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Annual wood stove maintenance/ Videos

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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 11:40 AM
This the season to get that old woodstove fired up. yesterday morning we got down to 35 burr cold...
lets start with something I had to do this year... replace the fire-rope/door gasket

By the way... door and glass gaskets are cheap and easy to replace. I get mine from Ace

Next up is a WETT Inspection Explained by Certified Inspector - Flue Guru - Victoria BC

then a Wood Stove Chimney Cap Cleaning and Inspection: These are not so cheap so take care of them

Now I don't have a vid for this next tip and that is... If you have a fresh air intake... that's a vent that brings in air from outside... make sure it's cleaned out and working...

I found a squirrel nest in ours so we were hardly getting any O2 for a good burn.

Last vid might be the most important...Chimney Creosote Removal

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