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Scarey Connection: Ebola Vaccines & the Georgia Guidestones

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posted on Oct, 2 2014 @ 11:19 AM

originally posted by: johngrissom
I think the question that really needs to be asked here..........Is that necessarily a bad thing?

Between killing children for whatever reason to speeding; humans have become an evil plague on this planet and what better to do than to thin out the stupidity.

I know someone will say...why do they get to live and I don't? No one is saying they are any better than you. 500 million vs 7 billion...speaks for itself. No more third world countries, less fighting, resources are better shared and less worries. There is a lot more pros than cons and I think this is a good wake up call to check yourself in the mirror before leaving the house. I'm not even sure how some of you live with yourself.

Sure, someone is going to reply that it is wrong of me to say this and I am the reason why the world is crap. That is a statement to deny the truth and guess what....sometimes the truth isn't magical. It is vile and disgusting. Majority of the population live horrible lives and are fine with that. Well, that is wrong and it is bringing down the rest of the people. And, the people that do not understand this, are the ones living those lives and those of you that condemn this statement are the ones who have accepted those people. They should never be accepted nor tolerated.

Do I think this 500 million vaccinations is the plan to achieve this? No, because it states MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000. 500 million is not under. You would have to wait for someone to die, just to have a child.

You first

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posted on Oct, 2 2014 @ 11:20 AM
a reply to: johngrissomDo you realize how much of our planet is not being used, for it's intended purposes? Do you know how much land is vacant, in America, alone??? Do you know how much space each and everyone on the planet could have, if it wasn't being controlled by a certain group of people?

People go to work, each and everyday, just to buy the food that the earth grows. Population doesn't need to be controlled. The people "in charge" need a reality check!!!

I mean, how does someone "own" a piece of property, on a planet that we all have legal rights to???

The population needs to get off their arses and work the planet. In reality, the only thing we need to survive is FOOD; and we're not working to produce that food. We work for i-pods/pads, phone bills, cable bills, electric/gas bills, car payments, insurance payments, fake retirement funds, prisons, welfare, and useless crap; which funds the "elite" who own that useless crap. Then, they take fake money, that they print, and buy land; to keep you out. They build 10 story high rises, and tell you to live with the rest of the rats; while telling the rats there's not enough resources on the planet.

Well duuuuuuuuuh. We're supposed to be working to produce those resources. Instead, we're working on building a "smarter planet"? God....we're dooooooomed!

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