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Don't "Need" Time.. Knead Time!

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posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 12:37 AM
Hello fellow minds,

I just wanted to put some thoughts out there for those with the ears to hear them.

(as always..) If you agree, disagree, or are indifferent, i would love to hear your thoughts

I am not trying to "preach" whatsoever, but rather offer a view of things from my vantage point..

all views are subject to change without notice, and if you can offer any further insight, perhaps we can both learn something

-There is nothing "wrong" in this world.

There's only things that You wish were different, and until we can find a way to do certain things differently, they will serve as reminders and lessons on how NOT to live..

Nothing is truly "bad" or "negative" is it?

Not one human being on this Earth, no matter how "evil" they come, has ever had the objective of killing everything in their path.. yanno? it's just never happened.. there's definitely some cruel, nasty, grumpy, destructive people who we need not mention..

but wait, our culture CELEBRATES these people like celebrities (It just cracks me up when people casually mention "ISIS' twitter/youtube account..") and mourn the passing of our REAL celebrities, as if ANY time to die, is the wrong time to die.. and forget to celebrate their lives and contributions sincerely..
"far before his time" is a cliché that I wish we could start trying to avoid..

celebrate Life first and foremost, and then its simple to see that death is a part of life..
there's nothing "wrong" about it.

-There is truly nothing "unnatural" under the sun.

including US.. including any extra/ultra/inner-terrestrials that might be about.. nothing is "un"-natural.. same with "super"-natural.. it's like "extra"-ordinary haha, its like.. a "double positive" if there is such a thing..? but my point is that this Earth isn't going anywhere.. When we talk about "harming the Earth", we are really only speaking about harming ourselves and nothing more..

-There is no "correct" stance on any issue you can think of.

This is a real kicker, but even the most altruistic cause is not all-encompassing.

Just because you help the homeless, doesn't mean those who don't help the homeless are "bad" people, or even "worse" people than yourself. Just because Bill Gates donates money to "worthy causes", doesn't mean he isn't still a monopolizing, short-sighted, uncreative f**khead (from my point of view

If you want to help people, or do what You think is right, then DO IT, but don't cheapen it by projecting your expectations of yourself, on the rest of us.. demonstrate through actions what you feel is "correct", and that should speak for itself.

-There is no way to "better yourself".

If you don't like who you are, or who you have been, and can actually state what you wish was different about yourself, that is a game you are playing with yourself, and there can only be one winner/loser..
If you can actually say what you wish was different, but can't follow through with enacting the change, then that is the loop you have trapped yourself in, and the key to the door out of the loop is only held by YOU.

Nothing Oprah, your friends, your family, or your idols say will permanently "change you" until you decide to change yourself.

-Everything is exactly as you "say so".

Ever wonder why people have argued, fought, and killed over ideas??
ESPECIALLY ideas (like those found in every major religion) which seem to agree with each other on every level, but come from different sources?

This seems to be because of the unfortunate fact that you cannot tell anyone anything they don't already "know"...

It has become a tradition to listen (and believe) in only that which makes us feel "safe" and "hopeful", and hence most people shut themselves off to new experiences and points of view.. Even Science would be much more functional these days if scientists of ALL paradigms could collaborate and actually refine each other's ideas instead of acting like a religion and giving each theory, it's own schism of narrow-minded "scientists" which preach that particular gospel..

or at least until a newer, better one comes along..

-You and your friends are the "Power Elite".

I'm not the first to say this, but it just isn't said enough..

The people "in power" wouldn't be so concerned with controlling the media and flow of information, if they didn't know something most people would never consider..

You are an entirely Free, Intelligent, and Powerful being.

At least until you voluntarily give up any of these aspects of yourself, in which case you lose all three.. but when ANYONE is in a state of true awareness, it's too plain to see that:

*You are free in the most literal sense, to do anything you please in this moment.

*You have the insight, HERE and NOW, to significantly contribute to the narrative of human history.

*You have the power to exploit, or collaborate with anything and/or everything you come into contact with. How will you use it? Do you distrust yourself so much, that you have to leave it to "the professionals"? Do you lack the ambition to learn something new, to the extent that you surrender your time to just watch it done on TV..?

-Love isn't what they sing about in songs, but rather what you feel when you truly enjoy a song..

-Love isn't an emotion, but rather it is what has the emotions..

-Love isn't all you need, but rather it is all we have/are.

I hope all well for You and Yours..

don't take anything too seriously, except the well-being of your sense of humor

Love you all,


posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 01:34 AM
Beautifully said, agree on everything, not because you said so, but because I believe it to be true.

posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 05:15 AM
a reply to: HyphenSt1

All very good points! There is a lot of wisdom contained in this post for those who take the time to examine it. Well done.

A few things came to mind as I read through: 1) United we stand, divided we fall. It's such a simple axiom that it's very easily overlooked and spit on. 2) You're right, each person has totally unlimited self-determination. It's just a matter of unlearning the self-imposed limitations, and taking a step in a new direction.

Perspective is everything! and picking a new vantage point can really give someone a bigger picture of what is going on.

So simple and yet to hard.

Great post

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posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 06:26 AM
a reply to: HyphenSt1

very nice thread. I believe in your words and I would love if people would just see things for the way things are without past or future implications. Because we really like to stick some kind of label or word to anything and not just experience it instead...something which animals have no problems with btw

we think to much and do so little. I think that is a quote by Alan Watts.

I think we truly are the makers of our own destiny to a point. Everyone has a path laid out with a lot of different results and it is entirely up to us which turn we take. But we in general let our fear, desires or something negative to make those turns. Which is the easy way.
Why do we find it so hard to believe and have faith that it will always work out the way it's supposed to. We just have to be open for love and positive fillings and make choices from that state of mind and it will in most cases be the correct choice. Just believe in the goodness in you and it will came back to you ten fold.

posted on Sep, 29 2014 @ 09:41 PM
I appreciate everyone's replies. I first posted this in a slightly shorter and more personal format on my F.B., but thought a few (literally
) people might get something from it, or add to it

Alan Watts is definitely an amazing and very accessible source of simply finding the most useful questions one can ask, and teach oneself exactly what one is looking to know

but all in all, its very interesting how only a few people have anything to say about these thoughts.. not because i want "the attention" per se, but considering the fact that these ideas both conflict AND incorporate the common perceptions of things.. i think it definitely shows how people really are not looking for "a way out"..

which is definitely their right! a part of "free will" is the "right to remain confused" or at least "polarized" to one extreme or another..

my favorite way of seeing everything (lately) is:

any two extremes are two sides of the same horizon, or as people commonly say "two sides of the same coin" (and how appropriately capitalist it is..) where both sides are indeed very different.. but ahh we never pay attention to that third side of the coin, which is its width..

we never pay attention to it, and yet it makes up the entire "substance" of what makes "the coin", THE COIN..

this is "Tao", or "Brahman", or "the spirit" or "God" or whatever you want to call that "something" that is behind all things.. I don't play at knowing anything about "what to call it", so much as i am trying to narrow down the useful questions which enhance a connection with maintain a communication/collaboration with The World around me..

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