other entities as well, I'v never seen a grey but i guess they are real enough people talk about seeing them lol.

Just my information anyways.
Also the reason why praying works is because These beings are extremely emotional. They project emotion in order to communicate or subdue, It's no different than what we humans do to each other. Think of that for a minute. For anyone who is haunted by these creatures, have you ever imposed fear on another in order to subjegate a person? How do you think it feels for the person who is enduring your seething anger? Pretty uncomfortable huh?
As far as i can tell, these are the most humanlike entities we can describe.

How do we know this? well lets start narrowing down some characteristics shall we.

1. The Media and general society shows destructive traits concealing their actions in *shadows*
A) Aliens are appearing as frightful images of man, or predators of man tho its true form is manlike but decides to appear as concealing shadows. Like mans primative fear of nature and the unknown.

2. Humans have always aspired to be *Godlike* quote. Religion teaches us that we will become living spirits. Spirits often appear as *Shadow people* or *sillouettes* and we know these are human souls because some ghosts have specific identities attached to where they died. It's a recorring theme people see someone who has died not knowing the person or that someone died and asking around to find out the identity of what you saw was the specific ghost in question.
B) These aliens appear to be the upgraded spirit, Spirit 2.0. Only these are not spirits and are very much alive just no flesh and blood. People can label them as inter-dimensional but what i described about the particle alchemy is extremely potent and very viable. It Creates a living poltergeist where the conversion is not a new electron particle but an condensed particle to function on the interior without spinning. Physical mass generates reality with subatomic particles orbiting each other spinning fast like fan blades to generate the image of matter. These beings are made of solid inverted mass, Where the action occures in the interior like a motherboard with shards assembled to act as recivers of internal current. Each particle is like a quantum computer.

They stop being hostile when you start respecting them and understand what they are. People do a lot of things in life so the reasons these beings appear are varied. Just know that if these beings didn't have ties with our creator.

There is 100% certainty that praying would have no effect. What so ever. So they may be divine.

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 01:05 AM
a reply to: HijinxSynchronicity, on this one......

I have no knowledge of fedora wearing wanna be, whatever s, anyways..

We grabbed a 5$ movie at wall-mart the other day and just now finished watching it, the name of the movie you ask?
"The Adjustment Bureau"

The adjustment team all wore fedora hats and were hidden for the most part from everyone's view, well that is until the main character played by Matt Damon caught them at their "Dirty Work". "They" have been manipulating mankind for quite some time, because in their eyes we could not be trusted with the really important details in life.

Now at this point I don't know if the thread is taken from the story line, or, maybe their might be some truth to some covert "Adjustment team".

I cant wait for the sequel..........

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 01:15 AM

originally posted by: horseplay
years ago I was exploring an old abandoned place and got this in a pic.

I did a thread on it too but I can't find it right now.
not saying it's a fedora man, just odd.

personally, I believe they are not a good thing. they seem to attach themselves to 'dark' people. IMO

Found it. Very

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 02:54 AM
A year almost maybe two, I had a "shared" experience and too this day sometimes still do at different 'levels'.

A few years back myself, I started to get more intrigued about our life forces, that things meet more then our eyes.. Learned a great deal with our planetary alignments, astrology signs, symbols, Mudras, practices and rituals. With all this I got more into details, using tools such as 'crystals', and vibration and ''burial sound'', Which was a key trigger too what escalated. Too create, you believe - A belief as a Art.
I've talked about this before here with other's experiences but more and more i see here, and personally becoming frequent.
What was said in the post about a force being ''linked'' too a person and others with "heightened feelings" - that can sense thing's around. It takes an 'over thinker' and not to misjudge your intuitive-Intuition. My friend she gets "tricked" and joked on all the time at a Retirement Center, Lots of people pass on here. Mostly during evening shifts. with things moving off tables, lights turning off, fire doors locking just some of.

So this friend, whom ive been close with for 5 years now, she and myself had an experience, later on the next night her mom which ill all get too, also had an experience. Which case as myself (Which at the time never had such a feeling yet i could describe then) , they too both have open opinions and history of experiences in their family, herself as my friend grew up remembers things. It was March 2012 around - I Didnt have my car then, but would walk a good hour before id get there leaving my place to go and visit, watch movies, dinner and the such.. around midnight or so we decided to burn off some energy go out for a walk, get coffee.. We walked around, fascinated with the architectural design of churches, went through some grave yards, the snow looked like diamonds with the moon.
Around 2 or so, I had to go, for she had work, and was up early, (7 i think that next morning). So I made it home, and too was getting into bed- I start up some Burial beats to meditate asleep. Now what i use is two kinds of frequency's, one for Out of body (to be really relaxed but not quite asleep) and another for "Astral projection" which i still both practice today.

Ever since i had the experience it's almost as if it burned the feeling and image, its like a video i can loop back in my head, and see the red eyes, the pure black liquid like silk jacked wrapped around his body, with that top hat. Not knowing, I was DREAMING this, thinking i was still back at my friends house. I remember waking up laying on her guest bed in the other room, (This is my "dream" of course). I get up thinking though im here welcomed, and feel secured not questioning where i am. Walking down the hall way, her bedroom door is closed- I feel though, personally, i wanted too lay beside her and "just be" - to feel. Which i did, And i remember just laying there on my right side as she is too, im hugged into the wall part of the bed, Im looking over her hair line, past her ear looking at the fan she has in her room. Its not dark in the room, but feels like we should be sleeping. Thats when it was like my body froze, paralyzed except my eyes. My eyes sharply shoot over fast too my left and hold there...

which i see that black, very black mass standing there. It was like he had an "atom" inside his body with these lines of black silk like forces in sync popping in and out around his body. Standing at least 6 foot 5'' medium like build, the jacket or trench coat went past down the legs. The red glowing eyes really hit my spot.. That and the whole atmosphere itself was so, erie, out of place - A deep falling feeling that you can't describe, as if your falling and you know your about to hit the ground, panicking in fear. But all i did was lay there paralyzed. I remember her still beside me, looking like shes sleeping still, breathing heavily, and moans as in shes in fear or getting attacked.

I woke up instantly after looking at her, fear of looking back to my left view. It was 6 AM almost, an odd time for me to be up, being im up at around 10 or 11 am useally. The bed was soaked in sweat, And i never fell back asleep. It was 2 weeks that we randomly didn't talk. No texts, No facebook pokes or messages.. It was until later I asked to go out for a coffee and walk too catch up - and have our normal hang outs.
I met up with her just before the Timmy's coffee shop - I knew already what all i wanted to ask her, what i saw if i could believe and feel? Walking out with our coffees, she was mentioning for the last few weeks she has been not sleeping well, tired, and out of place at work. I instantly knew, and started to talk about my dream, and about my personal practices. She stopped walking, standed- frozen and broken into tears when i mentioned "Are you getting harassed when you sleep?", that alone her reaction made me break down and cry with her- I said "I know, I know exactly what your feeling." As i was about to mention the shadow person, she already spilled what shes seen and felt in her home- with this being the most personal for. She was stunned too how i knew all the details. How i was there, what i felt. The descriptions.

after - I learned a lot from this experience.. Not just personally with my friend, or her or my beliefs... It was the history of the city we live in. And what was on the land before.. That section of town was a burial ground, or the street "Chemong" being native as well. There was digging going on at the time too when more then one experience was going on. As for her mom - She called her the next day after she was done work, talking mentioning how she (her mom) didnt sleep that night and felt that she "Needs to smudge the home". Which I did, a proper ceremony. But unfortunately she and myself believe something greater is around her - myself too, have a connection to something eager. That's a whole other level to things.. But yes.. this was them most - series of events that change more the way we do and see things.

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 04:38 AM
a reply to: Emma3

I had this happen to me a few years back. I had sleep paralysis and I slowly kept waking up in my dreams to this hatted man getting closer and closer to my bed. He had red eyes and he was completely black other than the eyes. It only stopped happening when I eliminated a certain negativity out of my life and moved.

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 05:20 AM
a reply to: Emma3

This is silly!
Why would angels wear hats?
Why would demons or ghosts for that matter?

Is it to keep them warm in the afterlife? Is it freezing in heaven?
Is it to protect them from the UV rays from the sun?
OR.. is it just fashion? Do they go to shops to buy hats? Or do they make them themselves?

What I am trying to say is this:
Hats, caps and trench-coats are related to humans and created for human purposes.
They are made to keep us warm, to protect us from the sun and the wind. They are made to make us look good.
Do fallen angles have these human needs? Can a fallen angel get sunburned? Can a demon get cold?
If not... Do they need hats and coats?

I believe that this 'hat man' is a figure of your imagination.
The fact that he looks human and dresses like a human suggests that he is the product of a human imagination.
Your imagination.

Think about it.

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 09:23 AM
a reply to: CorvusCorax

Not at all. Like an intelligent person said a few posts before, thousands of people have seen this. What's silly is to dismiss what thousands of unrelated people around the world claim to have seen as "imagination".

The hats may denote either ranking (there's a reason they are related to the cult of Saturn) and/or hiding something in the place where the hat is. The trench coat is probably not a coat at all, rather the way they have their wings folded.
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posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 01:25 PM
a reply to: Emma3

The entity is not human, not a ghost. It takes control of you. You people call this a demon or possession. It knows things before it happens. It can make itself look like anything it wants. A little child an animal a flyin beast. It is also been called the mothman. It has no feelings and can show you things. It can follow you around wherever you go. When it makes the smoke smell, do not breath it in, get out of the area fast. The entity or entities control things or manipulate actions of. There are many of them, but not alot of them. They work together, come together or apart. They can enter in your dreams. They can manipulate objects, move them. They are just bad, stay away from them.

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 01:30 PM

originally posted by: cloaked4u
This must be another E.T experiment. They tryin to control your body functions like moving, talking,feelin and seeing. This is what the human would call, DEMONIC POSESSION. There have been cases where people go to the doctor and ask them to cut off parts of their body because it moves and acts on it's own. Some report that they hear voices talking to them. Some just commit suicide. Some get committed. Some get labeled schitzo, some babble strange languages and some just cut it off. It sounds strange, but your body is just a vassle or a living shell controlled by your soul and it's of energy. The bad entities want control of you and to this day constantly test different species to find out how to hack, so to speak ,the species for complete control. You brain gives off all kinds of electrical signals for your bodily functions. They just want to control that, so you do what they want you to do. To them, you are just a ROBOT out of control. BAD DOG, BAD DOG. Down. Sit. Roll over. Beg.

Stay away from these entities, they have no feelings.

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 01:41 PM
a reply to: cloaked4u

Do not ask them to come and visit you, because they will. I will not tell you how to, because they are bad. if you do, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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