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The Virtue of Nonunity: On Becoming a Quasideisos

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posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 11:43 AM
At your first encounter with a foreign intelligence, do you recoil, do you impose your expectations upon them, or do you allow all of your self-pretense to be shattered, clearing the slate for new truth to emerge from the shadows of the depths of your being?

Forever divorced from others, your longings for them and your love is nothing more than a pantomime of that part of yourself that you see reflected back at you in them. Your love is inherently selfish because it cannot approach that part of their anotherness that truly makes them independent and unique.

Empathy is nothing more than a twisted emulation of self-interest projected outwardly. Loving someone as you love yourself does not go nearly far enough. Loving someone as you love yourself implies that they are nothing more than an appendage of your being, an object to your overall authority. No matter how evolved you may want to become, your relationship to them will always be that of a tyrant bestowing freedoms upon a slave. A tyrant does not have freedom to give. He must first destroy his throne realizing that freedom already exists without him, only then can he love another as an equal.

That barrier which separates us is only one atom's width away from unity, a strong force which prevents annihilation. Our isolation is nothing more than an illusion. We are surrounding and saturated by otherness and if we choose to see it, if we choose to love it without imposing our own intentions upon it, we can take our place as its equal in a world of fractured delights. When we turn to annihilation we impose our will upon others in the most destructive way imaginable. We suggest in our actions that not only are we not worthy of existence, but they are not worthy of the basic choice of existence or of the power to induce within us the production of their being.

Opening yourself up to the bestowal of others is the greatest form of charity because you amplify their power, giving them further creative control over a larger portion of this multi-verse. Apathy, indifference, and nonduality are the most selfish states imaginable because these reduce the people in this world to nothingness and strip from them all of their powers of creation, diminishing them in the fires of annihilation, rendering their talents into obscurity, casting their personas into insignificance.

If the world is a stage and we are its actors, then the ones who turn away to immolate themselves in the fires of ecstatic death are the most insulting audience imaginable. They would choose blindness over entertainment. They would choose annihilation over joy. They would choose death over creativity. You want to know why this world is so abysmal? It is not because humankind has not sacrificed enough, but because we have too often sacrificed the very things that give us the power to maintain a world of prosperity and peace.

Death is not a bug in their system. Death is its chief product. The next time a puppetmaster guides you to their pyramid complex wailing about the deficiencies of humankind, be aware that your authority is the resource they are harvesting, your life is the meat they are consuming, your hope and ambition are the drugs they are intoxicated upon. They do not seek to enlighten you, but to get you to gouge out your own eyes. They do not seek to liberate you, but to get you to wear your chains joyously. They do not seek to comfort you, but to get you to numb yourself to the pain that they have induced in you. Your passive compliance and your self-sacrificial contributions are the lifeblood they are using to fuel the machinery of the destruction of this shared world-space.

Live this life. Bear your talents into reality and share the gifts of your bountiful production with those that contribute to your happiness. You have the power to summon forth an oasis out of this desert and with enough of us practicing this craft, we can transmute this world into paradise.
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posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 02:47 PM
Can't help you here at all missus, and surely Quasideisos isn't a singular word expression if anything.

posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 03:36 PM
a reply to: smurfy

Did I ask for help? This was a thought, nothing more. As for that word, it is hideous to me because it is born from another ugly word: paradeisos which is a persian, greek, and roman bastard that should probably never have been born into reality. As Quasideisos it would be defined as emulating a state of being near to godliness. Anglicized it would probably be rendered Quasidise which is just annoyingly ugly. I'm sure there is a better word in there somewhere. I guess I should just relent and go with the word demigod, which is useful enough, although inaccurate as far as my intentions are concerned.

posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 04:30 PM

originally posted by: Nechash
a reply to: smurfy

Did I ask for help? This was a thought, nothing more.

No, I meant I've only ever met other Earthly intelligences like doggies, pussys, moo moos, birdies and so on, and frankly I have great empathy with them, as with human beings too..but then I ain't no tyrant.

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