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When These People Go Into Hiding, It Is Time to Pay Attention

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posted on Oct, 3 2014 @ 10:08 AM
a reply to: SMOKINGGUN2012

I mostly agree with you but this part is pretty scary. They say it is too fragile to live in the sewer but then they say "IF IT DOES it would be diluted.

How long does Ebola last on various surfaces, such as glass, cloth, or stainless steel?
This is still debated and many studies have shown different results.
In general though, in cold environments (around 4 degrees Celsius or lower) it has been found to remain viable for an extremely long period of time, 50 plus days.
At room temperature some have shown it can remain in liquids or dried material for up to 23 days, while others have shown it is no longer viable after hardly any time at all while another showed in the dark at ambient temp it was able to last a few hours.
In short: there is no conclusive answer, and it’s always best to assume whatever contamination that someone comes into contact with may be viable.

posted on Oct, 3 2014 @ 04:37 PM
I predict that everyone who has read or written in this thread will be dead by 2095.......

posted on Oct, 3 2014 @ 05:48 PM

originally posted by: MKMoniker
a reply to: Vrill

"What exactly makes you think that there could be a Nuke/EMP event off a Coast Guard barge? What research have you done to back such an extraordinary claim?"

1) The Coast Guard is the only U.S. military branch NOT under the Pentagon. It reports to Homeland Security, which Team Obama has long used as their personal-paramilitary under Napolitano. (The current director, Jeh Johnson, is brilliant and responsible. If the CG has been "re-purposed" for dangerous and illegal activities, I trust that he's working on dismantling those Black Ops plans.)

2) The Coast Guard has closed/abandoned stations on all coasts, up thru the Great Lakes. Those sites still under federal ownership, whether still having structures or not, are perfect places to hide coastal Nukes designed to detonate and create an EMP wave to destroy our electronic infrastructure far inland.

3) I have found plenty of evidence that one or several nukes were dumped in the Atlantic off the coasts of the Carolinas, on October 8, 2013. The seabed explosion caused a 4.5 earthquake where there are NO tectonic faults, and was only reported as "an Atlantic event", with no other location details. And the overhead flash-then-donut-cloud were witnessed by everyone from the ISS to private citizens who reported what they thought were UFO events.

4) And no one has yet explained what the 4-story Google barges were doing last year around this time, tethered off San Francisco and Maine in coastal waters. Were they "testing" the viability of a nuke-on-a-barge? Or did they know about the "three stolen nukes," and wanted an "electronic refuge" if the resulting EMP wave of nuke destruction destroyed our electronic infrastructure? (And Silicon Valley is just inland from Frisco.)

5) Other posters have pointed out that the Coast Guard along the Atlantic Coast use "barges" for 4th of July fireworks events, and many had been swamped or destroyed by Hurricane Sandy a few years ago, and were thus being re-ordered. Quite plausible, even if Hurricane Sandy was several years ago. But the mysterious Google barges last year have never been satisfactorily explained, and possibly foreshadowed a "nuke on barge" event that top military commanders took it upon themselves to derail.

6) The Coast Guard's 5th Mid-Atlantic District, which would have been involved with the stolen nukes headed for detonation in North or South Carolina - as well as clean-up after the re-purposed nukes were detonated instead in the seabed off the Atlantic coast - have NO Press Releases available to the public, from September thru December 2013. And a major Coast Guard base in North Carolina, which contains their helicopter training school, was ordering tons of new helicopter parts after this event on October 8th.

7) Even the NOAA, the federal weather bureau, was suddenly ordering Atlantic sealife after the Oct. 8th detonation/explosion, possibly to quietly check for radiation damage. I could only find one report on the Internet about "fishing stats" for the Atlantic Coast in 2013. It was an oddly worded article about just Maine's catch, and how 2013's "value" of caught fish was up - but the "landed" tonnage was down by 15 million. (The NOAA has also been known to mirror Homeland Security activities, like how both agencies were ordering tons of hollow-point bullets a few years ago.)

This is obviously not an "air-tight case" in a legal sense. And the fired top military HEROES who spoiled the plot certainly can't talk (at least right now). And - worse, per your discussion here - another Nuke/EMP event might be in the planning stages.

Personally, I think Team Obama is working on multiple levels to bring this country under their fascist control, from Nuke/EMP events to disease, and slipping in outright terrorists thru our porous borders. The Agendas driving Team Obama are psychotic and vicious, feeling that it's Their Right and Their Time to run things. Pray and Go Activist to prove them wrong, folks!

So Obama plotted to have the Coast Guard set off nukes or emps... so he could do what now? Where are all these nukes coming from? How come nobody in the Coast Guard is like, Hey why do we have nukes that we have no training on how to use? How is Obama a facist again? Because he put out the least amount of Excutive orders in modern history? So Obama the leader of the free World who gets to step down and makes millions giving speeches and writing books in a couple of years would rather become a facist dictator over a small piece of whatever is left of the US after he destroys it? Because who would not want be a petty dictator living in 3rd world conditions than living the good life.

And this is the problem with all this silly talk. I heard it under Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr. and now Obama. Same type story, they are facists, communists, lizard people who set the country up to be destroyed or invaded so they can rule forever over rubble. And I know the same silly story will come about the next President and the next and the next. And the people who bought it will decare they some how stopped it and that is why nothing ever happens. It is like people create a fantasy so they can be the hero that warns the masses. And then it starts again and over and over we go.

posted on Oct, 3 2014 @ 09:51 PM

originally posted by: BABYBULL24
I enjoy a good conspiracy with the best of them but Ed Dames & Lindsay Williams are bat crap crazy...they haven't gotten anything right since maybe ever....

Ed Dames is bang on he simply doesnt understnd how what he is doing works so he cannot get what we would all likely call the "final answer"....or possibly he has extrapolated the truth and sees no benefit to sharing it in its entirity.

Ed Dames story is a perfect piece of the puzzle,if you know what the entire picture looks like you can easily see where he fits in.You can see what he doesnt know and this validates the things he does in fact know.

posted on Oct, 3 2014 @ 11:42 PM
I guess we'll find out soon enough what is happening. It sure does seem like we are full speed ahead toward "something" right now.

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 09:02 AM

Really? 1 person in the whole country has it. So what....... IMO this virus or any other does not worry me. What does is what steps they will take to keep it from spreading IF too many people get it and it get's into major cities.
a reply to: SMOKINGGUN2012

WHO states the Ebola death rate is 50-70% and other statistics say it is as high as 90%, so I can certainly see why Americans are concerned.

Of the 300+ million people in America, if only 10% caught Ebola (that's 30 million people) and only half of them died, that's 15 million people.

We know Ebola tends to infect far more than 10%, and the response from the CDC was far from efficient.

Americans have a right to be concerned, IMO, and as long as our borders remain open the threat continues to grow.

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