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REVISITED: energy healing/ reiki/ distance healing experiment

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posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 09:48 AM
greetings ats,

i am the type of person that likes to lead by example....and i do not ask others to do what i wouldn't do....i enjoy receiving reiki too...i am in need of healing like many of you....with this being said, let me describe my morning reiki session with you.

i am sitting here in front of the computer.... in a desk chair that i manifested last week....i start meditating...doing self reiki.....feeling my breath....taking nice deep eyes are closed.

i see auras...they come to me in vibrate colors...when i am doing self reiki i see mine....when i'm doing hands on reiki...i see others...and mine...but i can move in and out of the two....hard to i saw my was a beautiful had specks or dots of a vibrant third eye was a pulsating magenta...

as i tap into the reiki, and connect it with my breath...i lean back and raise my hands extended above my head....i am in a double mudra hand i call the i connect with the energy....i breath it into my trunk...i am fully awake aware and conscious of all my body systems....i feel my lungs open up and absorb their full amount of oxygen....i feel my nose cavity do the heart starts coming into consciousness...and i feel the blood rush through my kidneys...

i become a light body.....with every pulse of my heart....i receive the energy from all that is around me....with eyes closed it comes to me as light if there is a greater light source from it was white light....usually it's my meditative state.... i asked my reiki angels and guides to heal allow my body to know where the energy needs to heal i may be in optimal energetic/physical form to help others heal themselves.....

after a few minutes of that....i felt energized, and started focusing my attention on the list and the green with every breath i am the light i become a pulsating burst of green healing light...coming off my if in waves or layers...going to a focal point of white light...i focus my energy to all that ask...or are in need....or that focus on the green heart...

the feeling is's like all your neurons are fully stimulated....the endorphins are flying...with every breath i now feel like i am growing...i am fully awake aware and alive...i equate it to a warm sunny day...or if you can feel like what a plant feels like growing from the sun....i imagine that every pulsating bit of white light is hitting your skin.....charging my blood....i physical find that my body actually stretches out and kind of rises toward the pull of energy...any of you that experienced a kundalini experience know what it's like....

as i am feeling all of this i am conscious of my intent...when breathing in healing myself...i am aware of my feelings...and i realized i need to continue drinking more baking soda...i stopped for a bit and need to continue drinking it be healed....i need to follow through with what comes to me....we have all the answers.

when breathing out intent is no longer is others to help heal themselves...this is a very important point i found in reiki....the practitioner ...needs to be able to stay focused on the other....the better one is able to do this..the better conductive flow of energy...this comes with practice and meditation.

this was just my interpretation of how reiki flows in and out of me...everyone's will be some degree...tetra50 put their 's to words quite well....if you like art..alex grey puts it quite nicely, too....mine would be more green and violet.

i hope i was able to show those that never felt reiki...what it might feel like to them...if you don't see colors in meditation/reiki...don't worry...they will come if you keep with it....and you want them too.


posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 09:54 AM

originally posted by: jgarcya
i am proposing a "list".....people are in need of the healing energy...

Oh yes ... that's me. Put me on the list.
And you connected so well with me last time ....

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 10:03 AM
a reply to: jgarcya

So to get back to you after the football game i went outside in my camper since it was isolated and the most quiet place at home, i first starn.
d out by looking up a green heart but my first result was some chakra web page and it showed a picture that sort of looked like a green star of david surrounded by a a circle and a bunch of archs around it is this what u mean by a green heart the heart chakra gate or is it something else. After i found a picture i could visually see in my mind i asked my soul to try to connect with jgarcya sat there only thing i noticed while doing this is my mind seemed clear a bunch of thought were not running around so my question is did we conmect?

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 10:13 AM
a reply to: FlyersFan

i've been sending to you three quite regularly....meditate and focus on the list or a green heart, as often as you can...come back and share your experience if you like...

questions for all:
after trying this experiment multiple times....have you been drawn to make changes...have you put any changes in conscious effort...have you seen any results after working with this experiment? you feel more relaxed...more comfortable...more empowered...less agrivated...more focused?....have you worked through "issues"...know what your physical body needs to do to be "healed" you have a quest for knowledge?..or a feeling of inspiration?...did you have visions of you or others?.


posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: Xcombiyax
i believe very much in i was typing my questions you replied with an answer....

i would say you connected with the energy...i did pick green for the healing quality, and it does coincide with the heart you connected with it visually is up to you....i picture a green heart, usually srrounded in layers of pulsating green is your intention..that allows you to connect with it.

you are not connecting with me....but rather the reiki that is sent out there for this intent and puposes...i am just the one who put it out there....

thanks for doing this and reporting back...keep at it.

posted on Oct, 27 2014 @ 11:45 AM
Will you do Reiki with me?
I'm interested in energy healing and curious about this experiment.

posted on Nov, 1 2014 @ 07:16 PM
believe this to be a bull#, felt nothing whatsoever, no improvement, its all a placebo effect. the change starts from yourself! not some external force

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