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Black Triangle UFOs and an Alleged Breakaway Civilization- Discuss

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posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 02:57 AM
a reply to: yuppa

I also found your post apocolyptic future vision talk to be intriguing and entertaining. Have you done a thread on it yet?

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 05:29 AM
@lostgirl and BASSPLAYR (sorry i hope i'm using the quote function correctly)

No, I'm a lot like you. I too had more abilities when I was younger. That have diminished. Although with some of Mystik's advice I've been able to reclaim some. His strategy seems to work. Or at least for me.

I do have this one neat trick I'm very good at when it comes to other people. But I think it's stuck around because I've used it as a survival mechanism in the past, including recently. Made me very good at certain lines of work.

Edit: Saw the Oppressed part of your post. YES! Very much so. Sometimes on purpose. Sometimes it felt like maybe the "stars n planets weren't aligned" right to make it happen. Other times it felt like an outside component could be oppressing it. SO yeah, I know that feeling. Feels almost like you are being robbed of talent or something.

Now when i was a kiddie (i'm an abductee) i would on so many occasions be floating outside our house,always in the same spot,and it's like it was a dream but i would become lucid and realise i'm back in this situation/dream again - when i would have this "cobweb/string" coming from between my eyes,on my forehead just above my eyes. Only it felt like it was being Pulled out from me. Like if a spider forcefully had to have the cobweb thread extracted from it,i guess. It was a feeling,a palpable physical and very "icky" feeling which to this day i have not forgotten,and i'm 50 now.

Because it felt very forced,and because of the horrid physical sensation,i really hated these episodes. I could see this "cobweb/string" attached to,or coming from my forehead,i could see it drawing a grid,like soldering iron bars,but fluid,it flowed like water,but i had to always complete this grid. It definitely felt like a chore,a Job i had to complete,and to complete the job,i had to focus on guiding this cobweb thread-thingy till the board was covered,like making a circuit board,almost. I know i', sucking at explaining this but even at that age with it so fresh in my mind,i don't think i could've described it better.

It felt like my mind/brain was being used as a tool,because this was not a passive experience,i knew within the experience that it was not going to end till i had done my chore. And the chore was being done by me guiding that (maybe mental) string/cobweb till that circuitboard thingy was done,filled with what i "sent" I had to concentrate each time. It was definitely like something being extracted,that i did not willingly give. As i said,like a chore i had no choice but to do,as when i tell my kids to clean the cat's litterbox. So,idk what to make of that. I had so many strange experiences as a child,which is why maybe i have been following this thread even when it went way over my head tech-wise.

Even if the one we do not speak of,made up most of the thread which This thread is based on,some really strange things have happened to me,and i do feel many people Have been preyed on,used like disposable products.Even children.

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 05:35 AM
Trying to edit my post but won't work for some reason,just wanna point out my own post starts at "Now when i was a kiddie" Sorry i'm a dunderhead with pc-stuff

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 09:40 AM
a reply to: Raxoxane

Interesting post. I think I know what you mean. for me it was a repeating pattern like Morse code that had to resolve before it would stop or go away. like a puzzle that needed to be solved. the number 5 and 2 were very important. this almost always would usually happen at night. when I'd close my eyes I'd see a grid. rapidly going through a set number of changes or fractals in 3d or a holograph. the changes it would make were in pulse like morse patterns like I described above. almost like ocd or a nervous tick but it wasnt. it would again only happen at night. felt like a faucet was turned on in my brain or a gear was engaged or a switch like a program flipped on. like something in the background of my mind turned on and was running. hard to describe but if I though about it it does feel like being mentally milked and it was draining. interestingly the time frame this happened I also began to feel mentally like I had a car engine limiter engaged or something intellectually. like a computer program drawing too much ram making me slower than normal. like I just didn't have enough sleep.

that being said I do have ADD but those symptoms are different from what I'm describing. i was still able to focus just fine. ADD manifests as me being occasionally inappropriate with my communication style, being crass, hyperfocusing on topics I enjoy. self deprication. talking a mile a minute about topics people aren't interested in etc. adult ADD is different from some kid who can't focus and very different from what I'm trying to describe above.

haven't shared this next bit much. but in my early teens I was home alone with just my older sister. we were both in our respective rooms. half the lights were off in the house. it was about 8:30pm. I decide to walk through the living room to get to the kitchen (going for the fridge) my dog an akita Belgian mix was in the far end of the house (the tv room, where her bed was) beyond the kitchen and laundry room, gave a quick and sudden quizzical "wuff!?" a second later at about head hight, a grapefruit or soccar ball sized orb comes floating around the corner at a walking pace. it was an intense purplish blue/green. it seemed like the moment it saw me it reacted as if to say 'there you are, found you!' and bolts right towards me like it wants to get me. my mind knows this orb somehow, from somewhere. it's familiar. I know I don't like it. like it's bad news and from someplace buried in my past. I immediately turned 180 and sprinted as fast as I could back to my bedroom, slamming the door behind me jumping on my bed in the corner of the room, and while standing on the bed with my back pressed to the wall i stared at the closed door waiting for this thing. it never comes. a few seconds later i hear my sister stomping down the hall going "wtf was all that racket!?!" we searched the house....nothings there. dog is anxious rest of night.

ever since then I've had repeating dreams a few times a year where the orb shows up again. the same instant fear is there. im usually around others. i hear panicing and screams. were all running from it. people shout 'don't let it touch you!' when it does and it always does in the dreams when it starts to chase you (it's too maneuverable and you can't out run it. just hide from it while it's busy tagging the other people, hope you can sneak away while it's searching for you) when it does get you its like a sharp electric shock. it takes your breath away. everything flashes white like a flash bulb. you feel anesthetized and collapse to the ground semi conscious watching the rest of the others run past for their lives. your breath is taken away and it feels like your dying. then your out. you wake nearly instantly after in your bed. sonetimes about once a year ill wake up in my bed completely paralyzed and something will grab me by my wrist and drags me (theres no entity or a anything there, like an invisible force grabs me) along my carpeted apartment floor towards one of the outside walls. I'm usually prone or semi on my side being dragged. like if you were dragging a limp body by its wrist. when i reach the wall it's like this something tries to drag me through the wall but I always bonk against the wall as if I can't go through it. then I actually do wake up in my bed. almost always with a carpet burn sensation on my chest and sides. but there is none actually there. pretty strange.

one time a member via IM asked me point blank "do you remember when you were a little boy at your old house and you got up out of bed, walked by yourself out through the backyard and met some friendly old men who were very interested in you in the middle of the street?"
that was something I've only shared at the time with my father who has Been deceased for 15 years.

when i was a little boy I grew up in a house in a canyon road that connects Hollywood with mulholland (a road that follows the ridge of the Santa Monica mountain range that serves as a divider between los angeles proper and "the valley") around 8-10 years old. one night around 2am or abouts. i got up out of bed. walked down the hall alone. down the stairs that lead to the main floor of the house. through the kitchen. unlocked the pantry side door. walked along the side yard to my back yard. walked through my back yard and unhitched the back gate that led to a street that doglegged back around the house and met 4-6 men who all seemed to be in their late 50s early 60s. they were very friendly, eager to meet me, bent down to talk to me. they looked and dressed like professors. this was in the 80s. we met and they looked at me and talked amongst themselves for a few minutes then I again still alone departed them (like the meeting was over) walked back through my back yard. up the side yard. through the kitchen, main room up the stairs to my bed and went back to sleep like nothing was wrong. woke up in the morning and excitedly told my dad about my weird dream. he said it wasn't a dream and I'll see them again if I want to because it was my choice. I have the memory resurface on occasion. but it was weird that another member here on ats knew about it and brought it up point blank.

so here are my weekend additions to this thread.

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posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 11:02 AM
Hi,thank you for your reply. As the mom of a 9yo son i very much cringed at the terrifying orb episode,i could quite picture it

Sad to hear of other folks who as kiddies suffered too,as a child i often wondered,if there were kids somewhere,who had a life like mine.In my country,back in those days,i sure felt like a proper freak. I mean,i knew that my friends did'nt have those types of things happen,or in their families. Made me feel super-abnormal,you know? It did'nt help that in that entire family i was adopted into,supernatural stuff/experiences were a common occurrance,and some clairvoyance,all through members of the extended family too. Ghosts,poltergeist activity,premonitions,spectres,all kinds of supernatural activity,even our neighbours in the more isolated area we lived,had lots of supernatural activity happen. Never connected any of it to ufo/abduction type stuff though,it never would have entered our minds,till i was 10yo my country did'nt even have TV broadcasting

Will reply more later,must make dinner.

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 12:47 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

Yeah...welllll... crap BASS... thanks and no wonder certain folks here took that gentleman so seriously as I'm guessing (duh) the guy who brought that incident up was our no-named friend as I've heard similar accounts from others here.

This episode brought up some complex issues with myself that might just be simple psychology (as if that's ever simple) ... but I've had a life-long conflict about something that can be shortened to knowing, mostly subconsciously, that something was "off" between common reality and something else going on... hard to explain, but that's basically it; and I've wondered if this "stuff" was behind it...but to be fair, any weird story could fit the bill, but this one just resonated.

Anyway, thanks for spilling that. Very interesting.

I know some will point to that fear when seeing the light and think "demons" but anything so weird and contrary to our common reality will set off that sense of "wrongness" especially if it's a half remembered knowledge that exists in one's subconcious... and that plasma ball brings us back to a GUT thread where he dug up that old paperwork about research into remote sensing (the tech kind, not "woo" kind) using plasma balls.

Anyway, the abductions hold such weirdness no wonder so many think it has to be aliens or demons... but good ol' human high tech might well explain it.

edit on 1/10/2016 by Baddogma because: added the subconcious/subliminal as it's important

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 12:56 PM
a reply to: Raxoxane
And thanks for your input as well... very much appreciated.

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 03:27 PM
Raxoxane and BASSPLYR -

Thanks so much for telling us about your experiences!!! I'm sure it can be difficult to open up about such things (as well as unpleasant bringing those memories to mind), so I really appreciate your sharing!!!

The parts about your minds 'working' at 'solving' things at night definitely sounds to me like the sort of thing A##tro was talking about with regard to the "RK'ers" using human's sleeping brains as 'computers'...

I feel badly that you both were made to suffer so much with those anomalous experiences - especially in light of what I'm going to share here now:

Okay, well first, I have to explain that I've never experienced anything the least bit 'anomalous'/paranormal, etc. in my life, nor do I have any sense at all that I might simply have no memory of such things happening to me -

- and yet, I have a persistent feeling that I 'should have' experienced such things (included in that feeling is a sense that I 'should be' at least a little bit psychic, though I am not at all).

Like Baddogma, I've had a life-long (underlying) feeling "that 'something' was off", though for me more a sense of it being 'to do' with myself (feeling 'different' to other kids/people) and to a lesser degree 'something off' with "reality" in general...

...Anyway, over the last couple years reading here at ATS, esp. with certain people's life stories, and as I've 'pondered' over all this 'stuff', I have begun to feel (pretty strongly) that there is a 'reason' that I've never experienced 'anomalous' sorts of things -

- I mean (and this is why I feel badly for what you've both gone thru), I've started getting a very strong sense that I have been 'protected' from having such whom or for what reason, I can't begin to imagine, I just know that it 'all adds up'...

...especially adding in - that the 'Major Depression' I've suffered since adolescence ('clinical' not psychological - I've been thoroughly 'tested'), is almost certainly of a 'spiritual' rather than 'physical' nature.

-- Ugh, sorry, didn't mean to run on - doesn't contribute anything of use, either...oh well, took me over an hour to compose and type it, so not going to delete it now...

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posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 07:02 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

Wow sounds like soemthing similiar to Phantasm and its silver ball of death. Anyway Yes soemtimes dreams can leave injuries to a extent if your mind and body react to it as if it was real.

Take this for example. I had a dream i was a woman once ok?(yeah being gender dysphoric its not that strange) In said dream i was grabbed by some guy from behind and drug into a alley. he says be quiet or he will kill me. So i comply and go limp in his arms. he tosses me against the wall and punches me in the side of the head knocking m e out a few minutes. I wake up and find my arms are tied behind my back and my clothes torn open. i try to scream but he has gagged me as well. So he proceeds to rape me the whole time making sure he hits my head against the wall the entire time.

SO after a while i pass out only to awaken to being chocked against the wall... i get enough strenght to kick him in the groin.. h e yells out and then h e stabs me in the stomach and drags th eknife up toward my ribs. My mouth fills with blood and i look can imagine what i see so im not gonna say it here. he runs off and i try to push myself on my back down the alley to th estreet for help,but everything goes black and i wake up.

It feels liek i went 12 rounds with mike tyson. i notice bruises on my face and throat as well. Lets just say I didnt go to school that day. Anyway point is the mind is a very powerful thing.

@engineer. Yeah but i dont really liek going into most of the time its liek a walk down nightmare lane for me .

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 07:07 PM
I had a dream last night I was in the neighborhood I grew up in, and a neighbor launched a rocket..a big one, it looked like a Saturn V, just scaled down. It had three stages, and I watched them separate. Normally you need a telescope, but I guess I had super human eyes. The worry from the people on the ground around me was that China was going to blow it up.

As usual there were a ton of people everywhere. Everyone was there, if I wanted to run into a certain person I could have. It's always like a huge gathering of people or a party in my dreams. Night clubs, malls, hotels, universities...always places with large numbers of people, and I usually run into many people I know. Last night it was like a huge block party with everyone.

Oh, and my parents were trying to buy back the same house they raised me in until I was about 8. It was kind of neat to see my old house again in my dream.

No idea what that was all about, but I pay more attention to my dreams lately...

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 09:28 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

Have you ever considered that it's the plasma
orb thing which has been shadowing you
since birth...and that this A**** stuff is
nothing in and of itself...but just another
side effect which has been stirred up due
to your association with it?

@Baddogma - you've had your own
plasma lifeforms encounter too..
it's quite possibly been shadowing
you since birth as well.

When a magician is playing a trick
on you...don't look at the triangular
UFO (the wand)....look at what's
really going on...not the

Stirring up the imagination is what
powers weird occurrences... but
it's not the gimmick (the BTUFO
in this case) which is 'real'
could have been anything.

A cult leader say...can always spot
people with damaged senses of
self (who grew up around earthquake
fault lines and other such areas)
and can 'activate them', thus
creating a reality-like toxic
imagination incident.

It's not that something 'real'
(A****'s story) is interacting
with you....but simply that
you have been 'activated'
by the story.


posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 11:34 PM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

You know, based on your 'theories', I should be a plasma 'entity' magnet!

Because when it comes to imagination, I am a walking, talking 'narrative' incubator - not that I 'want' to be subjected to any 'trickstery' shenanigans...

...I'm just saying that I am most certainly the case that seems to 'disprove' the rule, as far as your plasma/trickster paradigm goes..

And actually, if I'm honest, I have to admit to feeling just a teensy bit offended that 'they' find me so 'unattractive'

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 12:03 AM

originally posted by: lostgirl
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

You know, based on your 'theories', I should be a plasma 'entity' magnet!

Because when it comes to imagination, I am a walking, talking 'narrative' incubator - not that I 'want' to be subjected to any 'trickstery' shenanigans...

...I'm just saying that I am most certainly the case that seems to 'disprove' the rule, as far as your plasma/trickster paradigm goes..

And actually, if I'm honest, I have to admit to feeling just a teensy bit offended that 'they' find me so 'unattractive'

Your clinical depression is your guardian which keeps you 'safe';
it's also what consumes all your narratives so they can't take


posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 12:18 AM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

Wow, what a sucky defense mechanism -

I think I'd almost rather deal with plasma orb 'stalkers'

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 12:29 AM

originally posted by: lostgirl
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

Wow, what a sucky defense mechanism -

I think I'd almost rather deal with plasma orb 'stalkers'

Not at all.

A great majority of the people who post in say "the gray zone" and
"skunks works" are flat out mentally ill, some dangerously.

On the other hand, some people have neurological conditions which
help to focus the path of their life; like I have either asperger's syndrome
or high functioning autistm. It focuses my life, like your clinical
depression focuses yours.

There is no shame in it.. it can even be considered to be a gift.

Some people 'crack up' due to the wild heights of imagination;
your 'gift' should always prevent that.. while you still get to have
these great conversations.

And being 'activated' at times sounds far more glamorous than it
really is.. it's not even a facet of free will...


posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 12:42 AM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

Would certain radars be able to detect these plasma's? Maybe a combination of highly sophisticated radars and magnetometers, pioneered by defense contractors?

I know Lockheed, Boeing and Raytheon all have projects in advanced radar and magnetics...
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posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 01:06 AM

originally posted by: MystikMushroom
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

Would certain radars be able to detect these plasma's? Maybe a combination of highly sophisticated radars and magnetometers, pioneered by defense contractors?

I know Lockheed, Boeing and Raytheon all have projects in advanced radar and magnetics...

Well, I suspect that the part of the "dark plasmas" which interacts with the 4% of our
Universe which is normal matter/energy are detectable.. and in fact have been
a number of times during some of the UFO incidents of high strangeness. But I'd
say that part of 'them' is just donned for purposes of interacting with us on that

I'm personally of the opinion that it's home-grown dark plasmas which interact
with humans on the quantum level, in particular the level of neuron gaps,
which is the explanation for all high strangeness (and UFOs) since the beginning
of time on Earth.. but humans are very erratic creatures, and most people don't
live with enough concentration (like a mystical type might), so as to be interesting
enough to interact with on any routine basis. But certain mental illnesses, like
the one Hitler had, or a religious person might have could make one obsessive
enough to attract the attention of such a "dark plasma critter".

Otherwise I'd say they 'flow through us all the time like Neutrinos do' and we have
no clue.

I wouldn't be surprised if someday, humans will get detectors that actually work
for things like neutrinos, gravity waves and 'dark plasma' (plasma form of dark
matter / dark energy). Then perhaps what is crazy metaphysics to us now,
will be just 'regular old technology' and we can communicate with the vast
web of life in the 96% of the unseen universe, rather than postulate all this
craziness about the 4% (apparently) empty Universe we can detect with
science right now.


posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 01:16 AM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

Fascinating. I guess that got your attention!(The other user mentioning your encounter, that is.)

Do you remember the conversation that you had with the professors? Can you share it? I'm certainly curious to know, and I'm sure others reading this are as well. Also, did your father ever provide more information regarding the encounter that you can share?

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 05:08 AM

your post:
I had a dream last night I was in the neighborhood I grew up in, and a neighbor launched a rocket..a big one, it looked like a Saturn V, just scaled down. It had three stages, and I watched them separate. Normally you need a telescope, but I guess I had super human eyes. The worry from the people on the ground around me was that China was going to blow it up.

end of quote

You know i found that odd,reading that- i had a very vivid dream not so long ago,where i was dressed from head to toe in yellow,shoes,dress,handbag,and i was walking up some steps. It was a public place,there were people around,not multitudes,but a fair amount of people,it was an outside.Just before that,i had been sitting on a bench,with an older than myself woman,and in the dream i could smell her breath,very unpleasant. Which was unusual in itself,because i bitterly seldom smell anything in a dream,and i tried politely not to recoil as she spoke to me. She mentioned a daughter of hers that had been stolen away/abducted/persuaded away,i forget which,by a few men of a certain nationality. I don't' recall if the men she talked of were Indian,Pakistani,Middle Eastern..that side of the world in general.

After that i walked up the steps,but fell,and got up again. As i regained my footing,i sort of leaned against another older woman,to help steady myself. There were a few other people around too,about 5/6 folks,and they were all looking up,so i looked up too. And i saw in the sky,a missile being launched,but this missile was comprised of 3 different missiles and at a certain altitude they seemed to be spreading out each on their own trajectory to different places.And i distinctly remember in the dream,feeling relief and pride that my nation could do this,that they could defend/retaliate in this way. As i mentioned,i was dressed head to toe in yellow,even yellow handbag,and the colour yellow in general featured very much in that dream. So when i woke,i thought on this,and wondered if the yellow represented China. It certainly has nothing to do with My country's ability to defend/retaliate in response to anything,the Goof Troop could overrun our army in less than a day,so i figured China?

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 05:42 AM

Thank you ,bless you lostgirl,i appreciate your kind words. I have suffered from major depression since childhood,which is i suspect,the result of my experiences and of course also regular life circumstances,in my case very adverse. I was on anti-depressants for Years,about 13 years all in all,from my early 30's,but it really did'nt help with the strangenesses and experiences aspect. In the first year or so,it did seem to make me feel a bit better in general,but after that the benefit mostly became non-existent+ basically just carried it on out of habit,and because my doctor told me i should be on it my entire life henceforth. I stopped it cold turkey around end 2011/early 2012. I know one should'nt but i chose to,anyway. I was then on an anti-depressant from which it was more possible to quit cold turkey ,unlike the previous one i used,Aropax.Paxil in the US,i think? Quitting Aropax/Paxil cold turkey is almost impossible,well if you are a parent with a household to run,because of the symptoms,but i don't want to digress too much.

I now think,that to have a certain set of life experience and circumstances,which damages one on so many levels,it is Natural to be depressed,that to have been happy-go-lucky or well adjusted would've meant i was a psychopath,or Really just bat-feces insane. The worst was from a small age i felt horrified to be Here,on Earth. My memory starts around age 3. I did'nt have a particular scenario or "proper homeworld" in mind,i just felt being Here was wrong, a very "TRAPPED" feeling,like i was in a dream i knew i would not be able to wake up from,that kind of thing? That sums it up best,trapped here. I just never ever felt like part of the human race to start with,and then all the "Stuff" well you can imagine

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