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posted on Sep, 28 2014 @ 12:30 PM
Made a mistake, drank the poison again. Sticky sweet its warmth pours down my throat as it fills my being with delight. Choking it down, I realize what I have done as the madness becomes me. Holding on for dear life, the tempo rises. A rod of strength is all I have left to me as my body incinerates in the agony of a thousand assaults.

Calmness centers in my mind as my heart explodes in terror. A tiny mouse running for its life, terror unknown to the domestic ones. I am not an animal, I am a human being. Give me my clothing, do not assault me. You have no sympathy for the ones you torture. Keep telling yourselves they are different. I am you. Unity works both ways.

I shake off the misery as I jump onto my bike, riding off into this world, I escape from torments unimaginable. 8 more hours until the sweet release of sleep. I count down the time as I cling on, each second followed by the next. What is this race and how will it end? The emptiness in my gut suggests the possibility of something wonderful.

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