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Just some words.

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posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 04:56 PM
The child in his birth tomb. The living death womb.

The end I have seen. In despair I have contemplated it until despair has left me. In my absolute resolve and obsession I greedily drank from the bosom of pain. I who was birthed by its anguish. I that was named in its waling. I am the moan of pleasure, I am the mournful sighs of the lonely widow of creation.

I am now released from my chains. I am not a creature of this design. I am not a prisoner of this dungeon or a child of this womb. I am not a flower of the field of spring. I am not the whipping winds of winter. The scent and lash are not my creators. I am the back that receives the flogging. I am the senses that the garden seduces.

I am the punished masochistic lover. The heart that loves more for all the pain that flows through it. Triumphantly I love more for all the sorrow felt.

I am as a new creation. I am the cup of despair and I am filled with its precious intoxication, with its wisdom. I am the hatred of the righteous. I am the love of the benevolent. I am all that man is always. Universe I am your death and creation. I am what I have chosen to be.

In your path I plough the essence of your seed. I uproot your foundation. I am the destroyer. I will be the creator. I am mad with your lust that forged me. I surrender to your war like a shattered sword raised high and defiantly. I flail against your receding tide like a shipwreck un-sunken. I am the broken shell that will crumble. I am the dust that fills all forms.

You have made me. You have cared for me. With every tender grace and every hostile indifference you have made me. I am you dead world. I am your last of seasons, your destruction of desolate harvests.

Cast into my core your power. Tear my soul into infinite pieces, I am yours to destroy.

I spit my last breath at you from my coveted oblivion. I kiss your cursed smile and lick your inviting lips with my poisoned tongue. I am not as barren as you. Oh you dearly loved hatred.

When I am risen, when I am reborn I shall forget you. Oh distant lover I will not be tormented by your face.

I am the bursting son oh great mother. I will destroy you but I will be born. Dear father I will strip you of your potency and make you like a tattered flag of the battle field. Your former glory, oh great creators, I will consume.

In your name I will destroy you. With your broken bones I will fashion a new form. When I am done creating I will lay next to you in your shallow grave and slip into eternity with you.

But not yet...No... Not yet. I am still empty with the filling. My belly bursts from the feast of new life. The seed is planted, the field is level and firm, the is sun rising....Yes... I will toil today in the flesh and rest tonight in the spirit.

I will die with you just as I have killed you. Just as I was born. Just as I was made. I am always with you. Even when I am no more.

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posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: tadaman

Very nice.

It's a thought very eloquently made. And Tada.

Just another stepping stone, in a long walk.

Cheers for sharing this, even though know.

Cheers to you.


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