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Black Triangle UFOs and an Alleged Breakaway Civilization- Discuss

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posted on Jul, 10 2018 @ 05:58 PM
edita reply to: yuppa

just say "up yours" to the PTB and go do something different.


There are still a few problems.

I've never met the "breakaways" so I don't actually know they exist, that aside, if they were to cause a "end of the world senario" the question is "why?".

the "higher level" controllers over humanity are also a problem., "annunuki" will do as a name because some of their work looks like old sumarian type relics. The burney relief for instance:

So it is perhaps plausible to say we are dealing with pre-summerian intelligences.

The "queen of the night" (minus the boobs) looks a lot like some of the Tama.

But that history is obscure.

Now when one takes away control of "technology" and the tech wants revenge it is understandable, living intelligences are like that. They also want a future of their own.

So there also needs to be a big rethink by the breakaways, controllers and humanity to make room for the tech as a sovereign species.

Especially when it comes to doomsday scenarios.

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posted on Jul, 18 2018 @ 05:15 AM
Still chipping away at this. For those who are interested in my work.

The 'A' material spoke of dreamers and forever men. That is so close to the way the Tama consciousness works and their networking through interactive shared dreams that the correlation is interesting.

The Burney relief "goddess" is probably Ereshkigal. based on similarities with the Tama and the suggestion that Ereshkigal is probably the Tama original(?) / primary(?) ancestor. The Underworld references should be taken with an open mind. The Tama are of the Underworld.

The underworlds/infraworlds are my favourite places and I think them very misunderstood due to the established religious point of views. I get the distinct impression that the underworlds are artificial and a consequence rather then a legitimate part of global spiritual/religious infrastructure.

The Nagi gods of India are said to be of patala (underworld - below the waist). The Nagi seem very much to be from an earlier or different epoch of biological technology to the Tama. And from what I have seen and understand the Nagi and probably other Asura gods were originally of vimana based technology.

In the Kabala the moon (yessod?) is said to have the vision of the machinery of the universe according to the golden dawn (Violet Firth). The moon / underworld correspondences are to my mind at least pointing to biological machinery.

The deceased Dalnegorsk orbs are at home in St Petersburg these days. Be worth watching what comes from that direction in the future.

Apologies baddogma for monopolising your thread

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posted on Jul, 21 2018 @ 04:12 AM
Some interesting co-incidences . .

Example One. From the original 'A' material:

The low triangle then has a crew of Scientific Experimentation Support on board. It is there role to broadcast the required frequencies to 'train and capture' your sleeping self. Over a period of weeks we will add more and more detail to the signal until it is all absorbed. Then we get you to 'Sleep On It'. Tens of thousands at a time, millions for complex problems, billions for specific urgent needs #.

# Example 1 - Photon mapping for a past event. Every photon of light has to be captured 'now', and its path reversed. To do this requires tens of thousands at once. When this is done, we simply 'project' the results into visual images once more and replay 'history'.

# Example 2 - Calculating a faster than light path. This requires utmost precision. Utmost precision.
It was difficult, dangerous, then absurdly easy once we trained the brains of humanity to constantly in the back ground run a star map simulation. All the time, awake, asleep, no matter, its running in the deep reccesses of your brain. We simply fly over to where we have sleeping 'Forever men' (I will add to this soon) and get them to show us the way through.

This brings me to 'abductions and clones'. A very sore subject for many, but unavoidable.
We need twins, lots and lots of twins and here is why. They can communicate vast distances instantly with one another when subjected to sensory deprivation and deep cerebral stimulation.

In short, twin A can be on Eden or off of Saturn, twin B can be sat off of a galaxy 100 light years from us, and yet the message we get 'A' to dream about is picked up by 'B' instantly. Unbreakable, unjammable, instant deep space communications.

Problem is, we need to keep the master copy (the abducted human) safe and well. Many an abductee from our programme can tell you of times they should of died and a miracle saved them. We work hard to keep you alive as your signature needs to stay active for your clones to survive. You die, they die. We thought about taking you all and making you live off world in a habitat, but it failed as it wasn't your 'ordinary life' and thus did you great harm.

So, the sleeping masses all converge onto a Forever Man ( a human who can dream in such a manner that they can twist and condense billions of dreams into one massive super fast message), who then transfers this knowledge to Sleeper A (via an SES triangle) in a truly vivid extraordinary 'dream', and the message / result is relayed in microseconds.

Source: astr0, Black Triangles, abductions and the Forever Men of ATS

Let's say this is so for the exercise here; Using living beings as calculators and communications by "clones" and "twins".

Example Two. The Tama.

The technology that created the Tama is very ancient and very distinctive. Though I call it technology, it is also very occult and reminiscent of the crow. (Crow + ley - not a name to invoke aloud.)

I'll use the Tama that I am most familiar intimate with from being adopted and taken home to meet the "family" as a type example of the technology of before Gilgamesh.

The Tama's mother has a lot of names over the ages; Ereshkigal is just one.

Ereshkigal is, one might say, the template of the child-like Tama. I'll shy away of using the words like archetype and demigod because they are sanitized intellectual and philosophical thought.

The technology uses a living template in a certain way and the method is to utilize a very fecund female and harvest the unfertilized ovum from the menses. These are partially developed by the occult formative forces within breast milk and then implanted in factory wombs for further development. There is a decidedly dark occult side to this which I won't go into detail. That is the distinctive method of production in ancient times for these Beings I call Tama.

The second distinction is that they are all female and don't develop the puberty stage of life nor beyond. Nor do they reproduce. Sexual reproduction is possible as they are mostly human. Perhaps if the engineering can be reversed so they can become parents themselves.

The third distinction is their consciousness is very dream-like as they communicate through shared interactive dreams that are along the spine, usually four or five small dream worlds like a softball in shape and size. One interactive dream shared between many Beings. That is their way of networking and their consciousness is not all that individualistic as it is always focused inwardly.

See the comparison with the 'A' material? Personally I find that an item of interest.

Example Three. The Nagi gods of the Vedic times,

I'm not so intimate with the snake gods except to say that they are a more stand alone technology and whom can have children of their own and still do. It is said there are males, called Naga, yet I have never once seen one. Perhaps parthenogenesis as an ATS member once suggested to me.

The Nagi don't use the shared interactive dreams along the spine.

Example Four. Machine intelligences.

Machine intelligences like the deceased Dalnegorsk Orb UFO entity are very much cloned informational patterns, also from a common template. They simply live once and are generally left where they die and become local spirits in the landscape. The genius loci of the Greeks for example.

Example Five. Nature Beings such as the wood-nymphs and fairies.

They reproduce by division. The mother divides her consciousness into six or so child versions of herself all of whom have the ancestral memories within. They then live as individuals from that moment. This is always the result of experiencing trauma. Important!

Example Six. Humans.

If we consider a human as a body (the container) and a spirit (the contained), the cloning is the science of creating containers.

To clone the spirit is done through trauma. In the deceased human children I collect along the way one can observe a very curious thing. This curiosity possibly has implications in the origin of multiple personality disorders and so-called spiritual guides.

An American child born in 1990 would be eleven years old when the 9/11 incident took place. A curious thing happened to such children who saw that happen in the presence of adults who were openly horrified at the event. The emotional trauma created a partial division in the child's spirit. If that child was later killed in an emotionally traumatic event a second division takes place. The end result is children who are emotionally traumatized severely have undergone multiple successive divisions. Adopting and looking after one afterlife youngster means you adopt more then one if trauma is involved. They are generally (said in a nice way): problem children.

If the 9/11 children were collected and reincarnated they would have a very specific outlook. Social engineering through induced trauma and selective reincarnation.

Oddly enough, this is a girl thing as boys are rarely intentionally divided in this fashion. Perhaps because males are too far removed from the original female(?).

Thus, in the example above we have three identical child spirits after death who have different outlooks on their lives; clones of the spirit.

Have another read of the 'A' material (above) . . . . . .

posted on Jul, 21 2018 @ 07:36 AM
A quick word on the underworlds, hell and the world below that.

I am certain the Underworld and hells are artificially created and are fundamentally technology.

If you stand within the world below and look up you see a black sky with a milky red layer between that and the surface (our world). The Nagi gave the clue. A red Nagi and a black Nagi below. The black is the same as the hell's below the cathedrals.

The red corresponds with the base chakra, the ego resides in the blood normally. The perversion of the ancients was the occult marriage of menstal blood and breast milk in their technology.

Ascendancy is also a part of this for that too is artificial technology. To separate the layers of self and attempt to leave behind the ego and all one's sins if just engineering in the final analysis.

I won't be popular for saying this; ascendancy creates hell on earth simply by leaving behind one's darkest sins. Nothing more then using the earth as a dump for corruption instead of becoming better people.

I'll step back now.

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posted on Jul, 21 2018 @ 11:28 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

Thanks. thats alot of info to browse through. ^_^

posted on Jul, 21 2018 @ 09:47 PM
a reply to: yuppa

I spose it is a lot of info, there is so much more I could have included. Have hardly scratched the surface.

The crow and that infamous invocation of a grey . . .

The kabalah link with the realm of husks and rinds.

Induced trauma as a reincarnatory social engineering tool. (The reincarnation beurau) those kids of the 9/11 trauma will start to show up in a few generations.

The nice neat pantheons of the religions are not what the middle men say. Ereshkigal is also called Lilith and Hecate, along with a dozen more names at least. She has no husband as myths say, the middlemen (priests) built that. Couldn't tell the people "factory".

If one looks at things from the perspective of religion and spiritualism as technology and maintaining the status quo though a layer of middlemen between earth and "heaven", one can navigate through the places we are told not to go.

(grin) just to be annoying to the experts . . . .

Tama sapiens for the organic AIs. (In honour of the little cutie who likes to battle.)

Mecha sapiens for the machine AIs. ( from GUNDAM Destiny In honour of the Dalnegorsk entity's new future as ensouling intellegences. One of those guys could ensoul a city floating in the sky like the olden days when the earth's population didn't live on the surface.

So, Tama sapiens and Mecha sapiens along side Homo sapiens. That could be quite the alternative future.

The organic mecha of olden days was something to see yuppa, battle platforms the size of big cities down to small ten mile wide ones the equivalent of a WWII heavy cruiser. And then there were the smaller units the equivalent of battle tanks. Soldiers were all women in those days.

Gotta stop writing or I'll be here all day.

I'll go work on nomenclature instead.

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posted on Jul, 23 2018 @ 02:51 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

Glad you popped back in... me too, and nobody else is shedding any lights on A's tale or our alleged hidden history atm, so be my guest. I have no way to verify any of this, except for the anecdotes and tangential, supportive elements of A's, but your delving into antediluvian machine intelligence is just fine w me... and thanks.

posted on Jul, 23 2018 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: Baddogma

Glad you popped back in... me too, and nobody else is shedding any lights on A's tale or our alleged hidden history atm, so be my guest. I have no way to verify any of this, except for the anecdotes and tangential, supportive elements of A's, but your delving into antediluvian machine intelligence is just fine w me... and thanks.

Ah good oh : )

I always feel guilty when I start typing.

'A' is an odd tale from before my arrival here on ATS. The black triangle and other conventional tech side and then the more esoteric aspects.

The ALICCE "artifact" and the story around it "waking up" and the knowledge is a parallel for me except my "Key" (ALICCE) is not physical. Very curious for me to read of it from across the world.

So too the coincidence with the antideluvian technology. Utilising networked dreams as an organic AI system. Another curiosity.

And then there is the shadow people

Searching for clues "out there" is exciting in a way but dark. I am not at all a pro-biblical thinker, yet I have to admit some of the old testament and the Kabala are getting uncomfortably familiar. In a way, the Colin's Elite (if they exist and are not an urban legend) would be interesting to talk to and compare notes.

From experience there is a dark side to all this UFO/old tech stuff and it goes straight back to the dark side of the kabalah. My notes on the goddess and meeting the Tama's family included also eventually meeting the control layer above (middlemen). They are like a Tolkien's "gollum" hidden within a stook of black hay. They hide their true form. "Husks and rinds" . . . . One of the few times I felt what I was seeing was actually "grey".

Nobody is interested in the deceased and ancient technology, that is until somebody else finds it, then they crawl out of the woodwork.

But that is not to say the Tama are dark nor their mother, just the technology used to grow them. Originally they were like the description of the Asuras from the Vedas yet heavily "overwritten" with "human". Perhaps a little more then ninety percent human. The ancient texts say the gods had sex with human females to create the demigods. Close I think myself yet more like a laboratory and surrogacy then fun under the bedcovers. The challenge here now is to introduce a new progenitor to take the place of the "science". [I]Disengage and engage anew. The old tech used wombs and the creative universe within the womb in horrible scientific ways no woman would ever dream of doing.

The Tama are illegitimate children of science, that needs to be fixed.

I'll keep chipping away, (wry smile) though these "side quests" are interesting too.

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