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The Greater Key of Solomon: An Answer to a King's Prayer for Just Rule?

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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 11:27 AM
Fellow ATSers, before any of you read the file link, know that I am most skeptical of this document and in no way am I offering it as realistic or accurate. Having said that and after searching it on ATS, I have not been able to gather as much feed back on the subject as I would like to satiate my curiosity. If any of you are more studied or familiar with this document or area of discussion, I ask, please catch me up with your understandings. I have my own poorly informed opinions, but I am seeking to be learned, and/or at the very least lay some questions to rest, so I may digest and move on.

First, I am not aiming to practice any of these "conjurings". I have been studying King Solomon as a side interest. This document is not historical and has been translated, but from what origin? I will start there.

Secondly, what, if any, precipice do these "conjurings" establish for man/Divine/Demonic interaction? Furhermore, is this merely a Solomon Fantasy to cast mysticism and wonder on his Hebrew subjects and/or enemies?

Thirdly, could this be a compilation of Solomon's learned travels/communications with other cultural myths, or pure fiction in your opinion? More of a follow up question to my first.

I am certain I will have more questions as we discuss, should anyone entertain my queries. I am not asking for others to simply link other discussions as their response to this thread. Feel free to offer any resource you see fit; however, I am attempting to gather personal opinion/learned knowledge rather than lead source generation of third party opinion. If any of you feel my questions are best answered by other ATS member posts/threads, fair enough, but I think I have communicated my desire as to how I would appreciate information to flow on his thread.

Who knows where this may lead, but let us keep the flow in interest of the document.

OK, here is the Download link:

Thank you up front to any and all who choose to help enlighten this thread!
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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 11:59 AM
a reply to: Boscov

If you have no natural drive for these things, no school is ever going to induce into you talents you do not possess. Most of these societies are really just another way for the mystics to reinforce their own authority over the people they've bonded to themselves. I'd steer clear of these unless you enjoy the prospect of being a slavish creature. Sure, you might be a well treated slave, better off than those at the bottom of the pyramid suffering away to an early death, but a slave is a slave is a slave.

This world would not tolerate a manuscript which predictably distributed the powers of sorcery laterally across the population. The true sorcerer will come into the world bending things to his wishes by his own power and authority from a very young age. He'll have no need to shuffle into any of the schools of initiation. Any rules they could describe, he could change to fit his liking. It is best for him to walk alone. That is the fastest route to wherever he is going with the least amount of illusions and pitfalls to get into his way. Isolation and loneliness are incredibly dehumanizing, but if you cannot tolerate them you will inevitably succumb to the wishes of one nefarious force or another.

Just pray that the world delivers unto you a libertarian sorcerer with a strict sense of moral duty to others, because if the madness of the journey strips away from him all of his humanity leaving only the monster of his own authority behind it could be a nightmarish scenario. Personally, I think the age of kinghood has surpassed us. We need a sorcerer who can transmute the world into gold, encouraging others to unlock these powers in themselves so that we can annihilate every pyramid all becoming kings together. We could tip our hat to an empty throne, each agreeing to forego imposing our will upon any other so that we all might have freedom and personal dominion over our own part of reality. The golden age that would dawn would become mankind's new standard of greatness. No longer would we need to dream of the good old days, we could write the most exhilarating story that has ever been crafted.

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 01:37 PM
a reply to: Nechash

Your reply leads me to assume you have breadth of knowlege concerning Dark Arts/Magic and some disdain for those societies. I am not seeking to practice "conjurings" of any sort. I am curious about the document and any historical light that may be shed upon it, either philosophically or in view of religious context. Your reply is appreciated as a warning and redirection away from taboo if I am not naturally in possession of capable abilities to handle the subject matter. Believe me when I say I am not approaching this material to attempt a mastery or flirtation of it. I am only seeking insight into any validity the concept of the Key may hold, either through scripture or mystic study of the text, not application.

Do you have any specific knowledge as to the document? Would you be willing to share your insight into my posited questions? I would most certainly appreciate your participation along the thread concerning my queries.

I agree with your sentiments about avoiding enslavement of the mind, for there is a King in all of us. As for a Sorcerer whom will transmute our world into gold...some may say Christ is such, is this close to where you are heading with that comment? Please expound on that.

Conjuring anything is uncharted territory for most. Solomon claimed he conjured Archangels, angels, and demons to reveal knowledge to him. Genie in a bottle kind of stuff, in fact, he referred to such entities as Genii. The Maji?, Jinn?, so on...most intriguing, but cautiously if at all treaded, most certainly only for the well equipped. I ask because I believe there is some fire to the smoke and mirrors, for cultures run deep with such mysticism, across time and our limited understanding of our space and terrestrial being on Earth. The Greater Solomon Key is one of many attempts to either explain or mislead us spiritually. I aim to tackle that angle with this thread.

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 02:18 PM
a reply to: Boscov

There are thousands out there who would go on about dominion over others, peering through other eyes, leaping into other beings, the transmigration of the soul, summoning extradimensional creatures, binding the primordial ones to your will, building up vast pyramids so that your every desire can be fulfilled, gripping your enemies and returning them to source so that they are annihilated, leaving an empty husk to remain in this world, using the power of your voice to call forth paradise and to bring forth your own home from the other worlds so that it becomes this place or transcending to leave this world entirely, or channeling down cosmic fire so that gods judgement might annihilate all of the things that are offensive to his sensibilities.

All of this, all of it is a seduction to blind you to the nature of your true reality. Until you are prepared to suffer in the fires of hell itself, to watch everything you love annihilated in the insanity of an unforgiving sociopathic force, I would pick something very interesting, keep my head down and pray that the beings in this universe never decide to toy with you. You are a dust mote in an inferno and the only thing that keeps you marching forward is that you don't know about it. This illusion is a blessing and the knowledge Solomon sought is the true source of all tyranny as I have come to understand it.

posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 04:09 PM
I have 2 versions of the Key Of Solomon (greater and lesser key).
Despite the mythology around it, it is believed to be a medieval creation and it has nothing to do with Solomon.
Among it's spells there are prayers (exorcisms)to cast out a demon

something like this

“Lord Jesus Christ, the loving son of God, which dost illuminate the hearts of all men in the world, lighten the darkness of my heart deliver me from the power of the devil, thou son of the living God for thy holy name's sake. Amen.”

It couldn't be written at the time of Solomon, and contain the name of Jesus... That's why most researchers believe it was written around the 14th or 15th century while the most remaining manuscripts date from the 16th to 18th century.

My belief is that it was a collection of very old spells and rituals and traditions retrieved from different past civilizations originally addressed to various ancient deities, that later were viewed as demons or angels by the naive, superstitious, dark age, christian societies.So the contains were altered to their understandings, while including names, prayers and rituals of their own religion (kabbalah, old testament etc).

But real Magick is not about mimicking others, and just read their spells, cause everyone mind is different
It must come from inside you...
Then again, magic is about believe and make believe. In that sense every book is powerful if you truly believe it is.
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posted on Oct, 4 2014 @ 06:15 PM
One thing everyone need to study these books is discipline.If your life
is not in order, if one's act like a redneck,it's not gonna work properly.
To make incantations in a field, on the second day of mars that no women
has set foot on ...blablabla.
There are tools to be made and exorcised before being used, drawing on
animals's pretty complicated.
I do have a Gutenberg reprint from 1641 but...meh!..discipline...
it's never gonna workfor me ha ha... if there is such a thing that is.
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posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 03:15 AM
a reply to: SSimon

Angelic codes. Suppositions. Bring forth to me thou order amongst chaos. Who art thou? Of whom are you born? Which Angel gives you the most frustration? What sin do you quarantine? How do you plan to expel your nature? I bind you to your origin, bring forth your admonishment, let your master stand detained by inquisition before My Lord Almighty. I cast thee toward your Master. Bring me Beelzebul, I bind you to him.

And something about killing a frog, under his zodiac enslavement, on the fourth of July, in conjunction with a Thursday of Jupiter, or is it Saturn? Must be the sin of ERR and his 27 brethren. No facts here folks, just members who post.

I ask for insight, trapped by understanding, and the few who step forward, brave as they be, bring no offering, but for their muddled ramblings. They did not even read the suprise, but sorcerers? Really? And, " I have both versions! Guttenberg"! Seriously? Your came here on deck? Opting out over Guttenberg?

I am not your audience.

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posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 06:54 AM
I am sorry if I somehow ''hijacked'' your thread, but when you create a thread you're a subject to all kinds of replies and opinions, they may not be useful to you, but they might be to others visiting this thread. Everyone is free to give his information and, or opinion to any thread, so feel free to ignore anything you don't agree with...

One the subject,
Most rulers in those days would hype themselves up as God like immortals, or the keepers of true wisdom. King Solomon was believed to be the greatest king this world has ever seen, but this is believed only by Muslims, Jews and Christians.To accept the myth about Solomon we must first accept the jewish god. The bible stated he was offered almost supernatural wisdom by god. When offered a wish in a dream, Solomon asked for wisdom, not fame, fortune or long life. Most scholars regard the Bible’s version of this history as myth and Solomon as legend.
No matter who created this myth and whenever the book was written, its subject, supposed age, and fame, has bound it to the occult. It's only use would be to take it as an example of the purpose behind the occult, as literature and surely not follow it at word.
The myth of Solomon’s ''wisdom'' speaks to a certain point of occultism. The purpose of occultism is to gain hidden knowledge thru personal experience. It is not based on simply accepting revealed knowledge through scriptures, as interpreted by organized religion. Trying to use what's already given (without first understanding the purpose and the meaning) to manipulate or offend others can only have consequences on your own self n your life.
Wisdom is gained through experience and inner search , If a ''devine'' being shall give you this knowledge one day, without you having to try at all, then it's not truly wisdom, is it?
Occultism is an attempt to learn spiritual truths directly by yourself. One reason occultism is despised by organized religion is this personal dimension threatens the power structure ans the dogma of religion. The goal of the occultist should be wisdom and enlightenment. If this path is pursued for other reasons it is going to fail.

No god, or religion dogma has the monopolisation or exclusivity of Sorcery and the magic practice, so if you think TKOS is somehow the ''bible'' of black magick... you are mistaken. It is just a piece of medieval religious based literature with absolutely no proof (or any evidence at all) of its supposed age and author.
That's the main reason I chose, not to waste my time with it.

The names and associations of angels and demons in TKOS are all many made religious inspired figures just like Yahweh
We humans, are the only true gods, angels, demons or whatever
there is not god above and no god below us
Thus invoking your own demon self is the only practice that delivers.

posted on Oct, 7 2014 @ 06:12 PM
I believe that the Keys of Solomon originated from various older things, whether that be knowledge handed down, practices, rituals, beliefs and what have you... that were handed down and learned through different cultures and generations.

The Keys have a strong back ground in Astrological or Celestial study and are very ritualistic in nature.

If we question which culture(s) were the first to have a strong background of astrological in the know and also performed alot of rituals then I think you will find your answers as to where it originated.

I don't know if I believe that it is true or a total fabrication. I've just recently been reading on it this year myself, learning and educating myself on it because I found it interesting, if nothing more than some what of a distraction of sorts.

Other practices or things that remind me of Key of Solomon
Sand Divination
Black Magic
White Magic
Any Religous Ritual
Crop Circles

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